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Lifestyle Ideas for Cufflinks

carrying a suitcase wearing howlite cufflinksNow that you have gotten a little guidance from the cufflinks guide, it is time to gather your lifestyle ideas. Let's spark your imagination on the many places you can go wearing your gemstone cufflinks. 

Here are a few ideas on cufflink wearing occasions

Cufflinks for Art

man standing behind artwork wearing onyx cufflinks

Whether you are an artist or an art aficionado, cufflinks will paint a pretty picture on your creative persona. 

Cufflinks for Gifting

handing a gift box wearing cufflinks

For all the gifting ocassions in your life, whether it's a birthday, anniversary, valentine's day or christmas, gemstone cufflinks will sure to be a welcome surprise. 

Cufflinks for Dancing

Hands in dance wearing cufflinks

When it's time to dress up for the dance, pop in your favorite cufflinks. Keep your sleeves secure as you twirl through the dancefloor. 

Cufflinks for Class

wearing tigers eye cufflinks holding backpack strap

You may not be the smartest kid in class, but you'll be the smartest dressed when you show up in spiffy crystal cufflinks. 

Cufflinks for Writers

writing a note wearing rose quartz cufflinks

Program your crystal cufflinks for inspiration and flow right through those writer's blocks. Cufflinks keep your gemstones at eye level when putting thoughtful words on paper. 

Cufflinks for Work

woman with coffee mug wearing aventurine cufflinks

Cufflinks are a classic accessory to wear to work. With cufflinks, you'll be the most polished employee, sure to catch the approving eyes of the big bosses. 

Cufflinks for Healing

man playing singing bowl with malachite cufflinks on

Besides their stylish beauty, gemstone cufflinks can activate your chakras and balance your energies. Depending on which stones you choose to wear, crystal cufflinks will keep the energies you wish to manifest throughout your healing session. 

Cufflinks for Couples

couple wearing red jasper cufflinks

Tie the bonds even tighter with your significant others by wearing matching cufflinks. Match up your gemstone accessories with your spouse, best friend, sibling, or with whomever you have that fun fashion sense.

Cufflinks for Typing

typing on keyboard wearing rose quartz cufflinks

If you spend significant amounts of time on the keyboard, you'll appreciate cufflink fashion. Unlike bracelets, cufflinks are an unobtrusive accessory for your typing wrists.

Cufflinks for Travel

woman holding up a suitcase wearing cufflinks

Revive the days when travel was still a stylish affair. Fly the world wearing gemstone cufflinks and counteract the stereotypes around slovenly tourists. 

Cufflinks for Going Out

woman applying lipstick wearing rose quartz cufflinks

Meet your friends for coffee, sidle up to the wine bar for a tasting or sit down to a fancy dinner wearing your new crystal cufflinks. The unique accessories are sure to bring you many compliments and spark intriguing conversation. 

Cufflinks for Formal Events

man in suit and unakite cufflinks

Formal events are the quintessential ocassions to dress up with your gemstone cufflinks. Personalize your style and stand out from the monochrome penguin suits with your dash of crystal healing colors.


Cufflinks Here, There & Everywhere

We hope these cufflink wearing ideas have jogged your excitement to break out your gemstone accessories. Whether you are headed to a business meeting, a classroom, a wedding or cocktails with friends, cufflinks will make a great companion.

Where do you like to wear cufflinks? All positive comments always welcome!


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