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Top 10 Moldavite & Meteorites for Father's Day

sericho meteorite cubesWhat do you do when you need a gift for the Dad who already has everything under the sun? With Father's Day, birthdays, and other holidays rolling by year after year, perhaps you ran out of original ideas.

Here at Satin Crystals, we have the answer! Give unique Meteorites and Moldavites to father figures who are out-of-this-world!

Take a look at our Top 10 Moldavite and Meteorite picks for your out-of-this-world Dad. But first, join the Satin Crystals VIP and never miss out on unique gift ideas. 

Top 10 Gifts for Dad

I bet you that Dad's closet is bursting with eclectic ties and socks he never wears. The latest gizmos and gadgets are always fun. But when you're going for unique, meaningful, and eternal, a cosmic gem is just the right one.

Unlike the mass-manufactured Hallmark gifts, Meteorite specimens and jewelry differ from one another. Thanks to the power of nature, no two are the same. They hold positive energy that plastic gifts just can't compete with.

Here are the top 10 gift suggestions this Father's Day. The first 5 features are gemstone specimens and the final 5 are jewelry. What does your dad prefer? Whatever you decide on, he's in for the surprise of his life. 

#1 Moldavite Shark: Strong Superstar

The most popular meteoric gemstone amongst men these days is Moldavite. This year, gift the father figure in your life with a truly special piece. Satin Crystals' Shark Fin Moldavite comes from the Czech Republic, the only source of real Moldavite in existence. It may have originated over 14 million years ago but nothing is more hip than transformative Moldavite.

The Shark Fin symbolizes Dad's strength. He is the superstar of your life. One in a billion. No...a gazillion!

#2 NWA Chondrite Pair: Impressive History

NWA Chondrites landed in West Africa. Dad can show off these galactic trinkets as an impressive piece of history. All his friends will be intrigued and he will boast about what a great child you are. He may display this pair in his home or office as a conversation starter.

This set comes with two real Chondrites one representing him and the other you. Every time he looks at this precious gift, he will be reminded of the special relationship you share.

#3 Gibeon Crystal Ball: Beauty of Iron

Dad may rule with an iron fist when he needs to but you know that he has a beautiful heart full of love. This unique Gibeon Iron Meteorite ball embodies his vast spirit. The ancient gemstone vibrates with deep secrets of the almighty Universe. Fathers enjoy gazing upon its enchanting surface and reflecting upon the meaning of life and love.

The zero-gravity shadow box ensures that the alien gemstone sphere remains secure and preserved as the master prize of his collection.

#4 Sericho Cube: Astral Citizen

If Dad is into metaphysics, he'll be happy to learn that Sericho Meteorites channel the energy of the Universe. This very rare cube makes a powerful tool in astral travel meditations. It takes him on an exciting journey of exploration across time and space when held in meditation or contemplation.

Even for fathers who could care less about metaphysics, this handsome Pallasite is filled with historical meaning. Stony-Iron Meteorite classification makes up only 1% of the space specimens found on Earth. And he's definitely a cut above the rest.

#5 Libyan Desert Glass: Sunny Days 

Brighten Dad's days with the sunny energy of Libyan Desert Glass. This exotic yellow Tektite is a looker. Libyan Desert Glass connects him to the elements of the sun, sand, and stars. Dad will feel better with this gemstone in his presence. It's a perfect gift for his home or office.

These plump and pleasing pieces are satisfying to see and hold. A special specimen will be selected from Satin Crystals and sent to Dad. Destiny awaits and sunny days lie ahead.

#6 Moldavite Pendant: Big Boss Alien

Dads have been raving about the Satin Crystals Big Alien Moldavite pendants. The ample green gemstone set in sterling silver is a sight to behold. Encourage your father to be proud of his unique spirit by showing off this bold and stylish piece.

Did you know that Moldavite Tektite has become famous for its transformative powers? Whenever the father figure in your life wants to manifest something important, the Big Alien pendant will lead him intuitively like a boss.

