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FREE SHIPPING for US orders $55+

Onyx & Sardonyx Showcase

sheila of satin crystals holding sardonyx crystalsAre you ready to showcase your strength and beauty? Glossy Onyx and Sardonyx stones boost your determination, willpower, and positive attitude.

Dark colors and mystifying swirls are natural traits of these protective earth crystal. You're going to love the energy of Onyx and Sardonyx gemstones and jewels.

Delay no more! Here we present you with the top must-have Onyx and Sardonyx crystals for your collection. 

Watch the Onyx & Sardonyx Showcase Video

Watch the video showcase of the best Onyx and Sardonyx pieces. Then, shop for your crystal treasures below. 

Shop Onyx and Sardonyx

Here are 7 powerful Onyx and Sardonyx stones that appeal to your eyes and your aura: 

#1 Black Onyx Protective Hero Bracelet

Find comfort and protection under the wings of your Black Onyx guardian bracelet. A double-duty combination of matte and glossy stones, the unique jewel serves as your greatest defense against Dark Arts and negative forces. Wear the handsome, heroic bracelet around the clock to keep your soul shining eternally in the Light. 

    #2 Sardonyx Sophisticated Soul Sphere

    You want a Sardonyx sphere that is stunning, strong, and sophisticated. This high-class, top-grade gemstone fits the bill. Your gemstone crystal ball boasts bands and swirls of browns and blacks, laced with a touch of red Carnelian. It inspires you to be strong in your resolve, confident in your steps, and conscientious in your actions. Your orb delivers you that extra oomph you need to be the best in everything you do.

    #3 Black Onyx Charmer Cufflinks

    Add the ultimate flair of sophistication to your outfit with Onyx cufflinks. With its midnight black hue and glint of metal, these crystal cufflinks elevate your style. Be the debonair charmer you long to be with shiny gemstone accessories that always impress. 

      #4 Sardonyx Mighty Elephant Earrings

      You're big, you're mighty, and these Sardonyx elephant earrings showcase your strength. No matter what your physical size, remember that your soul is large and in charge of any situation that comes your way. These antiqued elephant charm earrings symbolize your power. Let the world know that you're on the way!

        #5 Black Onyx Penguin Pal Necklace

        Jump, waddle, and explore the world with your friendly new Black Onyx and Howlite penguin necklace. This adorable gemstone bird is your companion as you discover new friends, new places, and new facets of your personality. Combining the protective powers of Onyx and the spiritual light of Howlite, this jewel is perfect to wear whether you're out traveling or just nesting at home. 

          #6 Sardonyx Smooth Stones

          Powerful and alluring, your Sardonyx crystals create a beautiful guardian set. Two glossy, dark ovals deflect negativity, keeping your energy and space clear of conflict. Hold the smooth stones in your hand whenever you want a comforting vibe or place them directly on your chakras during a layout. Versatile and attractive, you just can't go wrong with Sardonyx smooth stones.

            #7 Sardonyx Walk the Trail Bracelet

            Are you ready for the adventure of your lifetime? Choose Sardonyx's vibrations to take you down the path of discovery and find yourself on a trail of wonder. With this healing stone's strength at your side, you gain the power to be your true self. Wear Sardonyx bracelets when you are ready to explore your inner truths and your place in the outer world.

              Your Onyx and Sardonyx Experiences

              How do you feel when you use and where Onyx or Sardonyx? Do you have a favorite?

              We'd love to hear from you, whether you have personal stories to share or questions about crystal healing stones and jewelry. You can comment on the blog below. 

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              Lisa Satin - June 14, 2021

              Hello Lou,

              Thanks for writing to us, we’re excited to hear from you!

              We do not do custom orders at this time, but you can order the Sardonyx bracelet in size 7 for a perfect fit, or 7.25 for a loose fit.


              We have also just launched this brand new Onyx bracelet that you might find desirable because it’s dark and attractive. It is available in size 7:


              Let us know if you have any questions, we look forward to helping.

              Lou - June 14, 2021

              Hi Can you make me a sardonyx bracelet with all dark stones , my wrist measures exactly 7" what size do you recommend thanks

              Sheila Satin - March 9, 2021

              Hi Christine, thank you for your email.

              Unfortunately, we just don’t have time to create custom designs (there’s only my mom and I who make the bracelets here). However, I could suggest that you find many talented artists who do custom work at

              Sheila Satin

              CHRISTINE - March 9, 2021

              Hello, I would like to order a bracelet for my granddaughter (4 years old) and my daughter. Something dainty, with; (in this order – clear quartz, rose quartz, tiger eye, flourite, sodalite, amythest). Could you send me some design ideas and pricing? Thank you so much!

              Lisa Satin - March 9, 2021

              Hi Alyssa,
              Please let me know which listing you are referring to and I’ll be glad to help! We have many different necklace choices. :)
              Lisa Satin

              Alyssa J - March 9, 2021

              How do you know which style of the necklace you would receive? I don’t see where you can choose the stone you get

              Lisa Satin - February 15, 2021

              Hello Jamshar,

              Thank you for your order, and I’ll be happy to assist you with finding something for the home.

              Here you can find which stones are aligned to your birth sign of Aries:


              Although you can use any stone you want, the ones under your sign are


              When decorating the home for crystal energy, we usually recommend nice, prominent pieces that could fill the energy of the room. Good choices are spheres, clusters, and showpiece stones.

              Another option is getting several small pieces and strategically placing them where you need them.

              Here are a couple of articles about crystals for the home:


              If you have any more questions, please let us know!


              Lisa Satin

              Jamshar - February 15, 2021

              I like to know wat crystal I should keep in my house for sign is aries April 19

              Sheila Satin - February 15, 2021

              Hi Dave, we unfortunately do not have time to create custom jewelry, but you can find our current selection at:


              If you need assistance with any current items, please let us know!

              Sheila Satin

              Dave - February 15, 2021

              I need a full set for my daughter,amethyst,tiger eye n rose n clear quartz(necklace,ring,ear ring n bracelet)

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