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Meteorite March Madness and Astral April

rocket with meteoritesWelcome to March Meteorite Madness! You are about to learn more about meteorites than you ever thought possible.

Make sure you Join the Satin Crystals VIP because meteorite healing information, meanings, benefits, affirmations, meditations, facts, history, and out-of-this-world deals on alien gemstones and jewelry will shower your inbox.

And it doesn't end in March. Just when you think your star knowledge has reached its peak, you'll enter Astral April for a taste of infinity and beyond.

Why should you care about meteorites?

You are a lover of crystals, gems, and minerals. Meteorites are the most interesting, unique minerals found on earth because they are not of the earth. That means you get crystal healing energy and the added benefits of space stones that you cannot find in any earthly rocks.

With meteorites, you get the secret of the stars, the building blocks of the Universe, and the knowledge of the cosmos. Big or small, meteorites make a powerful impact on your life- and there are so many to choose from!

Are you ready for a journey beyond time, space, and dimensions? Brace yourself, because here we go! 

Can meteorites benefit you?

What would it feel like to touch a star? To ride a comet? To meet an alien?

It's easy to fall into a routine and succumb to the mundane realities of this world. You weren't meant to be ordinary, though. You were meant to be extraordinary!

When you are tired of the same old drag, your soul is ready for excitement. Have you ever heard of the phrase "a rolling stone gathers no moss?".  Along with your physical body, your mental and spiritual selves need stimulation. 

Meteorites expand your mind by opening you to a universe of new facts and knowledge. They enhance your spirituality by providing you unmatched experiences in astral travel, alien channeling, and accessing the Akashic records of wisdom.

You're ready to defy the limits of the physical realm, you're ready to fly beyond self-imposed restrictions. 

Do you believe in the wacky world of aliens? Or do you believe earthlings are the only ones in this vast existence? Either way, you can use meteorites to explore and discover dimensions unseen by your conscious mind and the human eye.

At the very least, take a fantastical break from reality and have a little fun in life again. Meteorites bring to your existence something fresh and new.

How are meteorites the building blocks of existence?

Meteorites are made of magic! You can use them to tap into all kinds of mysteries and secrets, like the infinite Akashic Records that hold all past, present, and future events. Meteorites are witnesses to all of the Universe's activities.

Scientists will tell you that meteorites are usually the results of asteroids and comets fracturing, making their way to Earth and into your collection. Many of them reveal the building blocks of the universe, boasting not only ages in the millions but also the billions!

Having traveled across our solar system so many times, your meteorites make the perfect stones for astrological prophecies. Do you want to win the favor of planet Mars? Keep Canyon Diablo Meteorite on your desk. Do you want to harness the power of the Pegasus constellation? Hold Chelyabinsk Meteorite in your hands.

Meteorites have several categories: Stony, Iron, and Stony Iron. Let's not forget about the exciting world of Impactites, which cover Tektites, Moldavite, Libyan Desert Glass, and even Craters. In the next few weeks, you will learn about meteorite scientific facts alongside the metaphysical meanings.

Are you ready for the many meteorites you're sure to love? vague! Just like how the word "crystal" encompasses goodies like Amethyst, Quartz, Rose Quartz, Obsidian, and thousands of others, the word "meteorite" refers to a wealth of different stones.

With knowledge comes power. You will find out in-depth information on some of the brightest Meteorites out there, and the stories that come with them.

  • Did you know that when Gao-Guenie struck West Africa, locals watched aghast as it destroyed trees and hen houses?

  • Did you know that Muonionalusta of Scandinavia is the oldest known Meteorite at 4.6 billion years in age, and has survived 4 ice ages since landing on Earth?

  • Did you know that when a meteorite impacted Earth 14.3 million years ago upon Bavaria, Germany, it created the Nordlinger Ries Crater AND shards of Moldavite that flew so high they got ejected all the way to the Czech Republic?

Whether you know nothing, something, or almost everything about meteorites,  there's a lot more to learn. The farther into this journey you travel, the more you will love it. 

Do you vibe best with Agoudal, Campo del Cielo, or Seymchan? You'll find out soon enough. The stars have the answers, and you can too.

Your March Meteorite Madness & Astral April 

This galactic journey is the longest campaign Satin Crystals is embarking on as of date. We invite you to join us for two entire months of meteorites. Expect to be star-struck with a whole universe of information and special offers.

