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Kyanite for Sky-High Vibes

kyanite stones and jewelry

Do you want your vibes flying sky-high? Then Kyanite crystals are for you. These heavenly healing gemstones are blessed with an angelic frequency. With Kyanite healing stones, you gain a calm demeanor, mastery in communication, and excellent spiritual wisdom.

Shimmering with a natural sheen, beautiful Kyanite opens your world to a higher dimension. Leave limitations behind and tap into your sky-high potential. You are about to journey into the celestial realm! First, subscribe to the free Satin Crystals VIP email cluband be forever on the top of your crystal healing game.

Kyanite for Calming Anxiety

Do you suffer from stress or anxiety? Gentle and genuine Kyanite soothes your soul. When you gaze upon celestial Kyanite, you feel like you are soaring through the sky and resting on a cloud. Kyanite removes your mind from mentally destructive situations and shows you the higher path, the simple solution.

Available in an array of colors, light green and heavenly blue Kyanites are what you encounter most often. These soft-toned stones take the edge off daily life. Before entering a high-pressure situation, try gazing into a Kyanite sphere to gain a larger perspective of the situation.

When you're feeling frantic, wear jewelry like a Kyanite bracelet or ring to bring calm and peace to your aura. You are at your best when you feel like your cool, confident self.

Are you tired of the tension at work or in your home? Decorate your spaces with Kyanite. An egg in the bedroom helps you and your partner come to compromises. Raw Titanium Kyanite gemstones in the office show peace and power.

Transform your world from a chaotic craze into a calm crystal paradise. When your vibes are happy and high, your success touches the sky.

Kyanite for Master Communication

Sing with the voice of an angel with Kyanite by your side. Do you wish to be better at self-expression and communication? Then Kyanite is the healing stone for you and your Third Eye chakra. Famous for its sky-blue tones, Kyanite crystals open your flow of words. You understand yourself better, you understand others better, and the world understands you better.

Do you tend to clam up when you are meant to speak up? Or do you have a habit of yapping someone's ear off when you feel nervous? Perhaps you want to be a more articulate speaker or writer?  A better reader? Whatever your communication goals, Kyanite is here to help. Start by opening your Throat chakra with a Kyanite wand. Wear Kyanite necklaces and pendants around your neck to gain mastery of communication.

While light blue Kyanites are key for Throat chakra healing, give Green Kyanite a try too. Resonating at the heart, these gemstones help you express feelings. Talk more efficiently with relatives and loved ones. Let your emotions be known to your partner or soul mate. You are no longer a prisoner of stifled communication. You are free. 

Kyanite for Spiritual Excellence

What is your goal in crystal healing? What do you wish to achieve while on the spiritual journey? Kyanite can help you clarify your wishes and fly you to your destination. With sky-high vibes, Kyanite is a spiritual stone that resonates with angels, spirit guides, and the higher realm.

When you meditate with Kyanite, calmness becomes your second nature. Spiritual wisdom becomes your status quo. You no longer strive to be a spiritual person, you live your dream. 

Place darker blue Kyanite crystals at your Third Eye chakra to awaken your intuitive nature. Gaze into a Ruby Kyanite crystal ball to gain visions of your higher purpose and connect with your spiritual family. Keep a Kyanite bracelet on hand to ensure all your actions align with your values and life mission.

Kyanite is the attractive crystal that speaks the truth of your soul.

Kyanite crystals for you 

Kyanite is a celestial gift from the Gods. Join the Satin Crystals VIP Club to learn more about what this unique crystal can do for your spiritual journey.

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