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TRAVEL ALERT! Orders placed July 4-15 will ship on July 15. FREE SHIPPING for US orders $55+

Tourmaline Jewelry Showcase

sheila of satin crystals wearing and holding tourmaline jewelryWhat energy do you want to wear today? Tourmaline has it all. Its many colors correspond to your different moods and styles. 

Right now we are having an in-depth showcase of Tourmaline stones in the VIP community. Not a member of the club yet? It's free and easy to join at Satin Crystals VIP Club

Watch the Tourmaline Jewelry Video

Watch the video for a showcase of the best Tourmaline jewelry pieces. Then, shop for your crystal treasures below. 

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Here are 7 unique Tourmaline jewelry styles for the healing you desire:

#1 Black Tourmaline Bracelets

When you seek the strongest guardian out there, this Black Tourmaline bracelet heeds your call. It serves as a staunch and stealthy gatekeeper to your soul, terminating negative forces that try to penetrate your aura. Sleek, natural, smooth, and handsomely heroic, this Tourmaline bracelet stands with you for eternal protection.

#2 Rainbow Tourmaline Bracelets

Crystal, crystal, on the wall. Who's the prettiest of them all? Rainbow Tourmaline wins the pageant for its stunning beauty and array of charismatic energies. Pink, black, green, and other surprising colors on your gemstone bracelet deliver a medley of love, healing, protection, and abundance. Rainbow Tourmaline is the complete package. 

#3 Pink Tourmaline Bracelets

Like a swirly spiral of raspberry ice cream, this Pink Tourmaline bracelet has you dripping with joy and elation. Celebrate your love for life with this uplifting piece that exudes the energy of happiness. Tap into your lighthearted nature and look absolutely amazing when you showcase this luscious gemstone bracelet right on your lovely wrist.

#4 Pink Tourmaline Pendants

Why live a dull life when you can add a drop of romance to every moment? Your Pink Tourmaline pendant stirs up positive energy and romantic notions. Apply a little love potion to your day and pop out of the status quo. This unique pink and white gemstone is ready to wear on your favorite necklace chain. 

#5 Raw Tourmaline Necklaces

You're rougher and tougher than you even realized! This raw Black Tourmaline crystal helps sharpen your intuitive radar. It keeps you on alert and protected as you boldly go about your day, conquering each mission you were meant to achieve. Let this unique gunmetal necklace be your go-to guardian gemstone.

#6 Black Tourmaline Earrings

With a hint of glam and a whole lot of charm, you become the center of attention wearing these Black Tourmaline earrings. Command respect through your achievements, but maintain mysterious allure through the way you present yourself. Be a strong beauty with these glistening gemstone earrings shining in your aura.

#7 Black Tourmaline Sparkling Set 

Can you be an executioner of dark forces and still remain elegant? Yes, with these sparkling Black Tourmaline bracelets and necklaces, you will feel safeguarded, secure, and stylish. Slip on your natural crystal jewels and twinkle behind your protective armor. 

Your Tourmaline Trend

How do you feel wearing Tourmaline jewelry? Do you have any of these pieces in your collection? Which ones are you missing?

We'd love to hear from you, whether you have personal stories to share or questions about crystal healing jewelry. Comment on the blog below. 

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Disclaimer: The information provided is for entertainment only. See full disclosure.

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Sheila Satin - May 23, 2024

Hello Dustin, thank you for your message. We only sell Black Tourmaline at this time. Blue Tourmalines would be much pricier as they are more rare to find in their natural state.

Dustin - May 23, 2024

Hi my name is Dustin I ordered a said black Tourmaline bracelet and testing it my Gunnar anti-blue light by 65% computer monitor glasses showed a dark blue color through the beads above a bright flashlight taking off my Gunnar anti-blue light by 65% computer monitor glasses all I saw was black, I was not sure if It was my Gunnar anti-blue light by 65% computer monitor glasses or if the dark blue color indicated that the Tourmaline bracelet was from dark blue Tourmaline and not black Tourmaline schorl that helps fight Epilepsy and seizures which I ordered the bracelet for or if the Tourmaline bracelet is dark blue, from which Tourmaline of different colors blue, green, yellow whatever was the Tourmaline bracelet made from?

Lisa Satin - February 26, 2022

Hello Hermogenes,

We unfortunately are unable to do custom orders at this time.

Sheila did just release this brand new design that utilizes graduated Black Tourmaline beads from size 4-14mm. Check it out:

Please let us know if you have any further questions,

Lisa Satin

H.L. - February 26, 2022

Hi Sheila I just would like to inquire if your making a Genuine Black Tourmaline 10mm Necklace. Please let me know.

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