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TRAVEL ALERT! Orders placed July 4-15 will ship on July 15. FREE SHIPPING for US orders $55+

Labradorite is your New Moon Crystal

hand holding a faceted labradorite new moon necklace Did you know that Labradorite is the number one stone to use during every New Moon of every month?

The powers of Labradorite are as vast and impressive as its rainbow personality. It is an astrological kingpin, bursting with the energy of Moon and Mercury.

Infused with the thunderous powers of Zeus, Labradorite influences colossal Jupiter and spews its rainbows across the Aurora Borealis. Labradorite is not a crystal you should miss out on.

When you wish upon a star with your Labradorite gemstones, the Moon listens carefully and delivers to you the new beginnings you desire.

You are about to embark on a New Moon journey with Labradorite. You will learn about the meaning of the New Moon, the forces of Labradorite, and how to use Labradorite during the New Moon.

There are three enjoyable, impactful Labradorite New Moon rituals for you to try this month. Let lunar powers and gemstone magic be a way of life for you. 

What is the New Moon definition?

The New Moon happens about once every month. It is the one day when you look up into the sky and cannot find the moon, not even a sliver of it. You may find a black outline; the moon is in hiding.

The New Moon is the opposite of a Full Moon. During a Full Moon, you see the big white circle in the sky because the sun is illuminating the Moon from your view on Earth. During the New Moon, the illuminated side is facing away from you, and you experience darkness.

Spiritually, the New Moon is a critical day for starting something new in your life. It is about changes, new beginnings, and rebirth. It is the best day of the month to begin a fresh adventure for your body and soul.

When was the New Moon this month?

New Moons occur about every 29.5 days. Mostly you experience one New Moon per month, and rarely you are blessed with two New Moons per month. 

To find out the New Moon schedule for this month, check the Time and Date website.

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What are the healing powers of Labradorite?

Labradorite is the ultimate New Moon crystal. It is dark yet lit like the New Moon sky. A Labradorite sphere especially resembles the Full Moon, like a dark but glowing circle in the sky.

Labradorite often reveals lush rainbows, reminding you that even during the dark New Moon, light abounds. According to Inuit Legend, the Aurora Borealis was created by unleashing the rainbows in Labradorite.

Labradorite holds the power of the Rainbow, Sky, Moon, Mercury, and Jupiter. It is so infused with planetary energy and astrological importance that every healer should experience Labradorite and share its zodiac forces with others.

Being the top stone for New Moon healing, Labradorite is all about change and transformation. It helps you to gather your goals and begin anew. It stirs your soul, allowing you to search for your true meaning and manifest your dreams.

Aside from the New Moon properties of Labradorite, it is also one of the top crystals for Wicca, occult magic, metaphysical exploration, and energy protection. The rainbows in Labradorite strengthen your self-esteem by bringing out the best traits of your personality. 

What are Labradorite New Moon Rituals?

Now that you know about the powers of Labradorite, you want to use this gemstone actively by engaging in New Moon rituals. Simply gather up your Labradorite stones and jewelry, or find your perfect pieces from the Satin Crystals Labradorite Collection

Below are three Labradorite New Moon rituals you can do on this upcoming New Moon, and every New Moon that follows:

#1 Labradorite Ritual: Charging Crystals under the New Moon

Do You Charge Crystals in the New Moon?

Yes, any crystal can be charged in the New Moon. Labradorite is the most important crystal to charge during the New Moon because it is the gemstone most closely aligned to this lunar event. 

This ritual can be done on its own. It can also be done preceding any other ritual below. 

How do you Charge Labradorite in the New Moon?

  • Get your Labradorite stones and jewelry together. You can charge all your Labradorite pieces. If you want to have the most powerful results, try a Labradorite crystal ball or Labradorite moon jewelry, because these symbolize the lunar moon the best.

  • Layout your stones on the night of the New Moon. You can place them on or near a windowsill. You can place them on a table or cloth in the garden, patio, or balcony where they infuse direct New Moon.

  • Retrieve your stones the next morning and set your New Moon intentions.

How do you Set Crystal Intentions?

  • After charging any stone, you will infuse it with your intention. Hold the Labradorite in your hand and mentally or verbally let the gemstone know what you want it to assist you with. Because this is a New Moon ritual, your focus should be on something new. This could be like attracting a new relationship, moving to a new city, getting a new job, or even adopting a new mindset.

