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Quartz is the Master of Crystal Healing

table full of quartz crystalsAre you ready to hold the key to crystal healing? Join us on a journey so vast and versatile, it could only be captained by Quartz.

You are ready. You've arrived. You are prepared to hold the master key to the entire crystal kingdom. You are qualified to work with the most popular, highest fundamental crystal of all times: Quartz.

Quartz is known as the Master Healer because it encompasses every energy you want or need in crystal healing. Quartz is the cornerstone of all that ever was, is, and will be. From ancient Atlantis to Lemuria, from Earth to the Moon, Quartz is a building block of life. This crystal is omnipotent and it wants to reveal  the fabric of the Universe.

Quartz is All-Weather: Clear, Cloudy, Snow

Quartz is your all-weather crystal. Whether it's sunny or rainy, dark or snowy, Quartz has you covered. There is a Quartz stone for every occasion.

Clear Quartz is what comes to mind when you hear the word "Quartz". It's such an important element in the mineral kingdom that you probably imagine clear Quartz when someone mentions the word "crystal."

No crystal healing collection is complete without Clear Quartz. This masterful stone brings you clarity of mind and clarity of spirit. It is the vessel that draws universal energy through the spiritual realm and down to us here on Earth. It contains and refracts all colors of the rainbow because Clear Quartz in itself is perfect and complete.

Clear Quartz is what comes to mind when you think of seers, gazers, and fortune-tellers peering into their crystal balls. Clear Quartz is what legends speak of when you hear about crystal skulls. Clear Quartz is what powered Atlantis, or so the story goes. Clear Quartz is all around us: it is physically available across the globe, it is culturally significant throughout our history, it is forever vibrating positive energy into our collective aura.

Don't be fooled by glass synthetics... Clear Quartz has natural flecks, speck, inclusions, and clouds. It comes in specialty forms like Lemurian Quartz, Herkimer Quartz, and Enhydro Quartz.

Oftentimes, Quartz is so cloudy and dense with a design that we call it Included Quartz. Included Quartz is a brilliant universe of its own, sometimes shimmering with rainbows and stars.

What happens when Quartz is so thick with inclusions that it becomes opaque? It turns into White Quartz, Milky Quartz, and Snow Quartz. Cool your tempered soul with the pristine energy of white Snow Quartz. Snow Quartz evokes your fondest memories as it glistens with hope. Snow Quartz gently caresses your Crown chakra into a state of conscious awakening. It is a high healer, the pinnacle of crystals. 

Quartz is with you no matter what the weather brings. Day in, day out, and through the night, let Quartz fuel your evolutionary flight. 

Quartz is All-Inclusive: Rutilated, Phantom, Tourmalinated 

Quartz is your all-inclusive crystal that discriminates against no one. Quartz works equally well on each chakra, your entire aura, and any issues you desire help with. Quartz loves you.

Quartz is so inclusive, it comes with a variety of stunning inclusions.

Rutilated Quartz is a beauty that is prized as a trophy gemstone. Golden Rutilated Quartz looks like the soft blonde hair of an angel encapsulated in crystal. Striking Red Rutilated Quartz commands attention like drawing a solar eclipse to your essence. Rutilated Quartz will help you get to the root of any problem. Not only is it easy on the eye, but it is also a helper to your soul.

What is Phantom Quartz? While Rutilated Quartz sings the song of angels, Phantom Quartz awakens the magical realm of pixies, fairies, and mythical creatures. Beautiful Green Chlorite suspended in Quartz looks like pixie dust floating in the pristine mountainous air. Red Iron in Phantom Quartz looks like luminous fireflies of an enchanted forest. Phantom Quartz opens your vision to a world hidden beyond the world you know.

And then there's Tourmaline Quartz. Tough Black Tourmaline makes a brazen presence in Clear and Snow Quartz, bringing you the perfect combination crystal. Embark on your Quartz journeys while benefiting from the protective powers of Tourmaline. Balance your Quartz-inspired spiritual pursuits with the grounding reality of earthly Tourmaline. Who knew that two stones so fundamentally different could come together to make a crystal so perfect? In the duality of Tourmalinated Quartz, you find both powers with comfort. 

Quartz is All-Colorful: Golden Healer, Fire, Druzy, Rainbow Aura

Glistening clear Quartz is the shining star of the crystal kingdom. But this kingdom cannot be complete without the accompaniment of many colorful gems. Quartz is bursting with a palette of opportunities. It has the answer to every question, the healing energy to every condition you can imagine.

Golden Healer Quartz: the name says it all. Golden Healer has been kissed by the sun and evokes divine healing upon your broken soul. Ranging from milky yellow to burnt orange, Golden Healer is the light of the kingdom.

Every kingdom needs a fierce dragon. Fire Quartz is the bold red protector and instigator that gets you going. Need a burst of motivation and a nudge of awakening? Red Fire Quartz is infused with natural Hematite that stimulates manifestation. Red Quartz encompasses Hematoid Quartz, Iron Quartz, Strawberry Quartz, and more. You'll never be bored with this flaming crystal by your side.

What about Druzy Quartz? This dazzling treasure of tiny points is so diverse, it grows on many other crystals like Agate, Amethyst, Carnelian, and even Ocean Jasper. Druzy Quartz makes his rounds. He is the peppy messenger of the crystal kingdom.

Last but not least, we arrive at Aura Quartz. Nature meets man in this colorful creation. Aura Quartz is natural Quartz that has been fused with metals like Titanium or Platinum to create a masterpiece of art and healing. It can be a single color or boast the entire rainbow. As the name implies, Aura Quartz gets your aura glowing. It is the pretty princess of the crystal kingdom. She may be beautiful, but don't underestimate the abilities of Aura Quartz. What does that mean? Find out for yourself.  

Quartz is All-Mighty

By now you've come to realize that the journey of Quartz is even more intricate and exciting than you ever thought possible. Quartz is the almighty ruler of crystals. It holds such an esteemed place in crystal healing, that the journey of Quartz will last you a lifetime... perhaps several lifetimes. Now is the perfect time to begin.

Ready to learn about Quartz?

Over the next several weeks, you're going to learn all about Quartz. 

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Sheila Satin - April 24, 2024

Hello Verniece, yes, you can make a gem elixir out of Quartz with any Quartz piece you would like, but raw pieces are preferred.

Here is a link to the gem elixir page:

And the Quartz page:

Verniece - April 24, 2024

My friend said I could use Quartz for healing, She said to put it in glass of water over night Then drink the water in the morning, Do that & I would feel better, Do you have such Quartz for that?

Lisa Satin - March 16, 2022

Hello Jordan,

We do not have much in Aura Quartz, just these 4 items:

Lepidolite has Lithium and so does real Lithium Quartz. When it comes to the geological and mineralogical facts of stones, we highly recommend you use for information. They are popular and accurate. Here is the link about Lithium:

Please let me know if you have any questions,

Lisa Satin

Jordan - March 16, 2022

Hi Lisa,

Are the rainbow aura quartz still what you have in aura quartz right now? I read about lithium quartz and that sugilite and lepidolite contain lithium. Is this true?


Sheila Satin - August 10, 2021

You are welcome, Linda :)
Sheila Satin

Linda - August 10, 2021

Thank you for sharing your knowledge with me. I am alone in learning. I am trying to better myself in wisdom, love, truth, financial security and most of all better health-mentally and physically. Also for protection from narcissism! Blessings 🙏🏻💙🦋

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