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Tigers Eye Guided Meditation

sheila of satin crystals meditating with tigers eye stoneYou want to leap ahead in the workplace, but you just need a little nudge. Tigers Eye gemstone gives you that push of courage and confidence you crave. It allows you to soar over your fears and roar with success

This guided meditation uses the power of Tigers Eye in combination with the unlimited power of your mind to pummel you forward into the world of abundance and accomplishment.

Whether you are a house parent needing to feel more organized or an entrepreneur ready to take your business to the next level, success is just a blink away with Tigers Eye. 

Tigers Eye guided meditation video

For your convenience, we have recorded the Tigers Eye meditation. There are singing bowl intermissions within the video so you can take your own time to visualize and journey. Listen and follow along...

How do you prepare for the meditation?

Find a serene location, such as a healing space or a comfortable nook in your home or garden. It is ideal to clean the energy beforehand with sage, incense, or by lighting a candle.

Grid your space with Tigers Eye success stones. You can place several all around you, or in the corners of a room. If you choose to lie down, you can even place Tigers Eye right on your body. Either way, you also want to hold Tigers Eye in your hands during the meditation. 

Prepare a glass of water and a pair of Moqui stones (or your preferred grounding stones) for after the meditation. Holding onto the Moqui stones anchors your astral body back into your physical self after the journey. Drinking water resets your mind back to reality.

hand holding golden tigers eye stone

Guided meditation script with Tigers Eye

As you hold your Tigers Eye in your hands, feel the energy of your tiger spirit animal right beside you. It is ready to accompany you on this journey to success.

Let's start by taking three deep breathes in and out. With each breath that you take in, imagine a surge of courage, confidence, and positive energy entering your body. With each breath you give out, allow your fears and doubts to leave your body and fly far away.

Continue to breathe in and out, allowing your body and mind to transform from a tense space to an inner sanctuary of bliss. Allow your muscles to relax and your thoughts to fade into the background. 


At this point, feel relaxed and receptive. You are a successful person who has already accomplished so much in life, and you have an innate desire to keep creating, moving forward, and accomplishing new things. The Tigers Eye stone in your hand is here to help you do exactly that.

Take a minute to connect with your crystal. Feel the motivational force of Tigers Eye infuse your fingers. This energy jolts up your hands, through your veins, and circulates your entire body. You begin to feel pumped up, fully fueled to manifest your dreams. Let the vibrations sink in, and your excitement to become a success increase with each minute that passes.


You are ready to take the first step to success. That is to focus on your goal. Think of one work-related goal you want to achieve. Maybe you want a raise at work. Maybe you want to start your own online business. Maybe you want to retire early so you can stay at home. Maybe you are looking for a new job. Whatever goal you have in mind, focus on it.

You may have a vague idea of what you want, but now is the time to define the details of your desire. Perhaps you have been wanting a raise for several months; now is the time to pin down the exact dollar amount you would like to have. Maybe you want to start a business, now is the time to define the details like where you want it to be located? how many employees you would like to have? How many sales do you want in the first year?

With Tigers Eye in your hand, take the time to reflect on your detailed desires. Ask yourself as many questions as possible related to the goal, and answer it in your mind. If you have a hard time answering, let your Tigers Eye tell you. 

First of all... focus on one goal. Next, ask and answer the 5-W questions to yourself: Who, What, When, Where, Why?

Take the time to define your business goals now.


Now that you have a clearer idea of what you actually want, the Universe is ready to help you achieve it. The next step is to build your confidence level.

Big changes and risks are scary. What if you fail? Think about this: if you never ever even try then you have automatically failed. Win at life by taking that leap over your fears, don't worry if you stumble and fall, just get back up and keep going. 

The good news is that the Tigers Eye stone in your hand has earned the nickname Stone of Courage and Confidence. Even just by holding it, you have felt the surge of motivation and excitement. Now that you're going to harness the tiger energy from your stone, you will become unstoppable.

Funnel the healing energy of Tigers Eye to your lower chakra centers. Feel a burst of golden light enter into the pit of your stomach. Imagine yourself transforming into a tiger.. big, bold, strong, fast, and confident. Your inner tiger is the master of its domain, just like you are the master of your world. Infuse yourself with this golden strength.


Now silently repeat this phrase to yourself three times. "I replace my fears, doubts, and anxiety with courage and confidence".

Then, repeat this phrase to yourself three times. "I go after my goals like a pouncing tiger, despite any doubts I may have."

Feel your mood lifting and your physical body beginning to strengthen.


You have transformed from a shivering kitten to a ferocious tiger. You are ready for the last step of your business success manifestation. This is the visualization step.

Recall your newly defined work goal and all the details of your desires. You are now going to give life to that image.

