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How to Open your Third Eye Chakra with Lapis Lazuli

lapis lazuli sphere at the third eye for balanceDo you want to open your psychic Third Eye Chakra? What does that even mean? What powers do you gain when your Third Eye is open?

The Third Eye Chakra is the most mystical of all seven. While the Crown Chakra is all about your spiritual connection, the Third Eye is all about seeing clearly in both worlds of existence. Get a clear perspective of your physical life's meaning as well as that of your spiritual path. 

Lapis Lazuli is the firm choice for opening the Third Eye Chakra. It aligns perfectly with the navy blue color of the Third Eye Chakra. It is the stone of "Total Awareness", bringing you a perspective that is omnipotent and multidimensional.

Once you open your Third Eye Chakra, you have unlimited access to your own intuitive abilities, psychic powers, visions of the spirit world, and a deep understanding of the meaning of life.

Isn't it about time you tap into your Third Eye Chakra with the unmatched powers of Lapis Lazuli gemstones?

What is my Third Eye Chakra?

Your Third Eye Chakra is one of the major seven energy points on your body. It is located between your two physical eyes, and slightly above it. It is associated with the color blue: the same rich tone that you find on Lapis Lazuli gems.

The Third Eye Chakra is where you receive ideas and gain the power to implement them into reality. It is also where you can see the bigger picture of your life's meaning. Finally, the Third Eye Chakra allows some people to see beyond the physical reality and gain clairvoyance- the ability to see the spirit world.

To learn more in-depth, visit our Healing the Third Eye Chakra article.

What do I see through my Third Eye Chakra?

There are things you may "see" when you open the Third Eye Chakra with Lapis Lazuli. They may come as visions, messages, or revelations. Everyone's experiences are different. Some people have natural abilities and may be born with the Third Eye Chakra open, while others can spend a lifetime working on it. Unless you have the natural gift, the general rule of thumb is that "practice makes perfect".

Here are some things you may experience with an open Third Eye: 

Spiritual Benefits

  • Seeing or feeling your spirit guides, guardian angels, archangels, masters, and deities
  • Hearing messages from higher beings
  • Tapping deep into your own intuition via your Higher Self
  • Accessing the Akashic Records of past, present, future
  • Understanding your spiritual purpose
  • Making contact with passed loved ones and ancestors

While some people may experience these as actual visions, other people can physically hear messages or have them drift into the mind. Some people see higher beings as colors or forms, while others have more of feelings and sensations, sometimes even physical.

Worldly Benefits

  • Gain new, innovative ideas and also see the way to implement them so they become manifestations
  • Tap into your intuition to know which choice to make regarding important life decisions
  • Understand the meaning of your life and purpose
  • Better empathize with others through a greater understanding of the human condition
  • Relieve long term emotional despair, fears, anger, anxiety, etc by transcending ego-driven mindset

Although the spiritual and worldly benefits are divided so that we can better grasp the concepts, those with an open Third Eye understand that the two worlds work simultaneously.

How to Open my Third Eye Chakra with Lapis Lazuli

Lapis Lazuli is the gemstone specifically vibrating at the frequency of the Third Eye Chakra. It can be used to enhance your spiritual visions and your worldly insights. There are several rituals that you can begin so that your Third Eye slowly blossoms open like a brilliant blue flower.  

Place a Lapis Polished Stone on the Third Eye for Visualization

The most powerful and direct way for you to benefit from the Third Eye Chakra healing energies of Lapis Lazuli is to place flat polished stone directly on your Third Eye while lying down. Choose an oval or rounded blue Lapis Lazuli polished stone if you want it to fit perfectly on your Third Eye, which is between your two physical eyes and about an inch up. The Lapis energy goes directly into your chakra. 

The best type of activity to do while in this layout is to do a visualization meditations. Visualization meditations are ones where you conjure up images while you take shamanic journeys. This could be to the spirit realm, where you see yourself meeting higher beings or passed loved ones. This could also be earthly visualizations of yourself taking actions to achieve specific goals. You can use this technique while reciting affirmations too.

