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Malachite Lucky Clovers

three females laughing holding malachite crystal spheres

Did you think that lucky clovers only grow in gardens, fields, and lush rolling hillsides? While they certainly do fill our earth with rich and pleasing topography, lucky clovers are also found in the most precious, exquisite Malachite gemstones.

Did you think that Jade was the luckiest crystal on the planet? Well, think again. Lucky Clover Malachite is bursting with good fortune and abundance, ready to bring you the rich, wealthy, and prosperous life you deserve.

Lucky Clover Malachite is exactly what you need to get in the Saint Patrick's Day spirit this season, and to boost your luck for a lifetime.

What is Lucky Clover Malachite?

Malachite is one of the finer, more prestigious gemstones. Once you lay your eyes upon this sleek green beauty, you understand why. Not only is Malachite a sight to behold, but it's also pleasing to physically hold. The weighty copper elements in Malachite give it the density and richness that you'll find highly desirable and seriously satisfying.

Malachite comes in a variety of natural patterns like stripes, swirls, mosaics, rings, eyes, and yes, even in lucky clovers. Satin Crystals is fortunate enough to come across Lucky Clover Malachite from time to time. It's more rare and elusive than the other patterns, and also the luckiest charmed gemstone you can own.

Lucky Clover Malachite has clover-like formations that are rich, dense, and distinctive. It comes from prized regions of Africa. It is teeming with the lively energy of the Earth. It is enchanted by the magical energy of Tinkerbell fairies, sprites, pixies and leprechauns.

Lucky Clovers Meaning

There are many theories as to why four-leaf clovers are considered lucky. They are a tradition of St. Patricks Day but appeared in legend centuries ago. The Celtic priests used clovers to ward off evil and provide magical protection. Children began to believe that with four-leaf clovers, they could see fairies.

Even three-leaf clovers, called Shamrocks, were used by the Irish because they were said to allow you to see evil spirits coming so that you can escape them in time. Clovers became embedded in the culture as the greatest lucky charm.

The four leaves are said to represent faith, hope, love, and luck. Only 1 out of every 10,000 clovers is a lucky four-leaf clover, and all the rest are shamrocks. Because Ireland is said to have the most lucky clovers in the world, the phrase "Luck of the Irish" was coined.

Well, we have some lucky news for you! You don't have to travel to Ireland or be Irish to have the luck of the Irish. Satin Crystals' Lucky Clover Malachite is an equally natural and lucky phenomenon. And our crystal pieces can be delivered right to your door!

three females holding lucky malachite crystal balls

Malachite Meanings by Pattern 

While Lucky Clover Malachite is certainly the luckiest of the lot, all types of Malachite are infused with lucky energy. They are lush and full of fantastical powers. Malachite is so strong, it's literally called the Power Stone. It gets deep down and personal with you so that you can burst free of your setbacks and come out flourishing.

Here are some other types of Malachite patterns and their meanings:

Malachite Lucky Clovers: Luckiest of all of the Malachites, Lucky Clovers are here to bring you great fortune. Are you always seeming to stumble behind in one or more areas of your life? You no longer need to feel down on your luck. Lucky Clovers help you break self-imposed glass ceilings to reach your sky-high dreams. 

Malachite Eyes & Rings: Orbicular Eyes and Rings that form eye-shaped patterns are super protective. They are guardians, watching over you like gnomes watch over the ancient forests. Malachite Eyes open up your visions to the realm of sprites, pixies, and lucky leprechauns. 

Malachite Feathers: Some Malachite pieces look as though they are feathered. These stones teach you how to fly. Escape the sticky tarpits of your own trauma and soar free like birds of paradise. Malachite feathers are transcendent crystals, pushing you above and beyond what you thought you were capable of.

Malachite Stripes: Striped Malachite leads you to the path of fortune, much like a leprechaun leads you to a pot of gold. It shows you the right way, and how to forge ahead. Malachite Stripes keep bad elements out of your path and minimize unhelpful detours that try to stand in the way of your success. 

Malachite Swirls and Mosaics: Each piece is like a splash of art in itself. Malachite Swirls and Malachite Mosaics inspire your artistic side. Wave your magic wand full of pixie dust and bring some vibrancy into the rusty corners of your life. Choose Malachite Swirls or Mosaics when you need an energy pick-me-up, innovation, motivation, and joy.

female holding malachite lucky clover ball

How to Use Malachite for Good Luck

Lucky Malachite is so in tune with the natural realm of goodness that you don't even have to put forth much energy to harness its lucky charm. Pixies, fairies, sprites, gnomes, leprechauns and all the magical beings are attracted to Lucky Malachite. Simply owning real Malachite brings a whole gush of luck to your life that never existed before. 

