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Win $100 & Crystals for Feedback Week

crystal giveaway at satin crystals

$100 Gift Card & Ganesh Giveaway!

Do you want to win a $100 Satin Crystals e-gift card AND a Carnelian Ganesh? Easy, just leave feedback on one or more of our products that you have purchased, gifted, or received.

A grand prize winner will be picked next week.

Two runner ups will each win $40 e-gifts.

How to Join Feedback Week

Do you have a story to tell about a Satin Crystals' stone that worked its healing magic? A crystal jewelry piece that enhanced your day? A gemstone gift you received that lit up your face? We are accepting all of your crystal healing feedback this week. 

Three easy ways to enter (choose your favorite method)

1. Comment on this blog with your crystal story or review about one of our products

2. Email us with your crystal story or review about one of our products

3. Find your crystal on and click on the stars to enter your review on the product page

How many times can I enter?

Enter as many times as you like.

You will receive one entry ticket per feedback left.

Guess what? VIP members receive two tickets per feedback left! If you're not part of the free email VIP club, join now. 

The benefits of joining Feedback Week

  • You could be the Grand Prize Winner of this deluxe Carnelian Ganesh plus a $100 gift code to spend in the Satin Crystals Farewell Collection! Or you could be one of the two runner ups who win $40 gift codes each! 

  • You are a VIP. Others trust and need your feedback. 

  • Keep track of your own crystal experiences. If you're like me, you often forget what you have bought and how you felt about it. Writing feedback is an excellent way to record your memories. 

  • Spread good karma and crystal vibrations to the world wide web. 

  • It is super simple to join. 

    Am I the winner?

    Everything is fair and square, there are no favorites in Feedback week. We love you all and we let destiny choose the Grand Winner. No matter what, all of your valuable stories and reviews will be published on Satin Crystals. 

    Winners will be announced here on the blog and in a video recording so you can all join in and celebrate. 

    There's no time to waste

    You only have one week to submit your feedback. Starting Monday, February 17, 2020, until noon Monday February 24, 2020, Pacific Time. 

    The giveaway is open to all crystal lovers worldwide. 

    Too Lazy to Leave Feedback?

    Hi, it's Lazy Bones Lisa here. I shop online constantly, but I get lazy about leaving feedback. I could be using that precious time and energy elsewhere, right?

    We get it. And that's why we're rewarding you for your precious time and energy. This is Feedback Week. We're giving away 3 e-gift prizes and Carnelian Ganesh. Your ticket into the lottery is your feedback.

    Does it still sound like too much work? I'll make it easier than a-b-c 1-2-3. You don't even have to dig up your order number. Simply email or comment below and tell us what you bought, how many stars you give it, and a one or two-word comment that we'll post on your behalf.

    Or if you're like me, once you actually get the feedback momentum going, you might end up leaving a feedback story as long as a novella!

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    Sheila Satin - February 25, 2020

    Winners were announced yesterday via video. Here’s a post for those that missed it: Plus, everyone who entered got something, so it pays to enter Satin Crystals Giveaways! See you next time, Sheila

    Hiroko L - February 24, 2020

    My work situation has been unstable lately, so I brought in my Jade, Moonstones and Agate for my desk. They have been bringing me good luck and they are a pleasure to look at to rest my eyes from staring at the computer monitors.

    Sheila Satin - February 23, 2020

    Last 24 hours to enter the contest! Only 20 entries. You have a GREAT chance of winning one of the 3 prizes! Join right now!

    Sheila Satin - February 21, 2020

    Hello from Friday afternoon. Less than 3 days to go and a bunch of entries now. I have yet to count and submit them into Monday’s drawing.

    But, don’t worry, there are plenty of chances left for you because there are THREE prizes.

    Plus, if you’re a VIP member, each of your feedback counts as 2 entries! Yey!

    Ashley Christensen - February 21, 2020

    My husband bought me a beautiful large black onyx ball from you a couple of years ago and it is one of the most sacred crystals that I own. I circle my 5 year old son with it every night to protect him from any negative energies or bad dreams and it works. He told me a few days ago that he wants to circle his kids when he grows up to protect them.

    Sean N. - February 19, 2020

    This is an easy one. The story of having so many crystals that they engulf three bookshelves and a table. Or that I buy crystals simply because I know they are meant to go to someone else at some point, sometimes a decade later. Or how the Herk that is wrapped and worn around my neck I found while digging them when it talked to me. It literally fell into my hand when digging in not 6 inches of dirt by a birch tree’s roots. This happened two days after becoming a Reiki teaching master

    Sheila Satin - February 19, 2020

    Hello from Tuesday Morning! 1 Day down, 6 Days to go.

    Only 8 entries in the contest so far.

    Your winning chances: EXTREMELY HIGH!

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