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Lapis Lazuli Guided Meditation

lapis lazuli gemstone at the third eye chakraA Natural High for your Third Eye

Do you want to get high in a truly natural way?

Your Lapis Lazuli stones are the perfect choice for the task. Gather your blue Lapis crystals and jewelry. Let the high frequency of this spiritual stone take you on a journey that alters your mind.

Get lost in the daze of blue, gold, and white. Let yourself slip into a comfortable trance. Transcend the troubles of today as you float above the world, finding serenity in the storm.

This guided meditation script can be read to another person(s), or in a group.

If you are using the script solo, you can read it aloud and meditate as you do so. For an even more comfortable experience, record the script and then play it back to yourself so you can meditate with your eyes closed. 

Lapis Guided Meditation Video

The most ideal situation, follow along with Sheila Satin's guided video of this Lapis Lazuli meditation script. There are singing bowl intermissions within the video so you can take your own time between guided sections. 

Lapis Meditation Preparation

Find a peaceful and quiet place, such as a healing room or a comfortable room in your home. If possible, clear out the energy beforehand with sage, incense, or by lighting a candle.

Grid your room with Lapis Lazuli gemstones. Select one or more pieces of Lapis Lazuli to hold while you engage in the meditation.

Prepare a glass of water and a pair of Moqui stones for after the meditation. Holding onto the Moqui stones bring your energy back down after the uplifting experience, and the water grounds you physically back to Earth.

Guided Meditation Script for Lapis Lazuli

With your Lapis Lazuli in hand, take three deep breaths. Inhale the vibrations of calm relaxation, and exhale the tensions and worries stored in your mind. Continue to breathe long and deep, feeling negative emotions being released and the positive high-healing frequencies being taken in. Let this cycle continue for a few minutes until all the darkness and weight in your system has been replaced by a feeling of lightness, as though you are floating.

(silence for a few minutes)

Now as your body is filled with healing light, bring your attention to the Lapis Lazuli gems in your hand. Bring into the center of your mind the bright blue color of the Lapis stone. Imagine that same blue energy floating up to your Third Eye chakra, landing as a ball of color between your two physical eyes. Maybe you can see the bright blue light in your mind's eye. Maybe you feel it as energy buzzing with high and powerful frequency. However you perceive the energy of the Blue Lapis Lazuli, let it become stronger and stronger.


When you feel the blue light of the Lapis gemstone is at its strongest and most powerful, watch your own Third Eye begin to blossom. Once you are shut in deep sleep, the Third Eye slowly opens, perceiving the world of energy all around you. In synchronization with your two physical eyes, it allows you to see far more than you ever thought possible. Take the time to open your Third Eye until it's fully awake and adjust to this new, expanded vision.


Now let's practice seeing through the newly opened Third Eye. Scan your body from head to toe. Where once you could see only your physical characteristics, you can now see or feel much more. Take note of what colors you might notice on each part of your body. Take note of what sensations are surrounding the various parts of your body. Are there areas of tension and trouble you might have overlooked in the past? What does it look or feel like? Are there areas that are open and flowing more than others? Take a full scan of your body with your new vision and insight.


After your full body scan is complete, get ready to send healing light to the areas in your body that need it most. Imagine a purple light coming down from the heavens above, and entering through the top of your head at the Crown Chakra. Now funnel this energy into your Third Eye, and imagine yourself emitting blue and purple beams of light down onto the areas of your body that need this divine healing energy. Your Third Eye works like a laser to extract pockets of negativity and replace it with the divine healing light. Take the time to do this to all parts of your body and aura that need a boost.


Now that your physical and etheric bodies are energized, we are almost ready to take an astral journey and see the spirit world as you have never seen before. But before we do so, we are going to harness the protective powers of the Lapis Lazuli crystal. Turn your attention to the stone in your hand, and mentally repeat after me: "Lapis Lazuli, I thank you for keeping me safe and protected on this journey. Thank you for watching over me with your auspicious eye that can see all and wards off all evil. Thank you for giving me power through my own Third Eye so that I can see beyond the physical as I embark on this trip of the soul."

(brief pause)

Conjure up the deep navy blue of Lapis, and imagine yourself floating up in the dark midnight sky. As you transcend higher and higher, you gaze at the beautiful golden Pyrite sparks that dance like stars in the starry sky. You are now flying through space, lit up by Pyrite stars. As you venture ahead, higher and higher, you see the white Calcite streaks of the Milky Way. You are truly ready for an astral travel that brings you to a place of connection and greater understanding.

Journey beyond with Meditation

From this point on, the guide has the liberty to improvise. You can take your self/meditators to any place you desire. Some ideas include: 

  • Spirit realm on the clouds to speak to Angels/Spirit Guides
  • Library of Akashic Records to find specific life answers
  • Far away planet to channel Beings
  • The Moon to connect to your intuition and ask your Higher Self questions

Give yourself/meditators plenty of time to observe, feel, and record their experiences in their minds mentally.

After the Journey, Guided Meditation continues

Now that you have taken your soul on this incredible journey, allow all the experiences to sink deep into your conscious and subconscious mind. Here they can be stored for eternity, along with the lessons you have learned.

Give thanks to the Beings you have encountered along the way. Give thanks to the Lapis Lazuli gems that have kept you safe and ignited your Third Eye Chakra. Give thanks to yourself for having the courage to take this journey into the Unknown.

We are now going to descend back down from this high frequency and ground back to Earth. Imagine yourself slowly floating down, being drawn to the gravity of the planet as you drift back to your physical body. On the way down, admire the blue planet from above, looking like a Lapis sphere of water, land, and clouds.

Come back down from space, entering the Earth's atmosphere of puffy and delightful clouds. You are in the sky, looking down at the land from above. Slowly you continue your journey back down, finding your way back to your physical body. Feel your etheric body re-enter your physical body. Observe the sensations of your highly vibrating soul now being anchored back to Earth, back to reality.

Take a few moments to let your astral body completely realign back to the physical body.


You are ready to re-integrate back to physical reality. You shall emerge as a wiser being, more energized and with greater understanding. Let the high feeling stay with you for the entire day and for as long as possible. Feel good knowing you have gone on a mind-freeing journey and activated your Third Eye. Feel good knowing you can come back here any time just by closing your eyes and activating your will-power.

As I count from 1 to 5, your spiritual and physical bodies are back together and you are back here on Earth, grounded. (Slowly).... 1.....2....3....4....5.

Post-Meditation Experience

After the meditation, feel yourself/group members slowly come back to reality. Give yourself several minutes to readjust and revel in your good feelings. Now is the time to hold onto Moqui stones to be grounded, and drink water.

Once your energy is rooted back to reality, you can discuss your experiences in a circle. If the meditation was done alone, you might wish to document your experience or simply relax and enjoy the high.

If you have any stories to share or questions to ask, we would love to hear about them. Post them below! 

Float Onward...

Enhance your meditation with further Lapis Lazuli healing ideas. 

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Lisa Satin - May 11, 2020

Hi Anna,

Thanks for reaching out to us. Each person’s issues are very specific and can be complex.

From what you told us, your grandson could benefit from Calming Crystals. Please visit:

For addiction, we recommend working with Howlite:

It is important to remember that you can’t change other peoples’ behaviors if they are not ready or willing to change.

If this is the case, it might be most beneficial for you to use the calming crystals for yourself and participate in mentally relaxing techniques like reciting affirmations or doing crystal healing so you can get through this:

You can also decorate your house with the crystals that might calm everyone down.

We wish you all the best,
Lisa Satin

Anna - May 11, 2020

I need guidance with my grandsons anger issues and husbands addiction

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