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Selenite Crystal Meanings

Two girls holding out white Selenite and snow Quartz polished stone heards at Satin Crystals Boutique.

What is Selenite?

Selenite is a form of Gypsum. Gypsum forms when saltwater evaporates. The evaporation of ocean brine forms extensive beds of Gypsum with similarly formed Anhydrite (also known as Angelite) and Halite (a form of crystallized table salt). Gypsum forms all over the world wherever there is saltwater, deserts, tunnels, new formations in old mines.

Gypsum is an evaporite, so it evaporates out of the water and then it crystallizes. Gypsum is the first mineral to separate from evaporated seawater because of its low solubility (its capability of being dissolved). Then it crystallizes and blows into sand dunes.

White Sands, New Mexico has 225 square miles of white Gypsum sand blown up to 60 feet high sand dunes. The Cave of Swords in Naica Mexico has Selenite crystals growing 6 feet long and more!

What are the different types of Selenite?

White Selenite is the crystalline version, transparent, colorless with a pearly luster. Selenite has many thing layers with square shapes which are easily peeled. White Selenite is used to protect the aura from outside influences. It is often used for cell regeneration and is beneficial in balancing all of the chakras. 

Orange Selenite, also known as Peach or Red Selenite, has been colored by other minerals for its light to dark pearly orange color. Orange Selenite holds the same energies as Selenite with the added energy to balance the Sacral Chakra. 

Fishtail is a twinned crystal (a crystal that has two parts growing like a mirror).

Satin Spar is the striated compact and fibrous form.

Desert Rose forms in the desert with Quartz and sand and looks like a brown sandy flower. Desert Rose is used to connect with Earth elements and manifest what you want to occur in the physical world. Use Desert Rose at the Third Eye Chakra.

Alabaster is the fine-grained massive stone which is translucent white. When Alabaster is heated it looks like marble. It is also often dyed. Alabaster has been popularly used to carve ornaments of all kinds.

7 raw white selenite sticks

Selenite mineral facts

Surface Color: Brown, White, Clear, Yellow, Red, Gray, Orange

Streak Color: (can vary from surface color, this is the color of the crystals’ powdered minerals): White

Group: Calcium Sulfate (Sulfates commonly form in evaporitic environments)

Cleavage (where the crystal breaks off naturally to form a new face, parallel to its structure. This is a clean break and can cleave over and over again along the same face, retaining the crystals structure): Good in one direction, poor in another

Fracture (where you break the crystal not on a natural cleavage): Subconchoidal (Not as curved as Conchoidal. Conchoidal is a clam-like fracture which looks like broken glass) to Uneven/Brittle

Luster: Vitreous (glassy) to Pearly

Tenacity: Brittle (little resistance to breakage)

Transparency: Transparent (light flows through the crystal) to Translucent (allows light through the crystal but not fully transparent)

Crystal System: Monoclinic (3unequal crystal axis)

Crystal Habit: Tabular

What are the metaphysical properties of Selenite?

  • Selenite is the best crystal to seal the aura from energy leaks and susceptibility of unwanted energies entering the aura. Scan the aura with a wand or if working on yourself hold a sphere.

  • Selenite is self-cleaning and will clean other stones, place them on a Selenite log or cluster.

  • Use at the Crown chakra to raise your vibrations and connect with other dimensions.

  • Make a crystal grid or layout to anchor the light body back to earth.

  • Desert Rose: keeps you centered and calm while you are multi-tasking

  • Desert Rose: reminds you or your uniqueness and individuality in the world.

Note: Do not place Gypsum in water. Selenite is 70% water. Use Selenite carefully as it is very fragile. It is only a 2 on the Mohs Scale of Hardness and can be easily scratched by a fingernail.

sheila of satin crystals holding a white selenite slab

Sheila's personal experience with Selenite

Since entering the realm of crystal healing, I have found Selenite to be the most popular stone for both sealing the aura and cell regeneration. Of course, it has many other properties, but when I used to do crystal healing sessions, we would always have a large raw wand of White Selenite to end the sessions; sealing in the positive energies and strengthening the immunity of the aura after the healing.

As I don't actively offer crystal healing sessions anymore, I do use raw Selenite myself by just holding a large piece of the stone. I keep both a Selenite block and a Selenite log on my windowsills and can feel the crystal's vibrating energies when my aura needs a fill around the edges. 

Thankfully I have not had personal experience with cancer, but I have heard many accounts of patients using Selenite to regenerate their cells during treatment. Holding, wearing, or creating a crystal grid, Selenite can be programmed to strengthen the cells and ward off these debilitating illnesses.

Of course, like any other treatments, it is not a miracle cure, and you must use crystal healing in conjunction with the power of your mind, your resolve, and other medical treatments.  

selenite wands, heart and necklace
Selenite Jewelry & Stones

Selenite in its raw form is brittle and flaky. You will often find it in rods, wands, or log formations for a very affordable price. You will also find Selenite polished into hearts, eggs, balls, and other healing shapes, still at an affordable price. However, once you get into the beaded territory, you will find Selenite prices soaring! Because it is so soft, to get a small bead of Selenite to keep its shape becomes quite costly.

Selenite jewelry is not as common as its raw or polished stone forms, but we are increasingly seeing polished Selenite beads on the market. Sometimes the Selenite beads are extra waxed and stabilized to keep their shape and polish, but other times, like in the case of our White Selenite handmade jewelry, you can enjoy the crystal lightly polished, retaining its interesting dips and formations. 

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