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TRAVEL ALERT! Orders placed July 4-15 will ship on July 15. FREE SHIPPING for US orders $55+

Pyrite Lucky 7 Gemstone Showcase

boy picking out pyrite clusters from a box
Activate your Golden Aura with the powers of Prosperous Pyrite. This dazzling metallic gemstone has a glitz to share. 

It's a majestic manifestation stone for abundance.

It is a popular protection stone for deflecting negative vibes.

It is a Crown chakra crystal for growing that golden halo.

So, which Pyrite pieces should you pick?

7 Pyrite Picks for You

Prepare to be dazzled!

Here we feature the 7 of the best Pyrite stones for your aura. 

1. Pyrite Lucky Strikes Sphere

Your dazzling Pyrite sphere brings back the nostalgia and adrenaline high of the Gold Rush. Strike it big with this lucky, sparkling, golden geode ball. Like the old-timer 49er miners, this sphere is full of abundant energy that attracts opportunity and fortune. Display the natural sparkling Pyrite treasure to shimmer endlessly through your home and healing space.

2. Pyrite Golden Money Nest Egg

Nothing symbolizes the building of wealth better than the Golden Egg. Let this sparkling Pyrite egg be your muse for a better money mindset. Live a life of shiny luxe and joy when you harness the abundance energy of Pyrite. It makes a glamorous display that wins you the attention you desire while attracting excellent Feng Shui balance.

3. Pyrite Owl of Wisdom

See beyond the obvious and into the depths of wisdom with this well-crafted crystal owl. Your new friend whispers messages from the Higher Realms that guide you through the journeys of life. It watches over your space, keeping you safe and protected. The owl makes a powerful healing tool and an adorable gift.


4. Pyrite Heart of Gold

You've got a heart of gold and you want to show it. This grand Pyrite heart sparkles with love and life, ready to bless its new home. When you seek a fabulous gift for yourself or someone special, this glistening golden crystal speaks volumes.


5. Pyrite I'm no Fool's Gold

Your crystal screams of luxury and refinement with a gorgeous golden Pyrite cube sparkling in the matrix. The unique piece from La Rioja, Spain boasts natural Fool's Gold that will draw in wealth, abundance, and prosperity. It is great for decorating your home, office, or garden while reflecting the benefits of Pyrite off its shiny surfaces.


6. Pyrite Protection Pair

When you need two Pyrite pieces, this set is your pick. Grab hold of the gorgeous gemstones, one in each hand, as you embark on a Pyrite prosperity meditation. The duo keeps you balanced and protected through all of your healing endeavors. Pick several pairs to practice abundance sessions and crystal layouts.


7. Pyrite Earth Stones

Your new crystal healing set includes 3 Chalcopyrite, 3 Hematite, and 3 Pyrite tumbled stones. These treasures may hold the energy of the earth, but they glisten with the beauty of the heavens. The Chalcopyrite is a metallic gold stone, the Hematite is a metallic black stone, the Pyrite is a crater-filled silvery gold stone. What a pleasing set for crystal grids, collections, and gifting.

What else do you have?

Look here! More Pyrite gems and jewelry await you at Satin Crystals.

Disclaimer: The metaphysical information provided is for entertainment only. See full disclosure.

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Lisa Satin - August 7, 2023

Hello Joy.,

Pyrite can have a weak magnetic pull. You can learn more about the scientific facts and metaphysical meanings of pyrite here:

I hope this helps :) Have a great day, Lisa Satin

Joy T. - August 7, 2023

Hello! I enjoy your shop and all your YouTube videos. I had a question about iron pyrite. Would you happen to know if it’s attracted to a magnet? I think it would be because of the iron but I don’t have a sample to experiment with. Thank you so much for any information!

Lisa Satin - December 12, 2022

Hi Sarah. No, we have never heard of this ritual.

You can find our information Pyrite article here to learn more about its positive properties:

Sarah H. - December 12, 2022

Hello! I was told that burning pyrite crystals can aid with cleansing of Demonic and discarnate spirits. Can you tell me if this is true, and if so, what is the proper procedure?

Sheila Satin - January 7, 2021

Hi Marsha, you are welcome to send back your bracelet and we will issue you a store credit so you can decide what to buy when you have made up your mind.

We do have a new pieces out every month but as we are just a three person operation, New items and restocks come out a little slowly sometimes!

Let me know when the bracelet is in the mail and I will let you know when it arrives and I will issue you a credit then.


Marcia E - January 7, 2021

i received a lovely bracelet from my relatives for xmas that won’t work for my personality. it is a citrine bracelet b01-9mm-6.75. i would like to exchange it but everything i love on your website is sold old. Help! Your black earrings are my favorite. I do wear bracelets but more thee wire type than the elastic type. i have an 8” wrist. I am more than willing to pay more to get one of your lovely pieces of jewelry but i don’ want a gift just sitting not being worn. Please send instructions.

p.s. i joined your vip club as well

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