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Rose Quartz is your Pink Love Story Stone

sheila of satin crystals gazing at a pink rose quartz sphereEvery love has a story

A gentleman traveling through Europe spots a lady on a bench peering over the Danube. The forces of attraction compel him to sit near her. They strike up a conversation and the love story of a lifetime begins.

A mother gazes upon her newborn son after a long and tumultuous delivery. She smiles, he giggles. The love story of a lifetime begins.

A teenager walks home from school, only to be trailed by a stray little puppy. The furry ball of affection follows her home and they stay forever friends. The love story of a lifetime begins.

You have your own love stories to tell.

Rose Quartz celebrates and memorializes your stories. These are precious moments never to be forgotten. These are the relationships that make you complete. Rose Quartz is a timeless pink crystal keepsake that tells it all. 

Rose Quartz is for Lovers

You're in love.

Or, you want to be in love.

Or, your love is fading but you want to revive it.

Rose Quartz is the stone for lovers. This pink crystal is one of the most desired stones in the world. We all yearn for deep connections and meaningful relationships, hence we find the energy of Rose Quartz irresistible. 

Rose Quartz knocks on your Heart chakra. Open up! The doors are closed, but they don't have to be. The world is a dangerous place, but there are great rewards that come when you risk a journey of the heart.

Take a trip into love with Rose Quartz. With Rose Quartz by your side, every day is Valentine's Day. Gift it to your lover. Gift it to other lovers that you know. Rose Quartz blesses weddings, honeymoons, and anniversaries alike.

Let Rose Quartz amplify your blossoming romance so that you can remain forever soul mates.

Let Rose Quartz attract fine lovers to your life so you may never know loneliness again.

Let Rose Quartz revive a weak pulse so that two lovers who are drifting apart may find their way back together. 

Rose Quartz is for Family

Family is a glorious network of people who know you, love you, and wish the best for you unconditionally. Rose Quartz is the crystal that binds you all, so that this fragile foundation remains strong.

Family ties crumble easily. Family feuds erupt. Scars of the past, pains of the present, and fears for the future can get the best of you. Rose Quartz heals your heart so you can forge forward with the support of those who really care.

A Rose Quartz stone in the center of the home is the perfect reminder that love rules this house. Come together brothers, sisters, mothers, fathers, sons and daughters.

A Rose Quartz bracelet on your wrist is your motivation to act, to show gratitude, and to give to those you care about because relationships require everyday nourishing.

A Rose Quartz necklace that touches your heart is the healer that activates your greatest gift in life- your ability to love.

Rose Quartz is for Friendships 

Friendships come and go, but those that last, last a lifetime.

Maybe it's been years since you've seen your best buddy. And yet once you reconnect, it's like old times again.

Love and friendship transcend time. Time is a figment of your imagination, but friendship is real.

Rose Quartz celebrates the sacred bonds of friendship. Sending a Rose Quartz gemstone to a friend is not only a lovely gesture, but also gifts them with the benefits of this master crystal.

Rose Quartz jewelry is a physical reminder of your spiritual connection. Send a matching necklace or bracelet to your buddy, and wear one yourself. Honor your connection in the physical realm, knowing all the while that it outlasts the material world.

Pick Rose Quartz and pick friendships; you will never feel alone again.

Rose Quartz is for You

Love is for giving, but it's also for receiving.

Do you love yourself? 

The answer should be a firm yes. If you are confident in self-love, show it to the world by adorning your spirit in Rose Quartz. 

If you hesitated to answer, Rose Quartz is the stone to heal your heart. You've been born onto planet Earth to overcome hardships- and it is certainly a planet with no shortage of challenges.

The root to happiness is self-love. You know that, you've heard it before, it's so cliche. Now make it happen with Rose Quartz healing crystals.

A Rose Quartz Love Story

Valentine's Day is just a stone's throw away.

What better time to celebrate love than now? Every moment is a Rose Quartz Moment. 

Over the next 3 weeks, you're going to learn all about Rose Quartz. 

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Lisa Satin - May 3, 2023

Thank you for writing to us and sharing your story, Mamta. I’m glad to hear that everything is generally going well for you, except for these challenges in the area of love.

We do have a section of crystals dedicated to healing the Heart chakra and improving your relationship scenario. The Love Crystals can be found here:

You can also read an article about Love Crystals:

At the very bottom, there are even more links to additional articles about love and relationships.

Please be in touch if you have any questions along the way. Sending you the best energy,

Mamta J. - May 3, 2023

Hello Team, I’m looking for a crystal recommendation. I am in a scenario where my marriage has been fixed, but I am hesitant to marry that individual. I’m not sure about the whole marriage setup with this person. I’m looking for a nice partner who I want to be with for the rest of my life, although I’ve had a few ups and downs in my life. Everything in my life appears to be OK, except for the problem of finding a decent reliable individual in my love life. Can you recommend me anything? Thanks

Sheila Satin - February 4, 2021

Hi Diana, I just sent you a personal welcome video and your crystals items are in transit :)

Thanks for writing to us. It seems you have the right, positive attitude. We can never change others’ opinions of us, but we can ignore them and focus on our own well-being, thus attracting even more abundance into our lives.

As for Blue Evil Eye, I was not familiar with it. I did look it up, but that being said, we don’t sell any Evil Eyes. We did have some Agate Third Eye stones, but those have sold out a while ago. Sorry I could not be more help on this front and good luck with your search.

I look forward to hearing your review on your new crystals.

Sheila Satin

Diana A - February 4, 2021

Good evening Lisa and Sheila,

I’m a new member and one of your recent followers.

Can’t wait to receive my orders that i placed few minutes ago. I bought the Obsidian Earrings/bracelet and Tiger Eye pyramid for protection because my husband and i has been experiencing bad headaches and been feeling this negative energy around us… And that’s because we found out that we have family members and friends that are envious, jealous, and been wishing us bad because we recently bought a newly built house and our business is doing well despite the pandemic.

But i cannot blame them because they are experiencing tough times especially during this hard times… I pray and wish them all the good fortunes even though they don’t feel the same towards us because i do believe, whatever energy you put out in the universe will come back to you. That’s why i always wish everyone positive thoughts, good vibes, and blessings.

However, i do believe some extra help and protection will do us good, and that’s the reason i bought some items from your company. ;)

I was hoping that you could help me out… I am looking for the BLUE EVIL EYE that i can put outside our “Front Door” and on the “back” of our house because the back of our house is facing the street “intersection” and it’s the tallest house that could easily be seen on the street. I believe this Blue Evil Eye will ward-off any negative and bad wishes that will be directed to our home.

But i couldn’t find a legit and authentic company that sell this Outdoor Blue Evil Eye… Maybe you can direct me to the right direction please? I will sincerely appreciate any assistance.

Wishing you more success in your business and a happy 2021!

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