If your goal was to get a raise, which now you have outlined the specific amount, you are going to visualize yourself asking your boss for that raise. Perhaps you will see yourself stepping into his or her office, presenting your portfolio of accomplishments at their desk, and asking your boss for the exact dollar amount that makes you happy. Watch as he or she impressively agrees and says yes.

If your goal was to start an online business, imagine your actual work setup. Who is around you? See them, know their faces. Look at your company logo on your new business card, and your website up and running. Imagine yourself completing the projects that need to be done, and your first sale rolling in.

Whatever goal you are focusing on, visualize yourself taking the exact steps needed to get to success. The most important thing about your visualization is the ending after you have achieved your goal.

Get in touch with how you feel once your goal has succeeded. Bask in your own accomplishment. You feel good, confident, proud, and abundant in the rewards. Not only this, but your friends and family are proud too. Imagine their faces, compliments, and excited emotions. 

Take several minutes to bring your dreams to life through visualizations. Don't forget to bask in the glory of your success.


Congratulations, you now know what confidence and success feel like. It feels empowering. Your mind is perfectly capable of transforming hesitation to action and dreams to reality. 

Your final mission is to recreate these scenarios in the real world. Do all the prep work you need, just like in your visualizations. Take the physical steps like preparing resumes, paperwork, or presentations to get from point A to point B. Do mental preparations like crystal healings, visualizations, and affirmations with your Tigers Eye to keep building your confidence and defining your goals. 

Remember, it's okay to fumble. That's when you recharge through your Tigers Eye stone and get back out there. With persistence, you will catch your trophy just like the tiger. The more you practice success, the more natural it comes to you. Adopt business success as a part of your lifestyle.


It is time to immerse yourself back into the real world. You will come out of this meditation feeling like a new person, full of confidence and excitement. You are ready to take actions that lead to success. You feel motivated, healthy, and strong.

I'm going to count you up from 1 to 5, and at 5 you will emerge from this hypnotic state. But first, take a minute to thank your Tigers Eye stone and tiger spirit animal for supporting you on this powerful journey.


Starting with the number one, become aware of the stone in your hand and the feeling in your fingers. With number two, you focus on your breathing, and the sensation returning to your body. With number three, your whole body is coming back into the physical realm. With number four, you are aware of the sounds around you as you realign yourself with your physical body. And with number five, open your eyes, you are wide awake and feeling inspired.

sheila of satin crystal wearing tigers eye jewelry playing a tibetan singing bowlPost-Meditation Experience

After the meditation, slowly come back to reality. Give yourself time to readjust and enjoy pleasant feelings. It is helpful to hold Moqui stones because they ground you back to the physical realm, as does a drink of water.

Once you feel like your physical self again, you and any group member might enjoy discussing your feelings and experiences. Some people like to document it in a journal or blog. Go ahead and comment on this very blog if you wish.

If you enjoyed this Tigers Eye meditation or if you have any stories to share or questions to ask, we would love to hear about them. Post them below or message us! 

Float Onward...

Enhance your meditation with further Tigers Eye healing ideas. 

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Lisa Satin - May 31, 2022

Hello Sean,

Meditation is different for each person. You can meditate with whatever crystal you want, and with whatever intention you desire. Therefore, I see no problem with it.

Results of meditations are very individualized. I would try it and find out.

Meanwhile, here are two articles that can help you:

Meditation for Beginners

What to Expect from Crystals


Lisa Satin

Sean - May 31, 2022

Hello Can we meditate by thinking of a person with a tiger’s eye ?
And what are the effects ?

Sheila Satin - January 13, 2022

Thanks for following along on our Youtube videos. We would love to hear how your tigers eye moldavite combination goes!

Anshita - January 13, 2022

By the way your tiger eye meditation on YouTube is really effective. Can’t wait to use it with the moldavite as I have not worked with it before. Thanks!

Lisa Satin - October 5, 2020

Hi Adam,

Unfortunately, we have not worked with Auralite crystals and are not familiar enough with to be able to advise you. Hopefully, you find the right stone soon!

Let us know if there’s any other stone on your list, and we’d be happy to assist if possible.

Good luck on your Auralite quest,

Lisa Satin

Adam - October 5, 2020

Hello I am wondering what you know about auralite 23 crystals and andara crystals and where you can get authentic crystals cause I have heard that a lot of them you find around the internet are fakes I heard that andara crystals can only be found somewhere in California that some lady called lady nellie found years ago and I heard that true auralite 23 can only be found in Canada somewhere these are both rare and extremely powerful crystals when you get the real ones please tell me if you heard of them or if you have them cause I am interested in them cause they sound like they are the best crystals you can find even more powerful than super 7 crystal please help me if you can thank you and God bless

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