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Your Calcite Jewelry Showcase

calcite jewelry and stonesYour day is never dull with Calcite jewelry. Adorn your outfit with colorful Calcite crystals that give you an extra pop of confidence and a good vibe. Calcite is so appealing to the eye that it looks like rock candy- such a delicious treat for the soul.

When you feel down, Calcite jewelry lifts you back up. When someone puts you down, Calcite jewelry helps you brush it off and walk away. Calcite is your personal cheerleader that radiates with never-ending positive energy.

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17 Courageous Calcite Jewelry Designs

In this showcase, you will see some eye-popping rings, energetic bracelets, esoteric pendants, eloquent earrings, and more. What vibes with your style?

Calcite Rings of Confidence

Walk into any room with a ring of confidence. These Calcite rings are bold, energetic, and the star of the show. When you wear real Calcite healing stones in such a fashionable form, you feel amazing and look it too.

#1 Green Calcite Ring Rock Candy in Adjustable Bronze

This Green Calcite ring is the perfect treat for crystal healers and rock candy lovers! Adorn yourself with this scrumptious stone ring that adds some sparkle and youth to your aura. What a fun way to show off your zest for life!

#2 Blue Calcite Ring Big Brave Gem in Adjustable Bronze

Be bold and beautiful with this stunning Blue Calcite ring. Let the unique natural crystal energize your soul and give you the courage to face any challenge. You walk forward in cool and calm confidence. With this statement stone on your finger, you'll be living large.

Hello, Yellow Sun Bracelets!

Hello, Sunshine! These bright Yellow Calcite bracelets make your day. Treat your Solar Plexus chakra to that warm and fuzzy feeling of total satisfaction. Pick the classic Delightful Healing design or go funky with the Sunshine Happiness bracelet with 7 large beads strung with their smaller gemstone pals.

#3 Yellow Calcite Bracelet Delightful Healing

Brighten up your wrist with this sunny Yellow Calcite bracelet, complete with uplifting crystal healing energy and the perfect positive affirmation: “I'm simply delightful”. Show off your style and make a statement with this truly delightful accessory.

#4 Yellow Calcite Bracelet Sunshine Happiness 

Experience the joy of yellow sunshine with this Yellow Calcite bracelet. Uplift your energy with its sunny rays and let your happy confidence spread like a warm, rejuvenating embrace. Radiate happiness all around you with the encouraging reminder from your bracelet: "I am your happy cheerleader!"

Buddha's Pendant & Necklace

Did you know that golden orbs near the head signify enlightened beings? When you wear Golden Calcite jewelry, you accelerate your spiritual quest. With the beautifully crafted Calcite Buddha pendant, you feel calm yet energized. Meanwhile, the gemstone necklace states "Lead the way, Masters of the Light!"

#5 Yellow Calcite Pendant Buddha's Spiritual Path

Walk Buddha's spiritual path with this stunning Yellow Calcite Buddha pendant. Let it soothe your stress and revitalize your spirit. Feel the power of healing with this majestic pendant as you let your positive affirmation, "I walk Buddha's spiritual path," guide your journey. Unleash inner peace and radiate elegance.

#6 Yellow Calcite Necklace Bright Confident Me 

Feel like a goddess with this beautiful Yellow Calcite necklace. Show your strength and courage with these eye-catching gems, sparkled with copper. Look at the Confident You and feel ready to take on anything! Be bold and fearless in the sunshine.

Calcite Pretty Pastel Bracelets

How can you be humble yet happy at the same time? With the joyous, uplifting energy of these pretty pastel Calcite bracelets, your confidence shines from the inside out. Pick from sky blue, precious pink, and optical white gemstones.

#7 Blue Calcite Bracelet Calm Confidence 

Enchant yourself with the miraculous power of this Blue Calcite bracelet. Its healing crystals fill your soul with calming spiritual energy, boosting your self-confidence and zen vibrations. Instantly elevate any look with the sophisticated and stylish design of this divine accessory. Remind yourself of your divine power with the affirmation, "My confidence is as high as the sky!"

#8 Pink Calcite Bracelet Faith in Love 

Let your love light shine with this divinely dreamy Pink Calcite bracelet. Crafted with precious Mangano Calcite beads, it'll encircle your wrist and bewitch your soul with its calming, loving vibes. Each wear bolsters your faith in love.

#9 White Calcite Bracelet Dream Come True

Add a touch of grace to any ensemble with the White Calcite Bracelet! This luminous gemstone radiates spiritual purity and peace, allowing your dreams to take flight and your ambitions to manifest. Embellished with the affirmation "I am a dream come true", this crystal healing bracelet will lift your confidence and help bring clarity to your vision. 

Calcite Eloquent Earrings

What's on your mind? With Calcite earrings adorning your head, your thoughts turn to joy and confidence. Think clearer and with more conviction when you wear these darling jewels. What color goes with your outfit today?

#10 Pink Calcite Earrings I'm a Precious Soul 

Celebrate your preciousness with these Pink Calcite earrings. You'll be adorned with the delicate Mangano Calcite beads, sending out positive vibes as they swing gracefully. Wear them for a daily reminder of your worth. "I'm a precious jewel"

#11 Yellow Calcite Earrings My Daily Drop of Sunshine

Illuminate any outfit with these Yellow Calcite earrings. Perfect for everyday wear, these gems make you your source of happiness, filling your days with sunshine and positivity. Transform your look and your mood with a single, meaningful accessory.

#12 White Calcite Earrings I Like Everything

Add a touch of elegance and spiritual power to your wardrobe with these beautiful White Calcite earrings. Crafted with love by Sheila Satin, each piece brings a positive and open-minded attitude and gives wearers the courage to tackle whatever adventures life has to offer. 

#13 Blue Calcite Earrings Hoops Made in Heaven

These Blue Calcite earrings are made to make you look and feel like a heavenly diva. Vibrate at your highest frequency while looking your best - you are the complete package. 

Calcite Chakra Bracelets

Each of these chakra healing bracelets and sets contains Calcite in the mix. What area of your energy do you wish to work on today? With these colorful jewels, you can have it all. My goodness, you're as beautiful as a rainbow!

#14 Crystal Sunrise Bracelet Lower Chakra Set 

Glimmer and shine with this beautiful crystal bracelet stack! Reminiscent of a colorful sunrise, this set includes Calcite, Aventurine, and Jasper for a starburst of golden, orange, and red radiance.

#15 Chakra Bracelet Set of 7 Luxury Rainbow

Glow like a rainbow with this deluxe gemstone bracelet set! With powerful chakra healing energy, you can stack them up for a dazzling look or wear them individually to match your mood and style. Elevate your aura and make your chakras dance with vibrant harmony.

#16 Chakra Bracelet Snow White's Rainbow Kiss 

Experience deep healing with this deluxe gemstone bracelet set. Every piece of Snow White Quartz and colorful chakra crystal is selected for maximum energy and healing potential. Stack them up for super chakra healing or wear them individually for a more personalized look.

#17 Chakra Bracelet Rainbow of Protection Healing

This Rainbow Obsidian and 7 Chakra gemstone bracelet has the perfect combination of protection and beauty. Let its striking colors inspire your creative spirit, and its crystal healing properties attract abundance and attention while keeping you safe. A must-have addition to your wardrobe!

Calcite Jewelry for You

There are so many fun ways to wear Calcite! Which pieces spark your interest and match your style? We have a whole collection of these attractive stones. Check out the Calcite Crystal Collection or shop right here at your convenience:

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