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Fluorite Stones for Focus

woman holdng green fluorite sphere

Ready, aim, fire!

Do you want a life of success and victory? The key to manifesting greatness is focusing on your goals. In today's busy world, the art of concentration has become increasingly elusive. You are bombarded with stimuli and activity from the external world, your mind, and your body. It's so easy to be scatterbrained.

Fluorite is your stone for focus. This colorful crystal has also been coined the "Genius Stone". When you use Fluorite in your everyday life, you experience less failure and more achievement. The average person uses only 10% of their brain. With Fluorite, you gain access to much more brain power. Your potential expands like a great genius.

Are you a student who needs to concentrate on an exam? An athlete who wishes to keep their eye on the prize? A worker with a project to complete? A spiritual soul looking to gain higher insight in meditations? Whatever your mission, let Fluorite guide your mind. Hone in on your goals and find success.

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Fluorite the Genius Stone

How can you become a more accomplished person? By focusing on your goals and achieving them. Your life mission is unique. It is different than other peoples' missions.

The first step to succeeding is defining your purpose. This is often easier said than done. Maybe you got lost in your daily routine and forgot to think about your larger purpose. Maybe you didn't have enough confidence to pursue your dream. Well, today is a new day and a fresh opportunity. It is time for you to pick up your Fluorite stones and focus on your calling.

Fluorite can help you achieve all kinds of victories, big and small. This genius crystal should be used for your immediate goals like acing a math test. Wear a Fluorite bracelet to help you concentrate while you enter the exam room. Feel the answers flow from your mind to your fingers and onto the test. 

Fluorite also serves to manifest long-term dreams. If you are an architect looking to design the next skyscraper, keep a Fluorite pyramid at your work desk to keep you focused. It will ward off distractions and doubts that hinder success.

Even if your dreams are spiritual rather than material, colorful Fluorite gemstones are your best friend. Place Fluorite tumbled stones near your head during a crystal layout to gain visions and ideas. Hold a Fluorite sphere in each hand to calm your racing mind and enter deep meditation.

We have all come to planet earth with a purpose. Success is not a competition because each person has a unique mission. The biggest challenge to overcome is your distracted mind. With Fluorite focus stones, you can finally concentrate on your mission and satisfy your soul's desires.

Fluorite the Anxiety Calmer

Fears, doubts, and anxiety are hurdles to your success. They are a natural part of the human experience and we all experience them. However, are these negative emotions stopping you from living a satisfying life? 

Whenever anxiety gets the best of you, turn to Fluorite for relief. Fluorite is a crystal that works closely with your mind and mental state. Fluorite helps you quiet the mental chatter so you can instead think about what matters to you.

If you experience general anxiety, decorate your space with Fluorite guardian figurines. They guide you out of your stressful mind and bring you back to your spiritual state.

If you suffer from social anxiety, wear a Fluorite necklace. You feel calmer and more confident as you interact with other people.

If you have relationship stress, do crystal healing with a Fluorite heart. It will remind you that you are worthy of true love.

Your mind is the creator of many problems. It is also the healer of these same problems. With Fluorite, you combat anxiety and feel your inner calm.

Fluorite the Rainbow Healer

Wow, Fluorite sure is a powerful crystal for the mind! Along with great brains, Fluorite has spectacular beauty. It is one of the most attractive crystals out there. Its clear surfaces often reveal hidden rainbows and bonus mineral inclusions.

Fluorite has beauty and brawns.

Fluorite comes in an array of colors. You have seen Fluorite in green and purple. Did you know that it also comes in yellow, blue, brown, and clear?

Fluorite is your Rainbow Healer. You can use Fluorite for crystal healing. It covers an array of energies. Here is a quick guide:

  • Use purple Fluorite to calm your mind and focus on goals

  • Use blue Fluorite to accurately express yourself

  • Use green Fluorite to stop social anxiety and form good relationships

  • Use yellow Fluorite for happiness and confidence

  • Use brown Fluorite to anchor your mind when you feel scattered

  • Use clear Fluorite for healing important issues of this moment

Focus with Fluorite

Over the next few weeks, we will embark on a Fluorite journey. Expand your mind with Fluorite wisdom. These are the articles that will be delivered to your email inbox if you are part of our free Satin Crystals VIP community:

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  • Fluorite Meditation

  • Fluorite Gemstone Showcase

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  • Fluorite for the Full Moon

  • Fluorite Crystal Showcase

  • Fluorite Free Affirmations

  • Crystal Horoscope with Fluorite

Order your Fluorite crystals and jewelry now so you can use them during the journey. Find your favorites in the Fluorite Crystal Collection or shop right here:

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Disclaimer: The metaphysical information provided is for entertainment only. 

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Sheila Satin - April 18, 2021

Hi Alicia, thanks for writing. Here is a page that will help you out. Fluorite is the most popular but there are other Crystals as well:

Alicia L. - April 18, 2021

Any crystals to help with concentration and learning

Sheila Satin - May 11, 2020

Dear Swati, thank you for your email. Looks like you’ve inquired on the right post. For a teenager looking for a crystal for focus and studies, we recommend using Fluorite. This stone of concentration comes in many forms from jewelry to polished pieces, depending on the teenager’s preference.

A secondary recommendation is Sodalite stone. This crystal is for balancing the mind, and allowing good ideas to flow to fruition:

If you have specific goals in mind in regards to the crystal energy you seek, please clarify and we are happy to guide you further!

Sheila Satin

Swati - May 11, 2020

Teenager who just waiting for board results planning to join higher secondary level need a crystal for her future education

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