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Labradorite Jewelry Showcase

sheila of satin crystals wearing showcasing labradorite jewelry

Add a magical sheen to your aura when you adorn yourself in Labradorite jewelry. This iridescent stone is a favorite among the most spiritual souls.

Showcase your unique style as you sparkle with original Labradorite gemstones. These pieces spotlight your personality while differentiating you from the crowd.

Right now  we are having an in-depth showcase of Labradorite stones in the VIP community. Not a member of the club yet? It's free and easy to join at Satin Crystals VIP Club

Watch the Labradorite Jewelry Video

Watch the video for a showcase of the best Labradorite jewelry pieces. Then, shop for your crystal treasures below. 

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Here are 7 unique Labradorite jewelry gemstones that will have you winking with supernatural style:

#1 Labradorite New Moon Necklace

Feel the moonbeams of Goddess Luna shining upon you as you clasp this golden necklace around your neck. Whenever you are feeling lost or alone, Rainbow Labradorite guides you back to your astrological path. The magical New Moon crystal shines bright and beautiful for all to see. With this dainty faceted gemstone, you are blessed by the Moon and the stars.

#2 Titanium Labradorite Bracelets

This Labradorite bracelet coated with rainbow titanium tells a tale of legends, lore, and light. It adds spark and magic to your day. Feel your imagination run wild when you wear this gemstone that encourages your personality to be free. Dare to venture deep into the world of metaphysics, and look amazing while you benefit from the crystal's enlightening powers.

#3 Labradorite Wolf Bracelets

Looking for the perfect guardian crystal? With this magical Labradorite wolf bracelet, you never need to doubt your intuition again. Let your protective wolf persona lead you to the path of light and glory. This incredible designer jewel embodies beauty, spirit, power, healing, and originality. 

#4 Labradorite New Moon Earrings

Do you want to hear a secret? These magical Labradorite New Moon earrings whisper messages of wisdom from the stars above. They infuse you with knowledge of your astrological purpose. Perfect for day and night, the incredible faceted gemstones have you standing out from the crowd like a Supermoon glowing gloriously beyond the dark sky. Pair them with your Labradorite New Moon necklace. 

#5 Labradorite Wolf Necklace

This totally unique and sleek Labradorite Wolf Necklace gets you howling with joy. Show off your superpowers with the strength of the Spirit Wolf beside you. Wear the necklace fearlessly as a designer piece or as a protective healing talisman. The Rainbow Labradorite Wolf chases away evil energies and ensures you live a life of color and happiness. Pair it with your Labradorite Wolf Bracelets. 

#6 Labradorite Goddess Necklace

You are the Goddess of your universe. This original Labradorite necklace embodies your fearless spirit and distinct personality. Through darkness or light, shine your brightest when you wear this eye-catching jewel. Your Labradorite Goddess necklace is a celebration of yin energy, creative powers, and your graceful yet courageous style. 

#7 Labradorite Teardrop Pendant

Like a large drop of metaphysical magic, your new Labradorite pendant shines with a rainbow sheen. Wear the big gemstone on your favorite necklace and watch your mood ascend as high as the moon in the sky. Summon the secret lore of the ancients with this spiritually infused Labradorite treasure.

Your Labradorite Look

How do you feel wearing Labradorite jewelry? Do you have any of these pieces in your collection? Which ones are you missing?

We'd love to hear from you, whether you have personal stories to share or questions about crystal healing jewelry. You can email us directly or comment on the blog below. 

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Disclaimer: The information provided is for entertainment only. See full disclosure.

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Sheila Satin - November 22, 2020

Hi Janet, we look forward to uniting you with your new treasures 😊

Sheila Satin

Janet - November 22, 2020

I think I am addicted to your website! So I know I will be ordering more items!


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