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Lapis Lazuli brings you Serenity in the Storm

lapis lazuli for serenity - sheila of satin crystals holding a gemstone dolphin to her third eyeAs if your head wasn't spinning at 100 miles per hour already, nature has unleashed the perfect storm. The world both unites and clashes over the COVID-19 pandemic, simultaneously creating a shared mission and a polar divide. This global chaos is the cherry on top of the everyday battles we face individually. When does it stop?

The truth is, the storm never ceases to exist. The storm is all around us and within us. It brews day and night, sometimes exploding into a fierce display of thunder and lightning. This, my friend, is all part of the human experience.

We were put on Earth to Weather the Storm

Although what happens externally is often beyond our control, we have the power to manipulate the internal storm. The inner storm includes our emotional reactions, disposition, attitude, and resulting behavior.

Lapis Lazuli is here to bring serenity in the storm. In a particularly nasty downpour like the coronavirus, Lapis shows you the way to tame the escalating fear. It is the healing crystal that soothes you, brings clarity where none seems to exist and transforms despair to serenity by revealing the bigger picture. 

Why Use Lapis Lazuli during the Pandemic

We have been asked which crystal protects against the coronavirus. Crystals cannot directly cure physical ailments in place of medicine; if someone suggests they do, beware.

What crystals can do is lift your internal energies, help you overcome panic and fears, reveal life lessons hidden in obstacles, and assist you in many other duties. When you are stronger internally, your physical condition will reflect this too.

Lapis for Total Awareness

Lapis Lazuli is the top choice stone for bringing serenity to your soul in such a harsh time. It is called the "Stone of Total Awareness." While it is certainly important to keep updated on the details of what's happening globally, it's easy to get caught up in the panic and frenzy. If you're becoming too obsessive over certain things, Lapis Lazuli reminds you to step back from unproductive behaviors and recenter yourself.

Lapis helps you see the bigger picture and the ultimate meaning. We are born and bound by our egos, and our actions usually reflect such. The reality is that we are mortal beings here for a limited time. No matter what we do- good or bad- we are just transitory in the world.

Don't be hard on yourself if you're overcome by negative energy and fears, but utilize Lapis to help you acknowledge these natural emotions and then move on from them. Any storm, even one as epic as coronavirus, is part of the experience and an opportunity to grow as a soul.

Lapis for Optimism

For every negative, there is a positive. The Universe operates on a perfectly balanced system. Being a positive person doesn't mean ignoring the things that make you uncomfortable or sad. For your own sanity, however, Lapis Lazuli helps you focus on the bright side of life. Dwelling on the negatives doesn't help the world in any single way, nor does it benefit you.

Long term negative feelings turn into depression and compromise your physical health too. Happy feelings have been scientifically proven to increase your quality of life and your body.

Use Lapis Lazuli crystals to see the light in any dark situation.

Here are examples of positive points that can counteract the negative point: 

Negative: I am stuck at home


  1. I am safer at home and keeping others safer

  2. I finally have an opportunity to do those home projects that have piled up

  3. I have a chance to improve relationships with myself/my partner/my family 

  4. I am lucky and grateful to have a roof over my head because many do not

  5. The air quality in my area has drastically increased and I am breathing better when I take my local walks

Negative: I am afraid of dying


  1. I acknowledge and accept my fear of death, but it also enhances my appreciation for life

  2. Instead of being consumed by petty drama and negative thoughts, I seize the moment to fulfill my dreams

  3. I can no longer procrastinate on things that are important to me, whether it is a material goal like getting my papers in order or a spiritual goal like nourishing my thirst for crystal healing knowledge

  4. I now understand that I should not take loved ones for granted

  5. I am more in tune with my spirituality when I realize I am mortal

Negative: My favorite restaurants and pubs are closed


  1. My favorite restaurants have thought of innovative new dishes and options for takeout and delivery

  2. I have a new appreciation for restaurant workers, grocers, and delivery persons whom I may have overlooked previously

  3. I have learned to cook several new dishes at home

  4. I feel good supporting my local restaurants and stores through online delivery and by shopping local at a time that it is most important

