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Quartz Guided Meditation for Clarity and Decision Making

sheila of satin crystals meditating with clear quartz dorjesLife is full of decisions. Some are easy, some are difficult. Any time that you are struggling to make a decision, tune in to this Clear Quartz guided meditation to find your right answer.

Clear Quartz brings you clarity of mind. It evaporates your mental fog so you can engage in decision-making with crisp clarity. When you know what to do, everything falls into line and half the battle is already won. You will then be set to steer a bright new future.

This Quartz guided meditation can be done with Clear Quartz and Included Quartz. Make sure to have your Clear Quartz crystals and jewelry as well as your Included Quartz crystals and jewelry ready before you begin. 

Quartz guided meditation video

For your convenience, we have recorded the Quartz Guided Meditation.

There are singing bowl interludes throughout the video so you can take time to visualize and personalize your journey.

Listen and follow along...

How do you prepare for the Quartz Meditation?

Gather your Clear Quartz crystals and find a calm, comfortable place to meditate.

Pick a relaxing zen garden, meditation room, or a quiet nook of your house. Cleanse the energy of your space with sage, incense, or candlelight before beginning the meditation.

For this meditation, you want as many Clear Quartz and Clear Included Quartz stones as possible, both in gemstone and jewelry forms. Place them around the space, have one or two to hold during the meditation, and wear your Quartz jewelry to enhance your experience.

Prepare a glass of water and a set of Moqui Marbles, or your favorite grounding Earth stones. Keep them nearby so you can easily grab them right after the meditation. The Moqui Marbles and the water help you anchor back to reality after your etheric body has been floating through the spiritual realm.

table full of clear quartz crystals

Guided meditation script with Quartz

You are ready to clear your mind, clear the air, and clear the slate. Life gives you one challenge after the next. Sometimes it feels like you are being crushed by a pile of problems. This Clear Quartz meditation will help you start anew. Get rid of the heaviness and indecisions so that you can forge ahead into the future with a light crisp clarity.

Begin by holding your Clear Quartz crystals in your hand. Imagine yourself deeply breathing in clean, pure mountain air. As you do this, a lightness fills both your inner body. When you exhale, imagine your troubles leaving your aura to a place far far away. Continue to breathe in and out in this manner, getting lighter and lighter with each breath.


You feel so light and airy now. The beauty of Clear Quartz is that it cleanses all 7 of your major chakras at once, and also wipes your aura clean of blockages. That is why you may feel almost as if you're buzzing. Your vibration has come to a new level that is above the worldly norm. Imagine all your physical body parts and energetic channels being cleared out by your Quartz crystals.

(short pause)

sheila of satin crystals meditating with clear quartz heart

You're feeling better already. It's hard to think straight and make choices when your head is fuzzy. That fuzzy feeling happens a lot in the busy world.

When you lighten your mind of these heavy thoughts, thinking becomes easier. When thinking becomes easier, choices become clearer. When choices become clearer, you can take the right actions to successfully reach your goals.

You are engaging in this crystal meditation because there is one or more choice in your life that is pending a decision. Sometimes simply making a choice is half the battle, but it can feel so difficult. 

You may already know what decision is troubling you. If not, tap deep into your  mind and bring the issue forward. It could be something like a career change, what course to take in a relationship, or even indecision on where to go for vacation this year. Whatever it is, bring the issue to the forefront of your brain now.

(short pause)

When there is a decision to be made, two or more options stand before you. It can be a simple two-choice question like "should I stay in this house or sell it and move over to the next town over where my friends live?" Or, there could be multiple choices at hand, like "Do I want blue, green, yellow, or purple napkins at my wedding next year?"

Whatever your big question is, think about the different options now. You do not need to decide which option to take, just think of all of the potential choices.

(short pause).

hand holding quartz tower

Now mentally lay out all the options you can think of. Imagine each option having a room of its own within the house of your mind. Each of these rooms has a window made of Clear Quartz crystal. You are the observer who can look into each room from a large master room. 

Next, you are going to observe one option at a time. You will look into the first room and observe your first possible choice regarding this decision you are making. You will look at it through the Clear Quartz window. Tap into the emotions that you experience and follow your intuition to see if it feels right or not. You will then repeat this observation for the second choice and any more thereafter.

You might feel that one room of options draws you in more than the others. You might see that one room of options pops out brighter than the others. If this happens, it could be a clear sign that it is the most attractive choice of all.

You hold the Quartz master key to all of the rooms and all of the choices. Begin your work now using the clarity you have attained. There will be a long stretch of silence as you go about your observational process.


In a moment, you will proceed. Take one more minute to wrap up your observations regarding each choice that lies before you. Make your decision based on the room that brings you the most joy and alignment. 

(one minute pause)

From a place of clarity, you were able to review the choices you have regarding a decision that needed to be made. When the hustle and bustle of the outside world are not muddling your mind, the choices become much clearer.

The answer was inside you all along, you just needed Clear Quartz to help you find that clarity.

Now you can go forth into the physical world feeling good that a choice has been made. If for any reason you are still undecided, you can feel good knowing that this entire meditation can be done again. You can go even deeper and longer into your mind until the answer is attained. When the time is right, everything falls into place.

Take a moment now to congratulate yourself on making a brave decision. In this moment of silence, you can also map out a plan of action for your upcoming life path. If you're not ready to make plans quite yet, just revel in the good vibrations of your Quartz crystals. 


sheila of satin crystals holding quartz egg and wearing quartz jewelry

This entire experience has been recorded into your Quartz crystal. Any time that you are feeling unsure or indecisive, you can pick up your stone and repeat the Clear Quartz meditation with this guided script or on your own.

Clear your mind of clutter and the answers become clear. No more delaying in stagnant indecision. You are ready to awaken, make your decisions, and walk forward on your life's path. 

You are now going to emerge from this meditation from the counts of 1 to 5. Begin with:

1...Inhale the positive experience and good vibrations 

2...Exhale and begin to reconnect with your physical body

3...Feel the Quartz crystals tingling in your hands

4...Rock your body side to side, coming back into the physical world

5...Open your eyes and awaken to clarity

hand holding moqui marbles and glass of water What do I do Post-Meditation?

Immediately following the meditation, you may feel like you are in an altered state of mind. That's because your frequency has been enhanced to a higher level than normal. Allow yourself time to enjoy this natural high, and slowly reintegrate back to the physical world.

Hold onto your Moqui stones to completely realign back with reality, and drink the water that was placed nearby.

When you are in a comfortable mental state, you can begin reflecting upon your experience. Share your thoughts, feelings, and visions with others in the meditation group.

If you practiced the meditation alone, you can journal your experiences or simply enjoy the sensations. Think about the messages and visions you experienced, and how they can help you in life.

If you liked participating in this crystal meditation, or if you have any stories to share or questions to ask, we would be thrilled to hear from you. Post them below or message us! 

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