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TRAVEL ALERT! Orders placed July 4-15 will ship on July 15. FREE SHIPPING for US orders $55+

22 Tektites & Craters you'll Crave

tektites, impactite showcaseImpactites that make an impact!

Tektites that put you in flight!

Craters that you crave!

In this showcase, you see the best of the best in Satin Crystals' galactic world of Tektites and Impactites.

These meteorite-induced mineraloids deliver the power of the stars into the palm of your hand. What better way to reach great heights in meditation and spirituality than to work with star-born stones? And even in your worldly manifestations, these gems deliver results that are earth-deep.

Take a look at this attractive Tektite and Impactite showcase. 
You must look beyond the ordinary to find the extraordinary...

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Top 22 Tektites & Impactites for You

Never stop reaching for the stars! With these Craters and Tektites, you're energized to be your best. Check it out.

Cosmic Craters

Yes, you CAN own your own Crater! Well, at least a part of it. When you want a mineral that makes an impact, these Impactites are it! Craters keep you grounded with earth energy and buzzing with space powers.

Choose from these Rarities:

Ilyinets Crater of Ukraine, 445 million years old

Zhamanshan Crater of Kazakhstan, 900,000 years old

Nordlinger Reis Crater of Germany, 14.7 million years old

Black Tektites

Glassy, alien, and powerful, these are your Black Tektite beauties. Black Tektites have been recovered from many locations in the world where meteorites impacted on earth and fragments formed. These gems are galactic guardians, keeping you protected as you explore the unknown. Use them for astral travels, protection grids, alien channeling, and so much more.

Choose from:

Mystery of Life single specimen

Lovers in the Night pair

Tektite, Agoudal, Chelyabinsk set

Guardian Club Wands pair

Round the Universe pair

Libyan Desert Glass Tektites

Yellow Tektite takes you on a journey of a lifetime. Soar through the African Great Sand Sea and into the cosmic infinity when you hold real Libyan Desert Glass. Rare, powerful, and aesthetically spectacular, this sleek gemstone brings a new element of excitement to your spiritual endeavors.

Choose from:

Plump and Pleasant

Slim and sleek

Moldavite Tektites

Feel more than alright with Moldavite. This Green Tektite gemstone is your master of manifestations, making your dreams come true. Big or small, everything you desire can be yours with the power of this cosmic crystal. 

Choose from: 

Star Chakra Tumbled Stone

7 Sacred Stars Set

Giraffe Bonded Pair

Two Alien Friends

Saber Wand


Shark Fin


Cosmic Pick Thick

Karma Calling Slice

Impactites for You

There's so much to love about Impactites and space stones. What would you do with rare and collectible gems like these? Check out the Satin Crystals Impactite Collection or shop right here at your convenience:

Stay Tuned with Tektites

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Disclaimer: The metaphysical information provided is for entertainment only.

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