  5. I am fortunate to live in a digital age where I can still hang out with friends and family on video chat, instead of being disconnected and in the dark like what happened in the pandemic 100 years ago

Lapis for Serenity

Many of us have found a valuable element that has been missing for so many years... that is time. For those that have more time on their hands for personal development, Lapis Lazuli is here to connect you with the serenity that lies only in your own soul. It is the absolute perfect time to practice mind over matter through meditation, conscious awareness, and self-care activities. 

Lapis is the stone of the Third Eye chakra, where your psychic and intuitive powers lie. There may be so many spiritual activities, books, and even videos you have been putting off. With this rare and unusual time on your hands, put it to good use by engaging in the metaphysical with one of the most spiritual stones out there- Lapis Lazuli.

Lapis for Calm Patience 

For others in this situation, it could be the exact opposite. Maybe you are juggling more than ever before- with kids to home school, work piling up in a hectic home office environment, no gardeners or housecleaners to relieve your load, and less downtime than ever before. You certainly don't have time to sit in a deep trance and wait for spiritual revelation. That's okay.

Lapis is a calming stone that teaches patience. When there is a whirlwind swirling all around you, stand in the eye of the storm and enjoy it. That might sound idealistic, but do the best you can with the help of Lapis Lazuli to keep your consciousness from getting lost in oblivion.

lapis sphere and egg for serenity in the storm

How to use Lapis Lazuli through the Pandemic

It is certainly a unique time in history and in our lives as individuals. How you are dealing with COVID-19 depends on several factors. Your city may have imposed a self-isolation order. Some places are enforced, others are not. You might have been laid off, now sitting at home in anxiety. You have be enjoying a work office and all the newfound personal time you have. You might be an essential worker in a situation that is more chaotic than ever imaginable. You might have lost a relative, and experiencing grief. You may be sick yourself.

Because each soul's experience is unique, only you know which crystal healing technique works for you during this trying time.

We are here to present you with several options:

Display Lapis Spheres for Domestic Serenity

Let's face it. While being contained in close quarters with family members may present the opportunity for high-quality bonding, it can also dramatically increase tensions and throw off previously established relationship dynamics.

When you are using Lapis for domestic serenity, choose a larger piece to feature in a central area like the living room or the dining table. A Lapis sphere is a prime choice, as it emits energy equally in all directions, benefiting everyone in the household. Calming Lapis can help diffuse family drama when properly placed in the home. 

Decorate with Lapis Gemstone Eggs for a Springtime High

Are you stuck inside this spring instead of enjoying the birds and flowers? If you can't go out as much as you'd like, why not bring the spring to you? Decorating with Lapis eggs can help you see the bright side of life. Feel connected with the energy of Mother Nature when you introduce Lapis eggs to your interior decoration. 

Not only does Lapis bring you the energy of spring, but eggs are the symbol for new beginnings. Through this crisis, your Lapis egg shall help you emerge as a new, stronger person.

Meditate with Lapis to connect with your Higher Self

For those who might be alone or feeling more lonely than ever, Lapis helps you go deep within. Believe it or not, you can learn to enjoy your own company.

Hold Lapis Lazuli during your spiritual activities such as meditation, self-hypnosis, and self-Reiki. This Third Eye chakra crystal breaks apart your blockages so you can connect with your Higher Self. Learn to listen to your own instincts and intuition with Lapis Lazuli. Find peace and serenity within.

Wear Lapis Jewelry or Carry Stones for Protection Outside

When you need to step out, wear Lapis jewelry as a protective and calming stone. More often than not, your Lapis Lazuli contains gold Pyrite mineral sparks. The Pyrite embedded in your Lapis serve to protect your aura, while Lapis keeps you calm.

