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TRAVEL ALERT! Orders placed July 4-15 will ship on July 15. FREE SHIPPING for US orders $55+

Moldavite Astral Travel Guided Meditation

sheila of satin crystals meditating with moldavite Would you like to swing on a star? Ride an asteroid through space? Or would you rather stay on Earth?

With Moldavite, the Universe is your playground. This glowing Green Tektite holds cosmic powers that are unmatched by any other crystal or meteorite. Join us on this Moldavite guided meditation and astral travel to any corner of the galaxy you desire.

Who will you encounter? What will you see? Where will you go? What will you learn?

Take hold of your Moldavite gemstones and jewelry because you're about to go on an astral journey that exceeds all boundaries. 

Moldavite guided meditation video

For your convenience, we have recorded the Moldavite Meditation

There are singing bowl interludes throughout the video so you can take time to visualize and personalize your journey.

Listen and follow along...

How do you prepare for the Moldavite Meditation?

Gather your Moldavite, find the perfect space, and relax your mind for tis astral travel meditation session.

Find a calm place such as a zen garden, meditation room, or a quiet nook of your house. Cleanse the energy of your space with sage, incense, or candlelight before beginning the meditation.

For this meditation, you want as many Moldavite tektites and jewelry pieces as possible. Place several Moldavite around the space, have two to hold during the meditation, and wear your Moldavite jewelry to enhance your experience.

After you are set up, prepare a glass of water and a set of Moqui Marbles, or your favorite grounding Earth stones. Keep them nearby so you can easily grab them right after the meditation. The Moqui Marbles and the water help you anchor back to reality after your etheric body has been floating through the spiritual realm.

moldavite stones and jewelry with sage, incense, candle, moqui marbles and waterGuided meditation script with Moldavite  

Prepare yourself for a journey into the stars, one like you have never taken before. You are about to leave your physical body and fly through space using your energetic astral body. To attain such a skill, you first must relax your mind.

Close your eyes and take three deep breaths, breathing comfortably in and out of your nose. Become aware of the rhythm of your breath. 

Continue breathing deeply and focusing on your internal pulse.


Now shift your attention to the cosmic green Moldavite gemstone in the palm of your hand. Moldavite was born of star origin over 14.7 million years ago. It is here to bring you the energy of both earth and space.

Your Moldavite is one of the highest vibrating gemstones on the planet, and its fast frequencies are going to help you raise your own vibrations.

Where high vibrations exist, low and dense thoughts cannot exist. Imagine your Moldavite cleansing your mind, breaking apart negative ideas, doubts and worries. Like a green cleansing liquid, it washes away your stress and fears.

Continue to breath deep, relaxing with each breath. And with each breath you take, imagine the Moldavite energy traveling to a new part of your body.

Feel cleansing Moldavite energy travel to your arms and legs, stomach and core, into every crevice and pore.

Suddenly, you are vibrating so fast that you feel like you're about to launch off the physical ground and float into the air.

(short pause)

You are now ready to release your astral body from your physical body. Picture or imagine an energetic layer of your body actually rise up and out of your physical body. This is your astral body. It's always been there, and it's always ready to help you journey to Higher Realms.

Go ahead and release your astral body from your physical self. Feel yourself floating higher and higher, light as a feather, with each breath you take.

With your astral body, you leave the room, you float like a balloon into the sky, and the world below you becomes smaller and smaller with each passing moment.

Keep going until you hit the clouds. Once you arrive on a cloud, take a small rest.

(short pause)

tibetan singing bowlEnjoy this wonderful, floating feeling resting on your cloud. You've been through so much in your life and you deserve a little break. The world is far away, as are your troubles. Now is the time to nourish your soul through an astral journey into the stars.

You are going to meet a being of a different world, of a different dimension:

Maybe it will be an alien as bright and green as your Moldavite gemstone.

Maybe it will be a foreign creature made of pure energy and no physical form.

Maybe it will be a spiritual master who resides in a galaxy light years away from your own.

Only your greater mind knows who you are meant to encounter, the messages you will receive, and the wisdom that will be bestowed upon you.

In a moment, you are going to lift higher up into space and journey upwards from this cloud. You are about to take a journey onto a planet that is not earth. You might be lead to a different planet in this solar system. You might be lead to a planet even farther out.

Get in touch with the Moldavite gemstone in your hand and let it propel you further into space. You go faster and faster, you are rocketing up into the great cosmic infinity. You are travelling quickly to exactly where you are supposed to go. Soon you will reach the planet that you were meant to see...


Finally, you have arrived at your destination planet. Carefully observe the terrain. Are you on a planet that is made of land? Liquid? Is it just a ball of light? Take in the colors and sensations that this planet has to offer you. What do you see or feel? Let it become clearer with each breath you take, and allow yourself to feel at home here.

Your Moldavite stone is your protective guardian. It has made sure that you have reached a friendly planet with a being that has been awaiting you with an open heart of joy. Take the time to study your surroundings.


Now that you are more familiar with your host planet, you are ready to meet the being or beings who reside here. You've travelled a long way to receive a special message, and encounter new life. At the count of three, a friendly native being of this planet will appear before you. 1-2-3.

