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Lunar Eclipse is Today!

lunar eclipse to charge your moonstone crystals1Just a friendly reminder to gather your crystals and charge them under tonight's Lunar Eclipse. This is especially true for your Moonstones, which can become supercharged to benefit you all year long.

If you haven't already caught up on What the Lunar Eclipse Means and How it can Benefit You, now is the perfect time.

Gather your healing crystals and put them in the windowsill tonight for charging. This is especially true for your Moonstones. They have the deepest connection to lunar energy and can be supercharged to ensure you have a fabulous 2020.

If you don't have this stone yet, you can find some powerful Moonstone pieces at Satin Crystals. You'll be able to charge them monthly at the Full Moon and supercharge them at the next Lunar Eclipse on June 5th.

Happy Lunar Healing,
Lisa & Sheila 

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