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What is Ruby? Video

What is the real story about Ruby? Ruby is so famous. But what does it really do? How can you use it in crystal healing? There's a whole world of Rubies out there. Even affordable ones for your healing practice! 

Click to watch the Ruby video above and then find out even more in the article below. Soon you will know the answers to:

  1. Ruby is 1 of 4 precious gems. What are the other 3?

  2. How do you tell real vs fake Ruby?

  3. What are Ruby's healing powers?

  4. What birthstone is Ruby for?

  5. What chakras does Ruby heal?

  6. Do Real Rubies glow in the dark?

  7. What is a Star Ruby (and do you want one)?

  8. How do you care for Ruby?

  9. Is Ruby actually just a Sapphire?

Some answers can only be found in the article: 

I'm ready for Real Ruby Meanings

Your Path to Crystal Knowledge...

Meanwhile, here are other links to tap into Ruby energy: 

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