Look using your third eye and see who is standing before you. This is a being of a different world. Visualize and imagine its form. Does it resemble humanoid? Is it reptilian? Is it made of a material like rock or something completely different? Is it just an orb of light? Maybe you can't see anything at all, and the being is just a presence. Take a moment to tune in on your new friend.

(short pause)

Now you are ready to communicate with this extraterrestrial. Go ahead and introduce yourself, mentally or verbally stating your name, place of birth, and any information you want to share about yourself. 


There are some basic questions you are going to ask. Let them answer you. Whatever comes to your mind first is the answer.

The questions are:

What is your name?


What is the name of this planet?


Do you live here alone or are others with you?


What do you call yourselves?


Now you are going to have a free conversation with this alien being. Any questions that come to mind, you can ask. It could be simple questions like "What do you eat?" or complex questions like "What do you think the meaning of life is?" Anything that you want to know, now is the time to ask:

(long pause)

sheila of satin crystals with moldaviteWrap up your conversation. You are now going to ask the alien for any special messages they might have for you before saying goodbye.


You are ready to end your encounter. Thank your new friend for the experience, the information, and the connection. After you do so, they disappear into the distance and you are left alone on the foreign planet.

Believe it or not, you have travelled far into space and had a conversation with an alien lifeform. Your astral body is capable of so much when you take advantage of Moldavite power. You have received information you could never have even dreamed of, and now you are ready to return back to planet earth.

Your Moldavite is going to propel you back to earth, and there your astral body will realign with your physical body. Feel the green gemstone in your hand begin to vibrate again, like the engine of a rocket that's ready to launch. When you hear the numbers 1-2-3, your Moldavite will ignite and you'll fly back to earth and into the very room you started from. 1-2-3, go!

(short pause)

Your astral body is now hovering just above your physical body. The journey is about to come to completion. You feel good and evolved knowing you are capable of transcending time and space any time you put your mind to it. 

When you return to your physical body, all your memories and encounters will be in tact. You'll feel wiser and more connected to the One-ness of the Universe.

When you hear the numbers 1-5 you will realign into your physical body and then awaken back to this reality.

Starting with the number 1- lock your astral body back into your physical body, feeling whole and complete.

Number 2- Hold the Moldavite in your hands and store your astral experiences into those stones so you remember it when you awaken and can carry the wisdom with you any time you wish.

Number 3- Feel your frequencies realigning with planet earth. There is sensation and heaviness back at your feet. You may even wiggle your toes.

Number 4- Your entire body feels alive again, the blood flowing through your veins.

Number 5- Open your eyes and emerge awakened. 

woman holding glass of water and pair of moqui marble stonesWhat do I do Post-Meditation?

Immediately following the meditation, you may feel like you are in an altered state of mind. That's because your frequency has been enhanced to a higher level than normal. Allow yourself time to enjoy this natural high, and slowly reintegrate back to the physical world.

Hold onto your Moqui stones to completely realign back with reality, and drink the water that was placed nearby.



When you are in a comfortable mental state, you can begin reflecting upon your experience. Share your thoughts, feelings, and visions with others in the meditation group.

If you practiced the meditation alone, you can journal your experiences or simply enjoy the sensations. Think about the messages and visions you experienced, and how they can help you in life.

If you liked participating in this crystal meditation, or if you have any stories to share or questions to ask, we would be thrilled to hear from you. Post them below or message us! 

Shop Meditation Moldavites

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Enhance your meditation with further healing ideas:

Disclaimer: The information provided is for entertainment only. See full disclosure.

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Lisa Satin - June 14, 2021

Hello Nakin,

Thanks for writing to us.

Moldavite is indeed a special stone, and our real Moldavite is very popular right now.

We just delivered a Moldavite necklace to a lady in Nonthaburi, Thailand last week, using DHL.
She was so happy to receive it that she sent us a personal thank you video.

Moldavite works for people born in any month.

I am born in October, and this is the one I wear:

Let your own intuition lead you to the right piece.

There are other crystals associated by month or zodiac sign (I’m Libra!). Here is a link to our birthstones chart:

If you have any questions, please write to us again!

Nakin - June 14, 2021

Hi Satin Crystals,

I believe the universe has a message why I saw your website. I really believe in crystals but I have not got a chance to experience Moldavite and I would love to purchase from you but the problem is if DHL International Shipping would allow your precious stones to be delivered in Thailand. I would also like to ask advice for people born on October, specifically 2nd of October.

I am equally excited to get a authentic stone from you and also uplevel my spiritual journey and finally contact someone from space and journey to the cosmos in my meditation.

Hoping to hear from you.

Sheila Satin - April 26, 2021

Hello Kabo, nice to hear from you. If you are looking for information on crystal healing, you can start on our website menu where it says “MEANINGS” Here you will be lead to many articles and videos. You can also go to for specific crystal meanings. I also invite you to subscribe and watch our youtube videos here:

If you have specific questions, we are standing by.

Kabo - April 26, 2021

Ooh hello dear.. Sorry for tht vedio.. Thnks a lot for getting in touch with me.. So are those items there can I find them specifically for spiritual.. Prophecy powers .. Magic powers.. etc

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