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What is Libyan Desert Glass? Video

Wondering what Libyan Desert Glass is all about?

Click to watch the Libyan Desert Glass video above and visit the article below to learn even more fun facts about this yellow Tektite treasure.

Your Libyan Desert Glass Meanings 

It's time to learn all about Libyan Desert Glass, its metaphysical meanings, facts, and personal experiences as told by Lisa and Sheila Satin. 

A sneak peek of this loaded article:

  • What is Libyan Desert Glass

  • How was it formed? where is it found?

  • Is Libyan Desert Glass a crystal? a gemstone? a mineral? a meteorite?

  • Is Libyan Desert Glass a Moldavite?

  • How do you buy real Libyan Desert Glass instead of being tricked by fakes?

  • And most importantly... How Libyan Desert Glass Benefits YOU!

Get to know the Real Libyan Desert Glass

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Lisa Satin - January 13, 2022

Hi there Carrie,

We don’t do photo identification of other peoples’ items. We recommend you contact the seller for more information. Here are tips on Real vs Fake meteorites:

Best of luck!

Carrie L - January 13, 2022

I was wondering if you think this guys LDG is real? fatsgh2012 on ebay

Lisa Satin - April 26, 2021

Hi Stephanie,

Thanks for the personal note! We look forward to hearing from you about your crystal experiences. Let me know if you have any questions that come up along your gemstone journey.

Stephanie M - April 26, 2021

Thank you! I found your youtube channel and then website! I love how knowlegable you and your team is. I will be a returning customer! 😊

Lisa Satin - April 26, 2021

Hi Saul,

Yes we ship to the UK! When you checkout you will see the shipping options there. Thanks and we look forward to hearing from you.

Saul - April 26, 2021

Hi there I’m from Edinburgh/Scotland and I’m 17 year old guy just wondering if you can ship to my country in the UK ?

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