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Red Crystal Jewelry Showcase

hand holding three silver chokers hanging with red jasper bear pendantsThere is so much to celebrate!

February 1st is the start of the Chinese New Year. Red is the color to wear. Red crystal jewels get you in the spirit for good fortune.

February 14th is Valentine's Day. Show off your love of romance with red gemstones. Check out these glistening collections!

Celebrate with Red Jewelry

Why not celebrate with red crystal jewelry? This is the color of passion, love, and energy. Which one looks the most stunning on you? Which ones will bring a smile to your friends and lovers?

Red Jasper Bright Collection  

Red Jasper jewelry gives you that bright celebratory feeling. Red Jasper screams of passion, fire, love, and energy. Go all out with these attention-grabbing goodies. SHOP MORE.

Garnet Romance Collection  

Garnet jewelry gives you that nostalgic romantic sensation. Indulge in life's deepest passions when you wear luxurious Red Garnet. SHOP MORE.

Carnelian Fire Collection  

Feel as hot as the blazing sun in these Carnelian jewels. They exude attractive vibes while showing off your bold style. Make 'em go crazy over you with Carnelian. SHOP MORE.

Lava Lovers Collection  

Your love moves mountains, shakes the earth, and erupts with glory. This Red Lava Lover's jewelry symbolizes the power of your passion. SHOP MORE.

The Rarer Reds  

Here are some of your rarer red gemstone jewels. They sing of your heart's desire. Be original and brilliant wearing red crystal healing jewelry.

Keep up the red energy alive

Disclaimer: The metaphysical information provided is for entertainment only. See full disclosure.

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Sheila Satin - January 25, 2022

Hi Julette, we do not make any of the metalwork jewelry you see on our website. We only do the bead work.

Citrine will be a great crystal for you. Congratulations on your upcoming marriage. I do recommend you find a custom artist on as they may be able to fulfill your request!

Julette - January 25, 2022

Hi Shelia

I read everything you sent me and it’s said that Citrine is an abundance stone that attracts luck and money. I am interested in a nice pendant to wear when conducting business and just to attract a Lil money into my pockets. Smiling, I believe if you believe in the crystals they work for you.

I prefer a rough-cut Citrine as I do with all other stones.

Do you make wedding rings for females? I am interested in you creating one for me with a rough stone that you can recommend Please. I will be getting married this year and wants a unique simple ring that is spectacular to look at. Can you send me some pictures of citrine and wedding rings you can make, please

Thank you

Warmest regards


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