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NEW ARRIVAL Tiger Crystals

green aventurine, jade, purple amethyst, brown tigers eye tiger figurinesTiger animal statues make their debut just in time for Year of the Tiger.

Chinese New Year of the Tiger begins February 1st. Empower yourself with tiger energy.

Which crystal will you choose?

Tigers Eye Tiger 2022 Year of Champions

Be a champion in the 2022 Year of the Tiger. This Tigers Eye mini tiger is the perfect crystal to channel the powerful king of the jungle. Feel confident in work, money, love, spirituality, and life. The little Tigers Eye animal cheers you on as you step toward shining success. Choose one Tiger as your protective guardian or pick a pair to double your fortune. Learn more

Green Aventurine Tiger Limitless Abundance

Your tiny little Green Aventurine tiger rakes in large and limitless abundance. This adorable gemstone is a symbol of power, wealth, and nobility. It helps you attract the same into your life.  Feel like the richest ruler in the jungle with your Aventurine tiger beside you. Pick one for prosperity or pick a pair to double your fortune. Learn more

Amethyst Tiger Protector of My Spirit

Serene and surreal, the purple Amethyst mini tiger is the protector of your spirit. The adorable little gem keeps you feeling safe. The tiger removes stress and anxiety and shows you how to live happily in this moment. Pick one Amethyst tiger as your animal guardian or pick a pair to double your spiritual success. Learn more

Jade Tiger Power Protection Prosperity

Be a real winner in 2022. Win the favor of the jungle's fiercest feline when you own this Burmese Tiger figurine.  Gain great power, protection, and prosperity throughout the year of the tiger. Place the precious crystal animal in your home or office to ensure a fortunate future. Learn more

Your Crystal Journeys

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Do you have tiger crystals? We'd love to hear about your experiences. Post them below. 

Disclaimer: The information provided is for entertainment only. See full disclosure.

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