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Sunstone Crystal & Jewelry Showcase

sunstone stones and jewelryYou're tired of dark energy, low vibrations, and endless problems. You're ready for the radiant bright light of Sunstone!

Transform your essence with these Sunstone crystals and jewelry. Here we feature the Top 10 Sunstones for you. Touch sunshine with the most powerful solar crystal of all time.

When you wear Sunstone jewelry, you attract positive people with high intentions. You feel hope, inspiration, and happiness. When you crystal heal with Sunstone, you invite light into your Solar Plexus chakra and gain a stronger understanding of your life's purpose.

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Top 10 Sunstones for You

Here we feature 6 Sunstone jewelry designs and 4 healing crystals. You can find our full selection of gems and jewelry in the Satin Crystals Sunstone shop.

Sunstone Jewelry

#1 Sunstone Bracelet Happy Spirit Crystal 

Glisten, sparkle, and glow like the sun. This natural Sunstone bracelet shines happiness and warmth into your life. Blow past those rainy days with the optimistic energy of Sunstone. The twinkling beads bring a smile to your face and enlighten the mood of all the loved ones who orbit around you. 

Positive Affirmation: "I am bright and happy"

#2 Sunstone Ring Sun Power Premier Sterling Silver

Gain the power of the sun when you slip on this premier Sunstone ring. The high-quality sparkling gemstone has you glistening in newfound confidence. This sterling silver Sunstone ring brightens your outfit and your entire outlook on life! 

Positive Affirmation: "I have the confidence of the sun"

#3 Sunstone Earrings Center of the Sterling Universe

The sun is the life of the party. When you put on these Sunstone sun earrings, so are you. They transform dark days into cheer. Your sunny optimism can be felt by friends, family, and coworkers. Sometimes you just want to be the center of the Universe- and with Sunstone sun earrings, you can. 

Positive Affirmation: "I am energized by the Sun" 

#4 Sunstone Bracelet Luxuries of Life Happiness 

Gaze into your clear red Sunstone bracelet and replenish your spirit with joy. You have been put on earth to be happy, to dance through life, and enjoy its luxuries. Feel your 'Happiness IQ' instantly increase when you slip on this glittering jewel. Soar as high as the sky the natural way- with the illuminating powers of Sunstone.

Positive Affirmation: "Let's be happy today"

#5 Sunstone Necklace Sparkle of Sun Chunky Red

Do you rise with the sun and set with the dawn? Then Sunstone is for you. Shine bright like a ball of fire wearing your chunky new gemstone necklace. This substantial Sunstone gem glitters with glee on a discreet black cord. It illuminates your aura as you wear it to the park, beach, and any outdoor festivity. 

Positive Affirmation: "I am the sparkle on a dull day" 

#6 Sunstone Pendant Drop of Sunshine

Wear the warmth of the sun close to your heart with this Sunstone pendant. Glowing with solar power, your crystal jewel encourages new beginnings, fresh ideas, and a healthy outlook on life. Connect with the oneness of the universe through chipper Sunstone crystals. 

Positive Affirmation: "I am warmth, I am oneness"

Sunstone Crystals

#7 Sunstone Happy Solar Energy Crystal Ball

Your shimmery Sunstone sphere is energized by the most powerful force in the solar system- the sun. When you hold this bright beautiful stone, you feel the energy of the sun pulsing through your chakras. Feel alive again! Sunstone welcomes you to the present moment, evaporating gloom and self-doubt. It's the spark you need in life. Place the Sunstone crystal ball in the center of your space for joyous illumination. 

Positive Affirmation: "Brighten up!"

#8 Sunstone Heart My Love is Bright as the Sun

Your love becomes as bright as the sun with the chipper energy of this Sunstone Heart. The gorgeous crystal is a perfect representation of your pure love. It manifests positive people and relationships into your life. Just gazing into this attractive Sunstone Heart makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside. 

Positive Affirmation: "My love is as bright as the sun"

#9 Sunstone Palm Stone Spark of Light Gazing Crystal

Sometimes you feel bad. Gaze into this sparkling Sunstone palm stone and let that spark of light return to your eyes. Sometimes you feel good. Grab hold of this energetic Sunstone polished crystal and let that positive energy amplify. Sunstone brightens you up no matter what the weather or mood. It's meant for you, always.  

Positive Affirmation: "I find that spark of light"

#10 Sunstone Pyramid Sun God Ra Enlightenment

Sun God Ra works his bright magic through this natural Sunstone pyramid. Harness the energy of the ancient pharaohs, the mystics, and the sun itself when you unleash the power of this shimmering stone. It's a sight to see and a spectacle to behold. Make this Sunstone pyramid part of your healing collection today. 

Positive Affirmation: "Sun God Ra enlightens me"

Your Sunstone Stories

What experience do you have with Sunstone? Do you prefer it in jewelry or stone form? Or both?! 

We'd love to hear from you. Whether you have personal stories to share or questions about crystal healing jewelry, you can comment on the blog below. 

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Disclaimer: The metaphysical information provided is for entertainment only.

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