When to wear Cufflinks

Cufflinks provide a stylish flair, whether going out in your formal wear or in your casual dress. Wearing cufflinks is a reflection on your personality. Stand out and wear cufflinks with style.

Choose crystal healing cufflinks for their unique design and stone properties. For men's fashion, you can combined your dress links with unique crystal healing tie clips and stick pins. For women's fashion, you can match your cufflinks to your crystal healing necklace, bracelet, earrings and rings. Cufflinks are worn in both women and men's fashion. Keep the type of shirt in mind when buying cufflinks. Women's blouses may be a bit more delicate for the chunky cufflinks, but men's fashion can adorn these heavier dress links.

How to Put on Cufflinks

To wear cufflinks, insert the small end of the link into the french cuff's opening slit. Flatten the small end so that the cufflink is secure within the cuff. You can choose to pinch the sleeve ends together flat so they extend out from your wrist in the "kissing cuff" or you can fold the sleeve ends together like a normal buttoned shirt cuff.You will find different styles of fashion cufflinks. There are cufflinks with swivel bars which you wear by flattening the bar to insert through the cuff. There are toggle bars on chains which you insert into the cuff with the bar. There are stud cufflinks which you insert into the cuff opening like a button. Cufflinks come in a variety of metals and styles.

Wearing Crystal Healing Cufflinks

At I Dig crystals we specialize in natural stone fashion cufflinks, using one-of-kind crystals like clear quartz, black onyx and green malachite. Keep your recipient in mind when presenting fashion cufflinks as handmade gifts. Presenting several designs in one gift box would be ideal to enable your recipient to switch out styles and stone properties. Metaphysically, wearing stone cufflinks can balance the the solar plexus and sacral chakras. They also allow the energies to better flow from receiving hand to giving hand.

Brief History of the Fashion Cufflink

Cufflinks surfaced in the 17th century to replace the long-used "cuff strings" in closing men and women's dress links. There is no history on who invented the cufflink, but King Charles II popularized it with his flair for fashion. The fashionable trend took off and was popular until the mid 1800's when the cuff button took over. However, unlike the button, the cufflink remained a way for fashionable men and women to express their personality through custom accessories. In the 19th century, cufflinks became more affordable and thus more accessible to the general man and woman. Fashion cufflinks have survived the initial need for functionality and now represent the well-dressed man and woman who want to express their unique style.

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