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Prosperous Pyrite for a Golden New Year

hand holding pyrite spheres

Prosperous Pyrite for the New Year

Forge into the New Year with fresh confidence, shameless flair, and shimmering hope. Adorn yourself in Prosperous Pyrite to attract good fortune on all levels of life. Surround yourself in fool’s gold and dance in a frenzy of joy. The most highly anticipated New Year of the century is here, and you’re ready!

Pyrite is a stone that is all about celebrating life with grandeur. It is sparkly, it is dazzling, it is in-your-face.

If you've extracted only one lesson from the past year, may it be that life is precious. It is meant to be lived with heart and zest. Be as gawdy as a Pyrite cluster or as prim as a Pyrite cube, the choice is yours. Be true to your heart and soul. 

Pyrite holds the nickname of "fool's gold." Guess, what? Sometimes it's fun to play the fool. Let that sullen weight lift as you dance freely through the next year.

Pyrite for your Prosperity

Pyrite wants your life to flow again. It is an abundance stone, and it has no stronger desire than to bring you to a state of prosperity. Pyrite showed up alongside real gold, tricking panners, miners, and '49ers since 1849. It may not be gold, but it is a revered mineral all on its own.

Looking for a stone to infuse your moneybox? Look no further, here's Pyrite. Grid your 'Wealth and Prosperity' Feng Shui Corner with this prosperity crystal. 

Pyrite wants you to stand up, stand tall, and stand proud. Revel in your talents and accomplishments- make sure others see it too. You have nothing to hide, and everything to gain.

If you need a reminder that you are precious and worthy, wear Pyrite for the New Year. Pump up your party spirit, and let prosperity flow. Liven your space with Pyrite balls, eggs, hearts, and all the shiny goodness you can get hold of. Don't be shy... be Pyrite. 

Pyrite for a Golden Aura

Yes, Pyrite for party princes and princesses- dazzling, lavish, and beloved. But it has another side. The golden colors of Pyrite align perfectly with the spiritual elements.

Did you know that a golden aura is one of the highest colors you can achieve? It is the color of the great masters, the enlightened ones.

Adorn your aura in glimmering, golden Pyrite. Tap into your metaphysical side this New Year. It's the perfect chance to turn the page and progress on your higher path. Let Pyrite befriend you through your ethereal affairs. Its multi-faceted personality delights and surprises on all levels.

Pyrite for your Protection

Just when you thought it couldn't get any better, you learn that Pyrite has been used over the centuries as a protection stone. Pyrite is a loyal soldier who helps fight your battles full force. With a golden armor, Pyrite's energies are endless.

Knowing Pyrite has your back keeps your anxieties at bay. Choose this stone when you are faced with confrontational situations. 

Is Pyrite right for you?

The New Year has finally arrived, and you're more than ready for a rapid turnaround. If you want this one to be better than last, the answer is simple: yes, Pyrite is right for you!

Over the next 2 weeks, Pyrite is going to turn your inbox into a crystal party.

Join the Satin Crystals VIP Club to take part in this Pyrite New Years Party.

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And with that, we wish you a Happy New Year and beyond.

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Sheila Satin - October 1, 2022

Hi Judit, it depends on what energy you are seeking. Here at Satin Crystals we pair all sorts of crystals together and experiment. Personally I like Pyrite and Angelite for that balancing earth and sky energies, but the possibilities are endless!

More on Pyrite:

Sheila Satin

Judit C. - October 1, 2022

what is a good crystal pairing with pyrite

Lisa Satin - September 30, 2022

Thank you for your question, Sultani!

We do not currently offer Pyrite jewelry in that smaller sized bead. For the most part, 8mm and 10mm are the most popular bead sizes :)

You can see our current Pyrite crystals and Jewelry here:

Please let me know what other questions we can help answer.


Lisa Satin

Sultani M. - September 30, 2022

Hello Lisa and Sheila.
Thank you very much for the generosity and knowledge you share about the world of crystals.
I have a question: Do you have a bracelet, or a necklace with round Pyrite stones of 4 mm or 5 mm in diameter? It seems to me that what is shown is 8 mm.
Thanks in advance

Sheila Satin - January 13, 2021

May you be blessed with abundance as well, Jennifer. Thanks for joining in replying. Let us know if you have any Crystal questions.


Jennifer - January 13, 2021

Hey!!! Super glad I found you guys!! Can’t wait to dig into some articles! Many blessings to you all!🧡

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