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Labradorite for Laziness

I'm lazy and I need Labradorite. Like laser beams shooting rays of motivation, Labradorite's energy zaps awake my lethargic cells.

Oh boy! When it was time to update this old blog post, I was feeling super lazy. And yes, I did procrastinate. Luckily, I was already surrounded by Labradorite crystals so I was able to get the job done. The reason I am surrounded by Labradorite is that it's Labradorite week, where we teach you all about Labradorite and its many benefits. 

Can Labradorite motivate you?

Labradorite is a deceptively gray stone that reveals its rainbow flashes only in the right angle of light. The flash creates a spark of excitement in an otherwise gray world.

Let Labradorite's labradorescence fascinate your senses, awaken curiosity, and pull you back into the world where creativity dances in the dewy green grass.

Labradorite is used by all sorts of people seeking motivation:

  • The athletes use Labradorite to motivate them to train

  • The students use Labradorite to motivate them to study

  • The musicians use Labradorite to motivate them to practice

  • The artists use Labradorite to motivate them to create

  • The entrepreneurs use Labradorite to motivate them to sell

How do you use Labradorite to banish laziness?

Whether you want to wear Labradorite jewelry or place the stone in your surroundings, make sure you go for the ones that boast that special flash.

Not all Labradorite is created equal. Some pieces remain in their dull gray state. You want the ones that mesmerize and shine. 

Once you have the Labradorite stone that makes your soul sing, you are going to gaze into the crystal. But first, make sure that you cleanse, charge, and program the stone for the specific purpose of banishing laziness. 

Then, make sure you are completely relaxed (a natural state for the lazy). Fully enjoy this free time to bond with your flashy stone. At this point, you have nowhere else to go; your only obligation is to stare into your Labradorite. 

Keep admiring the crystal until you get the urge to do something else. But, instead of getting up, keep staring at the Labradorite a little longer. Let the motivation build up. Let Labradorite inspire you to achieve all the things you were meant to accomplish today.

Like a personal cheerleader and inspirational confidante, your Labradorite crystal focuses your attention on the feelings of accomplishment. Once you have broken the icy procrastination, you will feel that rush of motivation, and you will see the winner's light at the end of the tunnel. 

It is too bad that I discovered the motivating powers of Labradorite well after my teenage years. I was much lazier then. These days I will rarely find myself in a rut, but when I do, I study Labradorite's brightest sheen, let the laziness pass, and rejoin the productive world with newfound wonder.

Let's get loaded on Labradorite

Get out of that lazy rut and push procrastination aside with the help of your new crystals. Shop the Labradorite Collection or don't lift another finger and buy right here on the blog:

Continue your Labradorite journey

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Disclaimer: The information provided is for entertainment only. See full disclosure. 

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Sheila Satin - November 22, 2020

Thanks for sharing, Valentina. We are always curious what crystal calls out to our customers! If you need any crystal help, let us know. Until then, enjoy the weekend.

Sheila Satin

Valentina - November 22, 2020

I love labradorite as well! Also moonstone,spirit quartz,bloodstone and angelite.

Sheila Satin - May 11, 2020

Dear Sana, you have written on the right blog as the one crystal that could benefit you would definitely be Labradorite.

However, please note that crystals will aid you in your journey, but they are not miracle cures.

It sounds like you could also benefit from seeing a local healer or therapist in your area. We suggest you look them up on

Sheila Satin

Sana - May 11, 2020

Hai im 15 going to be 16.
I am lazy enough to do even my routine chores.
My mom and others sau im brilliant but I dont like to go to school and dont feel like studying. I am disowned by my mother is a divorcee. All this make me depressed and anger towards my father. I am hurt a lot by my father.i want all my past to get burried .suggest one healing crystal for that and also for my laziness. Thanks
Hope you help me with this.

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