#7 Campo Del Cielo Necklace: Handsome Heaven

These Campo Del Cielo necklaces are heavenly and handsome just like Dad. The rippling silver iron space stone is a glimmering token from the galaxy, meant to uplift his vibration. He'll be the talk of the town and the center of the solar system adorned in this sterling silver meteorite jewel.

Does he like his necklaces short or long? Either way, the thick sterling silver chain is adjustable for the perfect fit.

#8 Black Tektite Bracelet: Fearless Father

Dad deserves to stand out because he's special. These unique and funky bracelets do the trick. Black Tektite is fearless in-your-face style. This protective stone is paired with yet another protection crystal: Mahogany Obsidian. Even the protector needs protecting sometimes. From magma to meteorites, he gains galaxy power while wearing this statement jewel of many worlds.

Dad will get his bracelet in a Satin Crystals gift box. And it's nothing like he's ever seen before.

#9 Libyan Desert Glass Necklace: King Tut

King Tut wore a real Libyan Desert Glass jewel to symbolize his royalty, and now Dad can too. This friendly jewel not only elevates his status but uplifts his spirit. The Yellow Tektite activates his emotional center, the Solar Plexus chakra, to deliver joy and meaning. Fathers benefit from Libyan Desert Glass all while dressed in style.

Libyan Desert Glass comes from the Sahara Desert and is becoming more difficult to extract day by day. Get Dad his gem while you can! 

#10 Moldavite Pendant: Secrets of Space

Father figures in your life enjoy excitement and mystery. Show your love by gifting him a Moldavite Secrets of Space pendant. These unique gems symbolize his dedicated role as the Super-Dad who seeks adventures and answers. Customize the pendant and chain size according to his liking.

More Meteorites for Dads

Which galactic gemstone caught your eye? And which will win his heart? We hope you enjoyed the special space stone showcase.

For even more alien healing stones, check out the Satin Crystals Meteorite Collection. Better yet, shop right here and now:

Your Astral Journey

We'd like to hear from you, whether you have stories to share or questions about healing crystals. You can comment on the blog below. 

Additional crystal resources for you

Disclaimer: The metaphysical information provided is for entertainment only. See full disclosure

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Sheila Satin - June 6, 2024

Hello Deliane, thank you for writing in. Our popular bracelets for EMF protection are smoky quartz and lepidolite.

You can find them at and

There you will see different styles and sizes. We do have a video and link about bracelet sizing if you need to know his size!

Unfortunately, we cannot accommodate custom requests at this time, but if they are slight alterations, feel free to inquire!

Deliane - June 6, 2024

I would like to purchase a Father’s Day gift. I trust your work and stone quality.
My husband recently purchased an Apple Watch, and I want to get him emf blocking bracelet.
What would be best to purchase? Do you customize orders (different beads together or adding an accent jewel bead or some kind)?


Deliane - June 6, 2024

I would like to purchase a Father’s Day gift. I trust your work and stone quality.
My husband recently purchased an Apple Watch, and I want to get him emf blocking bracelet.
What would be best to purchase? Do you customize orders (different beads together or adding an accent jewel bead or some kind)?


Sheila Satin - June 22, 2023

Hello Zarah, you can find the pictures and our current inventory of Moldavite rings at:

For Moldavite meanings, you can visit:

Zarah J. - June 19, 2023

Hy Shaila.. o need photos of types o moldivite ring and the meaning of them..

Lisa Satin - June 7, 2023

Hi Adella,

The only way to really know what you have is to send it to a laboratory. Here is an article with helpful resources. Within the article is a link to a list of science labs that do testing:

Best of luck, hope you have something of value on hand!
Lisa Satin

Adella - June 7, 2023

In 2018 I found a beautiful rare rock in Littlerock California that I really didn’t show anyone except a few family members. It’s heavy nothing like a regular rock and I put a magnet on it and it sticks 🙂. They have been advising me to have someone with knowledge of meteorites to look at it. I live in California can you recommend someone to me I would like to get it authenticated?

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