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What is Agate? Video

What can Agate do for you? Watch the video and learn how this colorful and versatile stone can benefit you. 

Click to watch the video above and then find out even more in the article below. Soon you will know the answers to:

  • Which type of Agate is a pick-me-up?

  • How do you use Agate in healing?

  • Which Agate do you plant for growth?

  • Can Agate be cleansed in water?

  • What is Flower Agate?

  • What color Agate do you use for money?

  • How do you know if your Agate is fake?

  • Is Black Agate the same as Onyx?

  • How can you tell if your Agate is dyed?

Take me on my Agate Journey

Your Path to Crystal Knowledge...

Meanwhile, here are other links to tap into Agate energy: 

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Lisa Satin - March 27, 2024

Hi Mina,

Thank you for telling us about all your favorite stones.

It’s nice to hear about how you’ve worked with so many different healing minerals and have discovered which ones match your energy. It sounds like you do well with earth and fire element stones more so than the etheric Quartz family.

Here is an article about some of our favorite crystal combinations, in case you decided to experiment even more:

Please reach out to us again if you have any questions or crystal stories to share.

Mina - March 27, 2024

I love all stones that feel “fiery” feel metallic, are prehistoric or fossilized and volcanic.
Sulphuric, iron, copper, and bone are all positive properties for my energetic work and for my astrological sign. There isn’t a form of Agate I don’t respond well too although I haven’t worked with EVERY type. Carnelian and Botswana are my favorite.

On the negatives I have a bad energetic or a weak energetic connection with any quartz that isn’t clear, and yes that’s includes amethyst. I can work with them for other people, I can use them in a few ways but I cannot be around them too long and FOR SURE can’t wear or carried them; amethyst, citrine and Smokey quartz. Now this does NOT include ritualized quartz varieties or sedimentary inclusions in quartz.
I am a Leo fire sun sign with an Aries fire moon sign.
Pyrite, petrified wood, Amber, any iron ore, or lodestone…Sulphur stones, and obsidians are all stones I couldn’t live without.

Lisa Satin - October 3, 2023

Thank you for sharing your experiences with us. It’s nice to know that you are on a quest for more information and guidance as you embark on the path of crystals and healing.

We invite you to read some of our “how to” articles to learn more about crystal balls, divination, and spirituality. I will link you with a few to start here:

How to use a crystal ball:

How to crystal ball gaze:

How to pick crystals video:

Third Eye Chakra healing:

If you have any questions that come up along the way, feel free to reach out further.

Jordon - October 3, 2023

Thanks for the video. I’ve been kinda interested in learning what crystals can help me with, since 2020 I have been realizing I might have some clairvoyant abilities. One day I had these memories come to me but then I learned they may not have been my own. I’m guessing they were visions. Which got me too look up Laura Eisenhower which then I found aurora. And then aurora speaks about protection things and crystals which I still don’t understand how they work. But for the past few years I was knowing that I would find a ball. im not sure what I found. But anyways what do you suggest?

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