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Women Can Wear Cufflinks, Too

woman standing in cufflink shirt and blue pants

Who said cufflinks were just for men? Women can wear cufflinks, too. Just like the rest of your jewelry collection, you can have a whole selection of cufflinks in different stones and metals. Pair these dazzling accessories with your mood of the morning and outfit of the day. 

Find your French Cuffs

To make cufflinks work as a fashion accessory, you are going to have to find a shirt with real french cuffs. This is easier said than done.

Unfortunately, now that cufflinks have such a strong association with men's fashion, we women are stuck with a limited selection of appropriate shirts that will house our cufflinks. You will find plenty of fake cufflink shirts online where faux cufflinks are sewn right into the sleeve and can't be removed. These imposter french cuffs will do you no good. 

Browsing through the internet at the time of this writing, I was only able to find one suitable company selling women's shirts with real french cuffs.

However, a year after writing this article, I was contacted by the designer at Ella Hopfeldt about their french cuff shirts. This company specializes in top-quality dress shirts just for women. Gemstone cufflinks will look perfect on their designs. 

French cuffs, or double cuffs, fold together in two to four layers to provide a sturdy base for your cufflinks. You can't use any old buttoned cuff because those will be too thin and your cufflinks will be flopping about (not to mention there will be a button in the way). If you are a good seamstress, you can alter a shirt for your needs or you can head to a skilled tailor. 

Another interesting way to wear cufflinks would be to adorn the bottom of a pair of pants that have a French cuff at the ankle. I saw one of these designer pair of cufflink pants on a Pinterest post, but I assume those fashion unicorns would be even harder to find than a woman's cufflinks shirt these days!

Secure yourself a proper shirt and join me in reviving the women's cufflink trend. 

How to wear Women's Cufflinks

Now that you have your French cuff shirt (or pants), you can show off your new style by popping in your favorite gemstone cufflinks. Your cufflinks should have a stone set at one end and a little bar, button, or a capsule on the other end. This end is inserted vertically into the aligned holes on your French cuff and then secured horizontally.

If you need a visual, you click above to watch the How to Wear Cufflinks video.

Once you get a hang of inserting and securing the cufflinks, you'll find them pretty easy to maneuver with one hand. It is like securing a clasp bracelet with one hand, eventually, you'll be a pro. Keep practicing!

Now that you know how to wear gemstone cufflinks, you can be the envy of all of your friends and co-workers. Pair your french cuff shirts with your black work pants on professional days or your fitted blue jeans on casual days. Wear a deluxe blue Lapis cufflink pair to your friend's wedding or a fresh green Aventurine pair to your sister's fancy dinner party.

For those of you who are on the keyboard a lot (like me), you'll appreciate cufflinks over bracelets because they will fade into your fashion aura rather than click and clack on your desktop.  

Women and their Gemstone Cufflinks

Distinguish yourself from the mainstream and rock gemstone cufflinks on your wrists. For crystal healing, gemstone cufflinks keep the energy of the stone with you throughout your day and evening events.

So not only do these accessories provide a pop of color to your outfit, but they can be intentionally programmed for the energy you wish to manifest

Adding a natural gemstone shine plus healing energy? Yes, Please!

Perhaps you want to program Sodalite cufflinks for mental balance through the holidays or Tigers Eye cufflinks for confidence in your business dealings. There's nothing like looking good and feeling great knowing that you are wearing the real deal. 

woman in white french cuff shirt and aventurine cufflinks

Reviving the Cufflink Trend for Women

Cufflinks, as we know them today, originated in the 1500s. Through the centuries they became a fashion staple in every gentleman's wardrobe. Now cufflinks provide everyone, including women, an opportunity to add gemstone energies to their suits and shirts.

It is time to re-learn how to wear cufflinks as women. Cufflinks used to be more popular for women. something through the years changed this trend. Whether it is because women do not have to dress up as much anymore or it is because when we do dress up we had many more accessories to choose from than men, cufflinks have been forgotten as a possibility in our jewelry boxes. 

So go forth, my healing fashionistas. Let's revive the trend and make it an equal opportunity world for stylish women who wish to express themselves through gemstone cufflinks.

Cufflinks Continued

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