No matter how you're using your Lucky Malachite, be sure to clean, charge, and program the crystal pieces. You can program them for general luck, or if there's a certain unlucky area in your life you might want to focus on that. For example, you can program the stone with the intention "This Malachite piece helps me be lucky in love. I attract the right people and take the right actions to find my soul mate."

To further enhance the lucky powers of Malachite and benefit from them, you can engage in the following fun techniques:

Channeling the Pixie Realm

Malachite is an ideal stone to channel the fairy world. Crystal Ball Gaze with a Malachite sphere until your mind gets lost and clear. When you are in the state of trance, connect with the realm of fairies and Earth spirits. You can ask them all kinds of questions that come to mind.

Furthermore, ask your fairies to watch over you and sprinkle lucky pixie dust on the areas of your life that are lacking in luck. For example, if you're unlucky with finding parking spaces, ask your little friends to help out.

Manifestation Meditations: Focus and Visualize your Luck

Use Lucky Malachite for Manifestation Meditations. What do you wish to manifest? Is it a new job that both pays enough and also give you happiness?

When meditating with Malachite, imagine yourself in the situation you want to be. What actions will you take? What will you say during your job interview? Imagine Lucky Malachite with you, showering you with green clovers and abundance.

Visualizations with Malachite help you take the right actions in real life. When you actually do begin interviewing for the dream job, take Lucky Malachite with you in the form of a pocket stone or jewelry!

Wearing and Carrying Malachite Lucky Charms

Lucky clovers were traditionally carried around with people, that way they could always benefit from the luck and protection of the talisman. Similarly, why should you ever be without the powers of your Lucky Malachite? Be sure to attain one or more pocket-size pieces that can easily be slipped into your purse or pocket. Lucky Malachite Cabochons make an ideal choice.

Do you want to look great while feeling lucky? Reward yourself with Malachite bracelets, necklaces, earrings, or cufflinks. There's something lucky in Malachite form to match every personality.

Healing Powers of Malachite

Today we've highlighted the lucky aspects of Malachite so that you are prepared to use it to maximize your fortune by St. Patrick's Day. 

Malachite may be the luckiest gemstone on Earth, but it also has a plethora of other powers:

  • Malachite is a healer of deep-seated trauma. It encourages you to face the past that's still haunting and inhibiting your present. 

  • Malachite is a Heart Chakra stone. It is a vigorous healer for broken hearts. It is also a strong manifester of new and powerful love.

  • Malachite is an aggressive energy crystal that amplifies your mood and energy, whether that is positive or negative.

Visit the Malachite Meanings, Benefits, and Uses article to learn more and the Shop the Malachite Collection to surround yourself in positive and prosperous energy. 

And don't forget to join the Satin Crystals VIP and stay updated on all kinds of Malachite news. 

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Sheila Satin - April 26, 2021

Hi Ahmed, thank you for your message.

We are happy to re-string your bracelet to your preferred size. Please read and watch the video here so you can find your perfect fit: Once you know your true size, please email me back and we’ll arrange for a re-stringing.

Thank you for watching our videos on Youtube.

Here are further crystals that you may want to try out:

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As for depression and other emotional issues, it’s a good idea to seek a local healer. We have written an article to get you on the right path and find someone who will be a fit for you:

Ahmed R - April 26, 2021

I need your help!!! I recently purchased a malachite bracelet from your online store and have had it for about a week or so. I absolutely love it, although I think I got a size too big and need to size it down. I was hoping to cut the string and take out some beads to resize it smaller as I lost it twice today working on the farm but thank God I found it again both times. The dark green is my favorite color and I am also drawn by the healing and power attributes of the malachite and its ability to battle the evil eye and correct the heart chakra. I found your YouTube video with the superb explanation of malachite’s properties which lead me to your store. I think your expertise and knowledge can help guide me to further healing. I suffer from long term mostly untreated depression and sometimes succumb to severe bouts of anger and uncontrollable rage leading to shouting, cursing, screaming, and just over all terrible outpour of horribleness that leaves me feeling drained and with a guilty conscience. Even if I am saying the truth and right things my obnoxious delivery negates my message and ruins my intentions and relationships. I am new to this metaphysical journey and was very impressed by your malachite video. I know my chakras and energies are all out of sync and need serious help but I would like you to recommend some additional crystals, stones, and/or gems to help me with my anger management and communication. Something to help me keep a more cool, calm, and collected temperament, control my anger, and communicate my point of view more effectively and with clarity and calm. I am a Gemini born in June and the dark green color of the malachite is my favorite color. I was born in Pakistan and am a devout Muslim. My family and I are prone to suffer from the evil eye of others even with our very private lifestyle we still tend to feel the harm. I am willing to provide any additional information you may deem necessary. Please feel free to contact me via email. Also, I am in Maryland near the Baltimore Suburbs and would appreciate your help in locating some local practitioners or maybe if you are willing to do something online. Thank you in advance for your time, consideration, and any help you may be able to offer.

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