Be sure to clean, charge and program the stone before using it for this layout.

To learn how to write affirmations, visit our Affirmation Tutorial.

Next week, we will also be providing you with free Lapis Lazuli affirmations. Join the Satin Crystals VIP club to have free Lapis affirmations delivered into your inbox.

Gridding with Lapis during Meditations and Affirmations

To further amplify your results, rather than just placing stones on your Third Eye, also surround yourself with a grid of Lapis. For the layout grid, you can select any form of Lapis Lazuli such as eggs, polished stones, spheres, or animal spirit guides and place them around your body. 

  • If you are using spirit animals in your grid, program them to help keep you safe on the journey and take you to where you need to be.

  • If you are using stone eggs in your grid, program them to bring you new ideas, innovation, and revelations through the Third Eye Chakra.

  • If you are using spheres in your grid, program them to bring you a comprehensive total awareness of any challenge you are facing, so you can handle it with ease and a wise, spiritual perspective.

Crystal Ball Gazing into Lapis Lazuli Spheres

Crystal ball gazing is the epitome of gaining visions beyond the ordinary. Crystal ball gazing is about seeing a higher perspective, which is a goal that aligns perfectly with the energy of your Lapis Lazuli sphere. Geared to help you in psychic visions, choosing Lapis balls for scrying is a prime choice.

Get lost in the ocean of blue crystal that entrances you with the gold and white mineral patterns. Large spheres that are placed in front of you are ideal for gazing. Smaller pieces can also be used, with the benefit that you can also hold them in your hands when you do other spiritual ceremonies.

For the detailed techniques on how to scry, see our Crystal Ball Gazing tutorial.

Lapis Lazuli for Psychic Readings and Tarot Card Readings

Since Lapis is in tune with your psychic Third Eye, it is the perfect pick when you do or receive psychic readings. Lapis opens your Third Eye and allows you to get in touch with other people's emotions. Choose any type of Lapis to have with you during your session in psychic reading, tarot card reading or divination.

For even more connection, have your client hold onto a piece of Lapis as well.

Lapis jewelry for seeing the spirit world out and about

Did you know that a lot of spirit activity happens right over our physical world? That means energy beyond your eye's vision is in motion all around you.

If you are looking to tap into the spirit world here and now, wear Lapis lazuli jewelry. Whether you are going to the park, grocery store, or work, there are layers of energy that exist in the very same plane as the one you are living in. 

Program your Lapis jewelry to help you see the spirit world. It could be a Lapis ring, bracelet, pendant, necklace, even cufflinks. Be very aware of your mission, and remember, for most of us, this is not an overnight feat.

Lapis for a Lifetime

Opening the Third Eye Chakra takes a lifetime of practice, sometimes several lifetimes. If you don't quickly acquire clairvoyance, you are not alone. Most of us develop the Third Eye through a lot of hard and consistent work over the years. Some of us may have been born with natural gifts and wish to hone our abilities.

Take pride in the small steps, the visions you do gain, the insights you start to realize and the calm knowing presence that begins to infiltrate your personality when you work with Lapis throughout your lifetime.

Have you worked with Lapis Lazuli at your Third Eye Chakra? We would love to hear your experiences, questions or comments. Feel free to leave them below! 

Learning for a Lifetime

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Sheila Satin - June 9, 2020

Dear Nish, thanks for your email.

It sounds like you have an imbalance in your Root Chakra. Anxiety and fear stem from blockages in the Root chakra.

You can read about your Root Chakra here:
You will also find suggested crystals, rituals and additional ways to open your Root chakra in this article.

Let me know if you have specific crystal questions after checking out the article.

Sheila Satin

Nish - June 9, 2020

Something happening in present situation not necessary it may be in my family whereever make me think deeper which then get connected with my family and make me anxious and later lead to fear

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