Lapis Jewelry is available as bracelets, rings, earrings, necklaces, cufflinks, and even as portable polished stones for your pocket or purse. Lapis is your Third Eye guardian, watching over you throughout your days. 

Gift Lapis Lazuli to Generate Happiness

Now is the time that we all need love and support from each other. The pandemic is a global crisis, and humankind is united in its efforts to overcome it. We feel the same fears and losses associated with COVID-19 ravishing communities. We also hear the same feel-good stories of people helping each other out in times of trouble, such as restaurants that are serving the unemployed and/or first responders for free.

To be a part of the positive vibes, consider gifting Lapis to friends and family. Brighten their day with a gift that lasts a lifetime. It is the perfect stone to bring serenity to someone's storm. It brings joy and hope to you as the giver as well.

If you are undergoing hardship yourself, join the Satin Crystals VIP club to know about all the giveaways and specials we continually offer our community.

Lapis Lazuli for Personal Challenges

Like so many things in life (and life itself) the pandemic is only temporary. When this storm passes, there will be new ones to shelter yourself from. The external storms in our lives come and go, as do the emotional ones inside. There is always a challenge to pursue. Lapis Lazuli is your spirit guide throughout all of it. 

Lapis Lazuli brings serenity through every storm when you unlock its healing powers. Use Lapis even in times of personal crisis.

Here are just a few of the storms that we the people experience in our everyday lives:

    • Loss of a job
    • Loss of a loved one
    • Breakups
    • Stress at work
    • Stress at home
    • Financial hardships
    • Sadness and Depression
    • Difficulty at school, socially and/or academically

The list goes on and on. When one storm passes, the other is on the horizon. That is why Lapis Lazuli is your gemstone choice to weather through each and every one of them.

Lapis for the Third Eye Chakra Growth

Although we have been discussing Lapis Lazuli as your stone of serenity through the storms, Lapis is also a crystal that helps you blossom through the good times.

When all is well in love and life, Lapis Lazuli stretches your soul to greater heights. Use this precious gemstone for one of its major healing powers- opening your Third Eye Chakra.

Through your Third Eye, you see everything. Not just the physical world and the larger meaning of events on Earth, but the entire span of the spiritual realm. This is where it gets the nickname "Stone of Total Awareness".

Lapis Lazuli enables your Third Eye Chakra to blossom as such:

  • Puts you in touch with your spirituality
  • Connects you to your intuitive powers
  • Enhances your natural psychic abilities
  • Allows you to live according to your larger purpose
  • Shows you the big picture on Earth and the Spirit Realm
  • Keeps you calm through the ups and the downs
  • Increases your ability to go deep into meditations
  • Brings out your ability to empathize with and heal others

Over the next couple of weeks, we will dive deep in the depths of navy blue Lapis Lazuli and its many mystical qualities. We invite you to journey with us- through the storm and beyond.

Keep Walking the Serene Path...

Has Lapis benefitted you?

Have you used Lapis Lazuli gemstones to power through your emotional storms? How are you feeling about the current condition of the world?

We would love to hear your thoughts, stories, and questions. Feel free to post them here on the blog below and we'll get back to you! 

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Sheila Satin - July 9, 2020

Hi Katherine, it sounds like you could benefit from Heart Chakra crystals. This is your energy center that connects your body and your mind. I would start there!

Here is an article on Heart Chakra Healing:

And here is the crystal collection to find your polished stones and jewelry pieces:

This is a good place to start, but we have a lot more information and can guide you further if you have more specific questions

Sheila Satin

Katherine - July 9, 2020

Looking for natural polished stones or jewelry pieces like bracelets , necklaces that will allow healing of a sick body , More beneficial
energy, high clarity of mind body-soul and spirit and to allow truth thoughts to occur when wearing.
Right now just becoming educated and seeing what is best for me. Thank you

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