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What is Pyramid Power?

couple holding serpentine pyramids

What does it feel like to touch the peak of enlightenment? Crystal pyramids are sacred stones that accelerate your spiritual progression. Your soul is on a journey, your life is full of lessons. 

The power of pyramids was discovered by your ancestors. Through this holy shape, they harnessed spiritual wisdom, universal forces, and manifestation energy.

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Pyramids for Ancient Wisdom

The power of the sacred pyramid was discovered centuries ago by your wise ancestors. Mystery looms around the Great Pyramids of Egypt and Sudan. More were created in Peru, Mexico, Belize, and Italy. How did civilizations with so little in common come to cherish the same form?

When you work with crystal pyramids, you unlock the secrets of this holy geometrical shape. Learn how to harness pyramid energy to preserve memories, cleanse spaces, and protect people. Can a Serpentine pyramid reveal your past lives and the lives of others? Can a Prehnite pyramid remove stale vibrations and refresh your home? Can an Obsidian pyramid safeguard you and your loved ones? 

Only through practice shall you too understand the power of pyramids. Don't let the wisdom of your ancestral line fade. Pyramids help you improve everyday aspects of your life and elevate your soul when you use them for spiritual practices. 


Pyramids for Universal Enlightenment

The most beloved use of the pyramid is accelerating the spiritual journey. The peak of the pyramid channels Universal energy down to your etheric field, keeping your thoughts and vibrations high. It's no wonder that meditating, astral traveling, and crystal healing with pyramids are popular. People achieve outstanding results that go beyond worldly experiences.

Do you want to tap into the fabric of time? A Clear Quartz pyramid gives you visions of the past, present, and future. Do you want to meet your Spirit Guides? An Amethyst pyramid lifts your frequencies so that you can communicate with the Great Beyond. Do you want to turn off the chatter in your mind? A Sodalite pyramid calms anxiety to achieve success in meditation.

Adorn your spiritual spaces with pyramids and feel the Universal energy transform any room. Gurus of India use Vastu pyramid power to chase away bad energy and proliferate the positive. Spiritual practitioners of the East believe in Feng Shui pyramid power, carefully placing these stones in the temple or home for prosperity and harmony. Modern-day souls such as yourself may benefit from crystal pyramids in more ways than you can imagine.


Pyramids for Earth Manifestations

While the apex of the pyramid draws in Universal energy from above, the base of the pyramid distributes it down to Earth below. This unique formation makes the pyramid shape an ideal tool for worldly manifestations. What materialistic wonders can you manifest with pyramid power?

A Pyrite pyramid represents the epitome of prosperity. It is a grand choice for your work desk or money area. A Tigers Eye pyramid holds the vibrations of business success. Do visualizations and manifestations with this stone before any professional presentation or interview. A Rose Quartz pyramid rings with the energy of Universal love. Place it on the bedside to attract a lover or enhance your relationship.

Crystal pyramids come in a wealth of colors and meanings. There are several stones for each of your seven chakras and beyond! Do crystal layouts with pyramids placed on your energy vortexes. Sit within a grid of pyramids to invigorate the body, mind, and spirit. Make a pyramid elixir to energize your drinking water. The power of the crystal pyramid has no limits. Just like the power within you. 


Crystal Pyramids for you 

Pyramids are the sacred geometrical stones that propel you toward the peak of enlightenment. Join the Satin Crystals VIP Club to learn more about what this unique shape can do for your spiritual journey.

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Sheila Satin - June 24, 2024

Hello Dawn, Thank you for subscribing to our channel! We do not polish stones, but yes, it is a great idea. People also use tumblers to tumble stones if you have smaller pieces.

Dawn - June 24, 2024

Hi, I just subscribed to your YouTube channel. Was looking for info on polychrome jasper. Was given a nice size piece of it and accidentally dropped it on my tile floor. I still have a large piece and a few smaller pieces. I want to have all edges polished. Is this a good idea? I’m in San Diego. Do you do this type of work?

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