Malachite Elephant in Potted Plant - Satin Crystals BlogIt's definitely disheartending to look out your window expecting to see a fresh green garden, only to find your petunias drooping to the Earth. Has your plant lost the will to live? Of course, there are many reasons why your plant may ot be thriving, but if you've tried the basic care to balance water, soil and sunshine and are ready for another remedy, you've come to the right place. You can provide a healing crystal environment for your plant using one or two different tips below. 

Crystals for Indoor Potted Plants

When indoor plants become ill, timing is critical. The sooner you get help for your plant, the better. To treat your indoor plants with crystal healing energies, you will need a small selection of crystals including Clear Quartz and Aventurine. Even if you don't know what is causing your plants health to deteriorate, crystals can help regain balance and jumpstart the healing process. Place the healing stones accordingly:

  • Gently push the chosen crystal into the soil where it can go to work immediately for the plant.

  • Don't break up the crystal to plant all around the stem of the plant. You simply need to place one crystal gently under the soil.

  • Repotting the plant can sometimes be all it needs to perk up again. Many times, the plant will grow out of its current pot and will die if it's not given more space to expand and grow. If you are repotting the plant, you will want to place a crystal in the bottom of the plant's new home. Then fill with soil and the plant. Crystals can give off an energy that plants can absorb which in turn will only help it to grow.

    Crystals for Fresh Cut Flowers

    When you receive a bouquet of flowers, the beautiful roses or orchids live only a short time without connection to their roots. You can promote a longer life for fresh cut flowers by using crystal healing energy. Here's how:

    • Place your crystals into a container and arrange them before adding the water. The crystals will promote their energy onto the cut flower. Plus, you will enjoy the beautiful colors that balance the flowers.

    • Use Clear Quartz crystals in the vase of your fresh cut flowers. Run the Clear Quartz under water to remove any substance still on the crystal from the last time you used it. Place it inside the vase, fill with water, and position the fresh cut flowers into the vase.

    Crystals to Promote Plant Health

    Tomato Plants – If you have broken pieces of Clear Quartz or Rose Quartz, place them
    underneath the tomato plants in the garden. Placing any type of Quartz in the soil around them will ground the plant and create a positive growing environment. You benefit from these fruits and vegetables that are grown with the help of these crystals.

    Fertility and Health – When you want to improve the overall health of the plant and promote fertility of it, then you will want to use Agate. Place the crystal inside the soil, preferably underneath the plant.

    Encourage Growth – Your plants will hopefully provide you with the essential nutrients needed for the body. You want to get the most out of your growing season and in order to do that, you need Moss Agate. This is a frequently chosen crystal for gardeners. Long ago, Moss Agate would be worn on the body while planting crops to ensure that the crops would turn out good. This crystal will encourage the plant to grow and thrive freely.

    Healing – If your plant is struggling or if it becomes attacked by pests, you can place Tourmaline in the soil surrounding the plant to promote healing, general growth, and development.

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