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Stuck Indoors? 5 Earth and Self-Healing Ideas, Part 4

aleks of satin crystals holding out a chrysocolla crystal ball for earth healing

Are you exhausted from the despair? Even in these times of trouble, people are getting innovative and helping to serve the greater good. Your innate healing powers have a profound effect on your state of mind. By focusing on self-healing techniques, you feel balanced and ready to forge through isolation with productivity. 

While you generate good vibes, you can even share some of this healing power with Mother Earth. She too can become overexerted and in need of energetic rejuvenation.

Here are 5 ideas on how to heal yourself and the earth in Part 4 of our Peace Not Panic journey. 

1. Crystal Healing the Earth

Let nature and all her other animals have a moment to revitalize. With Earth healing techniques, you can use your energy to send good vibrations into the world.

Gather your earth-crystals (also known as grounding crystals) like Aragonite, Tigers Eye, Black Tourmaline, Smoky Quartz, etc. and your love-crystals like Rhodochrosite, Rose Quartz, Malachite, etc. 

Here are some earth healing ideas to put into practice while you are indoors: 

  • Break out your map (or print one up) and place earth-crystals where you want to focus your healing intent. You can then either visualize your vibrations restoring the lands or you can physically move the earth-crystals over the map. 

  • Surround your map or a globe with your love-crystals and focus on sending out love energy to the earth. 

  • Place earth-crystals around your body and create a crystal layout. While lying in the layout, imagine all of your healing energy sinking downwards to the core of the earth. 

  • Lie in a layout of love-crystals with crystal points pointing outward. Imagine your Heart chakra filling with love. Release this energy out into the atmosphere.

  • Line up your crystal animal figurines and tap into each of the animals' spirit energy. Send each species your love. 

  • Hold a crystal sphere in both hands and visualize Earth's unlimited divine energies entering the orb. When you feel the sphere full of energy, direct it out with your mind to all of the souls and areas of the planet that are shrouded in fear and uncertainty. 

These rituals send out your spiritual energy to the earth, but also be mindful of your physical actions. You want to align both your spiritual and physical actions to show the Universe that you are fully in tune with lifting the earth's vibrations. 

2. Get back to Earth with Grounding Exercises

Your special connection to the earth is strengthened when you are grounded. If you are stuck indoors for too long, you lose this connection. Ideally, you want your feet to touch the grass, for your fingers to feel the sand, and your senses to be alive in the fresh air. However, when this is not possible, you have crystals to help you ground. Learn How to use Crystals for Grounding

Being homebound is the perfect time to get grounded. It is easy to forget your head in the clouds when you are not balanced by nature. This is when you miss out on the present moment. 

In light of all the pandemic scare, you come a little closer to realizing your mortality. This urgency presses on the importance of being present for every precious moment you have left on earth. The best thing you can do for yourself right now is to hold, wear, surround yourself and use your grounding crystals. 

3. Find Gratitude in the Moment

Did you enjoy your day? Even if it felt like a heavy day, there are moments to appreciate. Once you have completed your grounding exercises, you are ready to fully appreciate your time on earth. 

Be grateful for all the little precious things you have right now. Let the Universe know what you are grateful for. Write down your gratitude in a journal, whether with pen and paper or computer. Not into writing? Think about the things you appreciate while staring at the sunset or humming in the shower.

Surround yourself with your gratitude crystals. Gratitude comes from the heart, so any of your favorite heart chakra crystals do the job. You could also use stones that are inscribed with your favorite positive affirmation or you could program a totally random crystal for your intentions. This is all about you, so whichever crystals make you most thankful will be right. 

Don't forget all of the little things. Not only does this fill your heart with warm fuzzies but it tells the Universe to send you more of these heart-warming happenings.

4. Balance your Neglected Chakras

Are you feeling grounded and grateful? Now, take a closer look at your energy flow and heal your blocked chakras.

Take a mental scan of your energy centers and notice which chakras are feeling tired. If you're unfamiliar with each of your 7 chakra's functions, check out the chakra guide and read about each in-depth. 

For example, if your Third Eye chakra is blocked...

  • You may be stuck in a microcosm rather than seeing the big picture

  • You may constantly brush aside your intuition only to later mentally kick yourself for not trusting your inner voice

  • You may have a million ideas but no way to implement them because your mind is overwhelmed

Once you have determined which of your chakras needs opening, now is the perfect time to get balanced. 

Here are a few ideas on how to open your chakras while indoors:

  • Activate your tuning forks and vibrate them onto crystals over your chakras

  • Make personalized chakra plates (stay tuned, we'll talk more about these in the next part of Peace not Panic)

  • Lie in a chakra layout with the appropriate stones over the chakras and Quartz points directed towards your body

  • Listen to a guided meditation that moves you through each chakra, visualizing each energy wheel spinning bright and strong

  • Wear jewelry appropriate for opening the particular chakra you are working on (Pile it on, no one is watching)

Tip: If you have someone else with you indoors, have them use a pendulum to check your chakras. 

5. Weight Lifting with Crystal Power

Now that you have given attention to both earth and mind, let's focus on your physical body. If you are used to going to the gym, you may feel yourself losing motivation to exercise at home. Why not throw in some crystal energy and do a healing workout? 

Turn on a Youtube workout video or login to your gym's online classes and use crystal balls, eggs or polished stones as weights. Just make sure you have a firm grip on the stones and stand over a thick yoga mat or a plush carpet in case it slips!

If you have a large crystal, you could use both hands to hold it. If you have smaller stones, use one in each hand. You'll be surprised how much weight these can add while you go through your exercises. 

To make the most of crystal weights, make sure to program them for your intent. Are you looking to be motivated to workout? Program Labradorite. Are you wanting to help yourself ground to the present moment? Use Tigers Eye. Are you exercising to lift your spirits? Hold on to Calcite. Do you want to focus on the energy you sent out to heal the earth? Lift up Chrysocolla

Turn Panic to Peace

See the light in the panic. Realize that you have the power to spiritually heal yourself and the earth. Relish in the fact that isolation measures have already reduced air pollution and given other creatures some space to roam. 

Have you tried any of the ideas in this article or the previous parts of the Peace not Panic series?

How do you like to spend your time indoors? Do you have any other crystal healing ideas for a rainy day? We'd love to hear your stories and comments. Post them below.  

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Lisa Satin - August 12, 2022

Hi Christy,
I’m sorry to hear about your father’s struggles, which also become your own hardships. We send you positive vibes of healing.

Here is an article about grounding crystals:

These are some grounding stones:

Here is a link to one of our most popular pages- the meaning of each crystal and how it benefits you:

On your Satin Crystals journey, you may have some questions or stories to share, reach out to us any time :)

Lisa Satin

Isabella - August 12, 2022

What a beautiful soul you are!! Thank you so much for your personal message. I will for sure be in touch and Thinks are a little merky right now due to my fathers stage IV cancer diagnoses. I need aligned/grounded/ and saged. May you and your business prosper always. Your are putting much needed love and good vibrations out into the world.

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