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Super Selenite - Superman & Caves

5 white Selenite tower cathedralsSilky Selenite is a radiant marvel to behold. This super stone is not only beautiful, but it is now linked to a cultural phenomena when a super hero's fictional lair was found on here earth. Thanks to miners in Naica, Mexico, Superman's Fortress of Solititude was discovered full of dazzling Selenite crystals. 

Selenite Caves in Naica Mexico

Discovered in the year 2000, the Selenite caves lie 1000 feet beneath the earth in Naica, Mexico. Here you will find the largest beams of Selenite crystals in the world jutting protectively from ceiling to floor. The Selenite caves include three adjoining caves with chambers full of stunning, milky white to translucent crystals from small to 36 feet tall. Because it is so hot in the caves, properly suited human beings can only stand to be within the vaults for a few minutes at a time. Superman however is not just a human being...

Superman's Selenite Fortress

In the movies, Superman's Fortress of Solititude is visualized as a remote cavern surrounded by translucent white crystals. This magic crystal fortress is far away from civilization and unknown to mankind. We can imagine a parallel between the newly discovered Selenite caves in Mexico and the long imagined world of Superman and his powerful places of solitude. The Fortress crystals revive Superman's energies just like Selenite stones do for our auras, sealing energy leaks and rejuvenating our power

Selenite of the Moon Goddess 

Another powerful link between Selenite and the supernatural lies in the fact that the stone is named after the Greek word for Moon. Selenite is a translucent white crystal that you can imagine hanging in the midnight sky, providing us with a dreamy light throughout the night. This is why we include Selenite crystals in our Goddess collection

In our Goddess collection at Satin Crystals, you will find Selenite paired with goddess charms to create jewelry befit of a mystical world. We can surely imagine Selenite Goddess jewelry being worn by the magical Elven world of Rivendell in the Lord of the Rings or the noble Mother of Dragons in Game of Thrones. Link yourself to the divine world of fantasy with the glowing power of the Moon as channeled by Selenite. 

Three raw white Selenite wand sticks in tapered lengths at Satin Crystals.

Selenite on Earth

We are blessed to have such a powerful stone here in the physical realm. Although it is fragile and brittle, Selenite has such a strong healing energy, that we embrace it with care. Surround yourself with Selenite crystals and imagine yourself as a superhero, charging up to save the world!

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Lisa Satin - November 25, 2021

That’s great to hear, what a relief!
My son turned three this month so I can understand your concern.
It seems your daughter is attracted to crystals… soon she’ll be collecting her own.

Maria A - November 25, 2021

Thank you, I asked her paediatrician and he actually surprisingly said there is nothing to worry about. I really appreciate your quick reply.

Lisa Satin - November 25, 2021

Hello Maria,

Thanks for writing.

If you have any concerns about your toddler’s health after ingesting Selenite, you should seek medical advice immediately from her pediatrician.

If you are asking regarding the wellbeing of the Selenite wand, you can still use it for energy. Just clean, charge, and program it using any method that does NOT involve water. Here’s how:

Maria A - November 25, 2021

Hello! My toddler accidentally got a hold of the selenite crystal (selenite wand). I didnt notice if she put it in her mouth, she held it for two minutes! What should I do? Thank you in advance

Lisa Satin - March 7, 2021

Hi Ali,

Thanks for writing to us. That’s great that you have a special type of Selenite. We hope you get a lot of healing use from it :)


Lisa Satin

ali y - March 7, 2021

hi I’m writing you from Turkey. ı read your all information about selenite but i saw that i have different one of selenite, this is circle type. i couldnt find and see in internet before, i can send to you pictures if you reply to me maybe you want to see this. thank you

Sheila Satin - September 20, 2020

That’s great that you are connecting with the universe, Tim.

Here are some helpful links for you:

Sheila Satin

Tim - September 20, 2020

High I have a selenite crystal and I’m doing my first affirmation I want to get more spiritual like using my connection with the universe to obtain the things I want and need

Barbara - February 3, 2020

Hi Barbara, Yes, in crystal healing, Citrine is considered the yellow version of Quartz. It will always be heated, whether naturally or by man. Once the stone turns to a Citrine, it doesn’t matter how it got there. You can use it just as effectively for its Citrine properties.
Sheila Satin

Barbara - February 3, 2020

If it’s not real citrine. Will it have the same properties as a real citrine

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