These articles will be delivered comfortably to your inbox:

  • An Introduction to Meteorite

  • Meteorite Meanings 

  • How to buy Real Meteorites

  • A Showcase of Genuine Meteorites

  • Moldavite for Cosmic Lovers

  • Green Moldavite Jewelry for St. Patrick's Day

  • Moldavite Meanings

  • Meeting Aliens in your Dreams with Moldavite

  • Top 5 Uses of Moldavite
  • New Moon Divination with Meteorites

  • Moldavite Positive Affirmations

  • Moldavite Guided Meditation 

  • Libyan Desert Glass: Exotic Sister of Moldavite
  • Libyan Desert Glass Meanings and Benefits
  • Libyan Desert Glass Easter Showcase
  • Libyan Desert Glass Affirmations
  • Libyan Desert Glass Astral Travel Meditation
  • April Horoscope with Meteorites
  • The Three Types of Meteorites
  • Meaning of Agoudal, Campo Del Cielo, Muonionalusta, Uruacu, and other major Meteorites
  • Special Meteorites Showcase and Offers
  • Tektites and Craters Meanings and Showcase

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Disclaimer: The information provided is for entertainment only. See full disclosure.

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Lisa Satin - March 26, 2021

Hi Jane,

We hope you are doing well on your crystal healing journey. Sounds good that you are learning about natural gemstones and using them to help.
Sorry to hear about the bullying situation. Definitely check out this article about protection stones:

Personally, Obsidian is my favorite stone for helping deflect other peoples’ negative energy out of my aura.

Let us know if you have any questions, or want to share about your crystal experiences.


Lisa Satin

Jane - March 26, 2021

I am over here in Scotland and I am just learning about healing (for myself at the moment due to a break-down which happened because of bullying at work – I know who would have thought it could happen to a 58-year-old!) through crystals, natural gems, and stones. Hope you are well, and keeping safe. take care from Jane.

Lisa Satin - March 9, 2021

Hello Shannon,

Thanks for writing, and I’d be happy to assist. :)

There’s no real difference based on the word “Gem” added to the title, we just try to use a variety of words that will help people find our products. Technically, the only Meteorite that has been deemed a gemstone by the mineralogists is Moldavite (although there are plenty out there that are much more rare and valuable). However, I can assure you that we only get our Libyan Desert Glass from confirmed sources and have no interest in peddling fakes!

As to the difference in all the listings and prices, we look at the size and quality of the stones. I know that there are many vendors out there that sell things by weight, but 99% of our products are by size/quality.

I think you’ll be happy working with Libyan Desert Glass and you’re getting it at the perfect time. That, along with Moldavite, is selling out so fast these days and the mines are so restricted- prices are going to be going up drastically across the market.

Finally, if you haven’t signed up for our email list, please do so. We’re sending out lots of information about Meteorites for March Meteorite Madness and Astral April. Later this month there will be several articles coming out about Libyan Desert Glass specifically.

Thanks again for shopping Satin Crystals and we’re here if you have any more questions or feedback.


Lisa Satin

Shannon - March 9, 2021

Hello all. So, I was curious about what the difference is between what I ordered, Libyan Desert Glass Meteorite Spiritual Meditation Tektite Stone Set × 1
Small (0.75-1 inches) and the first one you had listed for a Libyan Desert glass Gem ?
I’m very new to all this and I guess my curiosity is because the gem weighed more and was a bigger piece but was cheaper than the set I got. Sorry if it’s a dumb question , I’m just trying to learn as much as possible from people such as yourself , who know. I did originally look on Amazon to buy this but then I questioned if they were real or not. Even with the feedback from people who bought it, how do I know that they know it’s real . You know ? So I of course googled how to tell if Libyan desert glass is real and I stumbled upon your ladies website with a whole bunch of info on how to tell. I just instantly knew you were the real deal and had no hesitation to buy from you . So please don’t take my question as me doubting anything from you , I am just wondering the difference and if the word “gem” added to the title make it’s any different . I look forward to hearing back from you and many more purchases as I make money to spend it all . Haha . Thank you for your time.

Lisa Satin - March 9, 2021

Hi Fatima!

Thanks for asking about the Certificate of Authenticity. We do not send those out, for good reason.

Please visit this Introduction to Meteorites page, and at the very bottom you’ll find a detailed section called “Do I need a Certificate of Authenticity?”:

We look forward to hearing your feedback after the Moldavite is received :)


Lisa Satin

Fatima - March 9, 2021

Just wondering if the crystal comes with a certificate authenticity?? Thank you Fatima

Sheila Satin - March 7, 2021

Hi Teresa, welcome and thanks for writing in. Yes! We only get our Moldavite from Czech Republic. My sister Lisa married into a Hungarian family and lived in central Europe for many years where she made connections with Crystal vendors over there, including a few Moldavite vendors.

You may also know that it’s getting increasingly harder and more expensive to source because they are limiting the quantity being mined.

Here are some helpful articles for you

Let me know if you have any other questions about Moldavite or any other Crystal. I will be making some more videos on meteorites soon as well.


Teresa W - March 7, 2021

I have a question for you I’ve been seeing on the Internet how people are selling fake Moldavite is your Moldavite authentic from Czechoslovakia from the Czech Republic?

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