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Obsidian Meditation for Aura Protection

Sheila of Satin Crystals meditating with Rainbow Obsidian spheres in her handsObsidian is the ultimate protection stone. Simply having the crystal nearby keeps negative vibrations out of your aura. Imagine the protective power you can harness when you actively summon Obsidian's energies through meditation.

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With the dangers plaguing life on Earth, you are wise to take extra precautions to safeguard your personal energy field. After doing this guided meditation, your aura will be adorned with a strong black Obsidian armor. Feel invincible and at the top of your game! 

Obsidian Guided Meditation Video

For an even more comfortable experience, we have recorded the meditation for you. There are singing bowl intermissions within the video so you can take your own time between guided sections. Listen and follow along...

Meditation Preparation

Find a peaceful and quiet place, such as a healing space or a comfortable room in your home. If possible, clear out the energy beforehand with sage, incense, or by lighting a candle.

Grid your room with Obsidian gemstones. You can use Black Obsidian, Rainbow Obsidian, Mahogany Obsidian, or any type you have available. Select one or more pieces of Obsidian to hold while you engage in the meditation. Visit the Satin Crystals Obsidian collection to find your favorites.

Prepare a glass of water and a pair of Moqui stones for after the meditation. Holding onto the Moqui stones will bring your energy back down after the uplifting experience. Drinking water grounds you back to Earth physically.

candle, incense, sage, obsidian stones, glass of water and moqui marbles on a table

Guided Meditation Script with Obsidian

With Obsidian stones in hand, close your eyes and take three deep breaths in and out. With each exhale, let go of negative feelings like fear, anger, and anxiety. With each inhale, allow a healing light and pleasant feelings like joy, comfort, and gratitude to enter your aura. 

Obsidian is the most protective crystal on Earth. It is born from the depths of the mighty volcano to bring you fierce protection and intense healing.

With each breath you take, the Obsidian's vibrations become stronger and stronger in your hand. Continue to breathe and feel the power of the gemstone grow.

(pause one minute)

Imagine the Obsidian stone buzzing faster and faster in your palms. The energy becoming stronger and stronger, ready to erupt. When the intensity reaches the maximum, imagine the stone's protective energies bursting in your hands. Like lava shooting from a volcano, the energy encompasses your entire body, forming a beautiful shiny black shield around your aura.


As though you are viewing yourself from above, look down and see the gorgeous black armor of Obsidian that now surrounds you. It is like a shell that cannot be penetrated by negative vibrations. And in the center, you breathe happy and blissful, surrounded by pure healing light. Enjoy your beautiful new Obsidian armor and the lightness of your soul within. 


Now, let's test your new Obsidian shield.

Picture or imagine one person in your life who can easily get on your nerves. Whether it's a pessimistic coworker, overbearing relative, nosy neighbor, or any other annoying acquaintance... choose just one person and imagine them standing about 10 feet away from you, just outside your auric field.

Take a minute to form your vision of this person. 

(pause one minute)

Normally, your nerves might be rattled just at the sight of this person. But with your new Obsidian shield, notice how the negative vibes of this person just bounce off your aura as though it's a trampoline.

Instead of the negative feelings reaching your emotions, it is transmitted out into the universe and transformed.

If for any reason you are still feeling unhappy with this person, imagine your Obsidian shield becoming thicker and thicker until it's impenetrable.


The magic of Obsidian stone is that it can transform a negative situation into a positive one. Not only do the bad vibes of the person not reach you, but they turn into feelings of joy and bliss.

Take three deep breaths and let go of your old notions of this person. You are safe in your shell of good feelings.

The light within your aura is so bright that it actually shines way beyond your shield and brings happiness to those who stand before you. It is seen and felt by people even far beyond your reach.

You have become a beacon of goodness and inspiration to the world.


As your inner light grows stronger, you feel the weight and baggage of the past lifted off of your shoulders.

You are so light and free that your Obsidian aura armor feels like a bubble. You start to float right off the Earth's surface. You are ready to travel around the world and spread your positive healing energy to anyone who needs it. 

In a moment, you are going to take a journey to one or more parts of the planet to spread the healing protection energy that you have gained from Obsidian. Your Obsidian aura shield serves as your protective bubble so that no harm can come your way as you astral travel. The places you go during this time are up to you, and if you cannot decide, just follow your intuition.

Visit someone you know or a community that needs help, or choose to spread protective healing over suffering animals and endangered forests.

As you float higher up into the sky in your Obsidian bubble, feel the wind pushing you to the exact people and places you want to visit and heal. During this time of silence, take a journey, and bestow your protective healing light to the world.

The journey starts now...

(3-10 minutes pause)

Take another deep breath. You are just about to finish up your healing work. You have now sent your positive vibrations to the people, animals, or places you visited. Notice how the once dark forces and emotions of those you visited have turned to joy. People are appreciative of what you are doing, and they feel a sense of unity with you.

Thank the people and planet for giving you the chance to heal them. Thank yourself for the good work you have done. Thank your Obsidian stone for keeping you protected now and forevermore.


It is time to go back to your physical body. Imagine your Obsidian aura bubble gently floating through the wind, back to where you are located here on Earth. Slowly and comfortably, it descends down from the sky and lands right back to where you sit. Your floating aura locks into place, surrounding your physical body. You feel elated and comfortable as you realign the etheric body to the physical.


In a minute you are going to anchor your mind back to the reality of earth. Having done such important light work by spreading positive healing energy into such a negative world, you feel productive and confident. You feel happy and protected. You feel enabled yet humble. Best of all, this protective Obsidian shield remains around you even as you emerge from the meditation.

As I count up from 5 to 1 you will open your eyes and feel delighted. Starting with five, thank yourself and the Universe once again. At number 4, feel your physical and energy bodies melding back together. At 3, you notice the physical sensations and tingling in your hands, as well as the Obsidian stone that had just melted into your essence. At 2, you are ready to open your eyes. And now 1, you awaken feeling fully refreshed. 

Sheila of Satin Crystals meditating with Golden Sheen Obsidian palm stonesPost-Meditation Experience

After the meditation, feel yourself slowly come back to reality. Give yourself several minutes to readjust and revel in your good feelings. Now is the time to hold onto Moqui stones to be grounded, and drink water.

Once your energy is rooted back to reality, you can discuss your experiences in a circle. If the meditation was done alone, you might wish to document your experience or simply relax and enjoy the high.

If you enjoyed this meditation and have any stories to share or questions to ask, we would love to hear about them. Post them below!

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Onward with Obsidian

Enhance your meditation with further Obsidian healing ideas. 

Disclaimer: The information provided is for entertainment only. 


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