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Stuck Indoors? 5 Crystal Discovery Ideas, Part 6

sheila of satin crystals studying a crystal healing bookYou are fascinated by the sparkle, the shine and the dazzle of crystals. But have you taken the time to know each one? If you've only skimmed the surface of the crystal healing world, now is your opportunity for a deep dive. 

Enhance your knowledge of the metaphysical world. Let worldly problems slip away as you stick your head in the clouds and expand your mind in the spiritual realm. 

Here are 5 ideas on how to get in-depth with crystals in Part 6 of our Peace Not Panic journey. 

1. Learn your Stones

What do you want to know about the crystals in your collection? Are you into the scientific facts? The metaphysical properties? Do you want to know how to tell if they are real or fake?

Watch crystal healing videos on Youtube, visit websites on gemstones, crack open your crystal healing books or subscribe to magazines like Rock & Gem. You could even make some flashcards and test yourself on your new knowledge. 

Get a thorough view of your crystals and you'll be touting fun facts to your friends at your next virtual party. 

2. Journal your Crystals

With your new crystal knowledge, jot down what you learned in your journal. You could even add in your personal experiences with the stone. Here at Satin Crystals, we like to highlight our experiences with each crystal as a way to bring them to life. People love hearing personal stories. 

Better yet, you could even write your stories as product reviews and help out the curious crystal public. Not only does this help you remember your crystal journeys, but it helps others know what they can expect working with the stone. 

3. Discover your Meteorites

Now that you know all of your earthly stones, move on to your out-of-this-world meteorites. Meteorites provide you with a whole new realm of gems and energies to explore. What do the planets, stars, and outer space behold?

While you're looking up meteorites, go a step further and tap into the world of astrology, astronomy, and learn about Supermoons. These will all help you get a well-rounded picture of the metaphysical universe. 

4. Focus your Intentions

Sit down and think about your priority list of intentions. Do you want to focus on abundance? Happiness? Calming? Not sure what's at the top of the list? Meditate on it. 

Once you have your top intentions in mind, start collecting the crystals that will help you achieve your goals. For example, if your intention is to have a peaceful and calm time while stuck indoors, gather crystals like Lapis Lazuli, Larimar, and Angelite. Incorporate other calming ideas you learned in this Peace Not Panic series like creating crystal mandalas, lying in crystal layouts and relaxing with crystal massage. 

Prioritizing your intentions allows you to focus on the energy you need the most right now. 

5. Binge on Metaphysical Movies

Now that you are in the right state of mind, pop that popcorn and make yourself cozy in your in-home theater. Here you can watch whatever you desire without worrying about whispering strangers and big heads blocking your screen. 

Surround yourself with your inspirational crystals and use this time to catch up on metaphysical movies like The Secret, Awake: the life of Yogananda, Inner Worlds Outer Worlds, The Celestine Prophecy, What the Bleep do we know!?, My Reincarnation, etc. 

Expand your consciousness with spirituality movies and you'll be freshly inspired to make the most of your time indoors. 

Turn Panic to Peace

The more you know, the better you can focus your healing intentions. Have you learned new facts about your crystals? Have you remembered stories of the energies they brought you? Loved the metaphysical movie you watched? We'd love to hear your stories and comments. Post them below.  

Have you tried any of the ideas in this article or the previous parts of the Peace not Panic series?

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