Once the steps have been complete, your stone is optimized to assist you with your desires. If your pieces are Labradorite jewelry, then wear them as often as possible. If they are stones, carry them or display them in places you occupy the most.

Recommended Labradorite Stones for this Ritual: 


#2 Labradorite Ritual: Writing New Moon Intentions 

The New Moon is the perfect time to make a written manifestation list or log. Why wait for the New Year to create something fresh for yourself? Writing New Moon intentions monthly helps you to keep on track and to benefit from the lunar vibration of change.

How do you write Labradorite New Moon Intentions?

  • Gather your Labradorite stones and jewelry on the day or night of the New Moon. 

  • Get a notebook and pen, or laptop.

  • Sit in a location where you have access to the sky, such as near a window or even better, outdoors.

  • If you have several Labradorite pieces, form a full circle of stones around you, and sit in the center with your notebook. If you just have a few Labradorite crystals, place them in front of you.

  • Begin writing or typing your manifestation list. This list is the new beginnings you wish to attract into your life. Cover as many areas as you desire: relationships, career, spiritual development, health, etc.

  • Remember to keep your list positive and write it in the present tense rather than the future tense.

  • When your list is done, infuse one of the new intentions into each Labradorite stone.

  • Check your list often throughout the month to motivate you and track your progress.

  • Wear and surround yourself in the moon-infused Labradorite to enhance your success in these manifestations. 

Recommended Labradorite Stones for this Ritual: 


#3 Labradorite Ritual: Taking a New Moon Bath 

What is a Moon Bath?

Moon bathing is the act of standing in the moonlight and soaking in its beams. Even though you cannot see the beams on a New Moon, the moon is still present and its vibrations are stronger than ever. The New Moon has cleansing properties that revitalize your body, mind, and spirit.

You can take Moon Bathing a step further by capturing the energy of the moonbeams in a Labradorite elixir, then literally pouring this water into a bath. 

Here are both variations:

New Moon Bathing:

  • Wear your Labradorite jewelry, and hold onto your Labradorite stones.

  • Go outside to the garden, or at least to a windowsill.

  • Sit in silent contemplation. 

  • Rather than projecting your wishes and desires onto the New Moon, be the receiver. Listen to what the New Moon is saying to you, and imagine its healing vibrations strengthening your body.

  • Stay in this relaxed and rejuvenated position for as long as you desire.

New Moon Elixir Bathing: 

  • Follow the steps of the New Moon Bathing ritual above. Additionally, you will bring with you a bottle of water with a Labradorite stone inside.

  • After you have New Moon bathed in the beams, run a warm and relaxing bath. Pour the Labradorite and moonbeam infused water into the tub.

  • Enjoy the replenishing frequency of your bath.

Recommended Labradorite Stones for this Ritual:


Is Moonstone the same as Labradorite?

You might wonder if Moonstone and Labradorite are the same crystal. Both are of the Feldspar family, but most Moonstones have slightly different characteristics and hence are not the same.

There is one variety of Moonstone that is actually a Labradorite, and that is Rainbow Moonstone.

In lunar crystal healing, Moonstone and Labradorite play opposite yet synergetic roles. Moonstone is the number one stone to use during Full Moon events. It helps you release the old. Labradorite is the dominant crystal to use during New Moons and helps you build the new.

What stones work well with Labradorite?

You can use any stone you desire with Labradorite.

When it comes to lunar healing, the top stones to use with Labradorite are Moonstone and Selenite. Moonstone aligns with the Full Moon, Labradorite with the New Moon, and Selenite with all Moons. By combining all three, you become master of the Moon.

If you want to expand your horizons, you can match Labradorite with Sun crystals. The primary sun crystals include Honey Calcite, Sunstone, and Citrine.

If you want to use Labradorite Moon crystals with Earth stones, you can pair it with grounding crystals like Obsidian, Jaspers, and Aragonite. The possibilities are endless.

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Sheila Satin - November 21, 2020

Hi Kathy, thank you for your latest order. I’ll get the Angelite sphere packed for you.

I am very curious to hear about your experience with Angelite. This is the most popular stone for connecting with your angels. Selenite is another popular one for this purpose.

Sheila Satin

Kathy - November 21, 2020


My connection with the angelic realm is very strong and I want to enhance it. Consistently I’m told Archangel Michael is at my shoulder and I recently had a beautiful tattoo put on my arm which is visible. Often I’m asked about it and I give praise and credit to Michael during the conversation. I’m looking forward to learning more about how to communicate with the energies of the angels.


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