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Serpentine Secret Wisdom Jewelry

women wearing serpentine necklacesYour serpent animal guardian has an important message for you. It whispers words of wisdom via Serpentine jewelry.

Have you been overlooking the nuances of everyday life? These are discrete signs and clues that point you to spiritual and material success. They are easy to miss until you enlist the keen-eyed serpent to your team. 

When you wear green Serpentine crystals, you gain new insight into the Universe's little details. They lead you to nirvana.

Below, you will see 9 insightful Serpentine jewelry designs. Join the secret society of spiritual masters by wearing your favorites. And as an added benefit, they highlight your outrageously original style.

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9 Serpentine Wisdom Jewelry

#1 Serpentine Ring Kundalini Raising Stone Adjustable Copper

Behold the bold green eye of the snake! 

Make the most of your life by raising your vibrations. Instead of dwelling in a stagnant spiritual state, this Serpentine ring is all about raising your kundalini. The intricate green healing crystal is for those serious about clearing out the past and heading to a bright future.  

#2 Serpentine Ring Green Crystal Adjustable Sterling Silver

And here it is in sterling silver! 

Whether you are in a room full of people or sitting by yourself, this Serpentine ring is all about comfort. Feel completely at ease and melt right into your surroundings. Adjustable to your size, this green Serpentine gemstone ring is a winner in all situations. 

#3 Serpentine Pendant Playful Dolphin Lucky Green Animal

With Serpentine, you love life! 

Catch the playful spirit of the jumping dolphin with your new Serpentine Quartz pendant. Thing dolphin is a symbol of adventure, wisdom, and soulfulness. Your little green pal passes these positive traits on to you. Leap and shine when you wear this Serpentine dolphin pendant on your favorite chain or choker. 

#4 Serpentine Necklace Green Transformation Stone Macrame

Spiritual Style comes easy!

This Serpentine necklace is your green transformation station. When you're ready for positive changes, wear the gorgeous healing gemstone right at your heart. Swinging from a macrame net, you're ready to manifest your dreams.

#5 Serpentine Necklace Dare to Believe Green Gemstones

Now this is a statement stone!

Dare to believe in yourself, that's how you attain your destiny. This Serpentine statement necklace encourages you to go big and go all in. Invest in your inner strength and enjoy large, lush rewards that pay off. Let your serpent companion animal drape gently around your aura and keep you forever wise with wit and determination. 

#6 Serpentine Bracelet The Pleasure's All Mine Luxurious Gem

Go Big Python, or Go Home

This luxurious green Serpentine bracelet is a pleasure indeed. It encourages you to step boldly each day- to meet interesting people and experience enticing adventures. Introduce yourself to life. With this Serpentine bracelet accessorizing your style, you proudly proclaim, "The pleasure's all mine!" 

#7 Soulful Bracelet Set Big Gospel Tourmaline Quartz Serpentine

Double up, my spiritual friend! 

This duet of big-beaded Tourmaline Quartz and Serpentine bracelets sings the song of your heart and soul. Crafted with care, they attract good vibrations and spiritual meaning into your life. When you want to make an impact, let this bold Soulful Set be your gemstone jewelry of choice

#8 Serpentine Bracelet Past Present Future Life Healing Olive

All serpent, no slack

This Serpentine bracelet travels across time to form a crystal healing jewel you can't miss out on. Known as a past life healer, this gemstone releases you from bad karma so you can feel joyous in the present. With this olive green Serpentine bracelet, your future looks brighter than ever.

#9 Serpentine Bracelet Enlightened Wisdom Dark Green Nature

Ancient secrets are in your hands

In the deep lairs of the earth lives the wise serpent, full of ancient wisdom and enlightened ways. Your dark green Serpentine bracelet channels the power of this godly guardian animal. Connect with nature and spirit as the smooth beads infuse your body with divine healing energy. You look and feel like a million smiles wearing your Serpentine gemstone bracelet. 

Serpentine Jewels for You

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