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Your Personal New Moon Reading for May 22, 2020

green and white moss agate crescent moon stone on gray backgroundNew Moon Divination 

Tonight's New Moon is the perfect time to reset. The mood of the world is shaky; find your foothold despite the rocky momentum.

Take part in this month's divination reading by picking a stone that attracts your attention. Follow your intuition to learn what's in store for you this lunar phase and which crystal can best befriend you for the next 29.5 days.

New Moon Crystals for May 22, 2020

Pick one of these three stones that call your attention most without overthinking:

rainbow obsidian sphere
Rainbow Obsidian

amazonite crystal ball

pyrite sphere

Got your #1 pick in mind?

Once you've picked your stone, scroll downwards to find your personal New Moon reading for today. 

sheila of satin crystals wearing a lapis bracelet and pointing downwards

New Moon Crystal Reading

Your intuition leads you to the stone that works strongest in your favor this month. Read about your gemstone pick...

rainbow obsidian sphere
Rainbow Obsidian

Safety is on your mind this month. You're not alone; you have tapped into the mass psyche. Bombarded with contradicting messages regarding health and safety, it's only natural that you are attracted to Rainbow Obsidian for this New Moon cycle. 

Obsidian is one of the best protection stones out there, and it could not have come into your life at a better time. Be sure to keep your mind from wandering to worst-case scenarios by seeing pockets of hope and opportunities.

The rainbows in Rainbow Obsidian symbolize hope through the darkness. Use your inner powers and strengths to be a force of hope and healing to those around you.

This month, be on guard because there may be one person, friend or stranger, who approaches you looking sweet on the outside but has harmful intentions on the inside. Thankfully, your Obsidian can help you detect and deflect that unwanted person.

Check out the Obsidian collection to feel protected and be a force of hope in the world. 

amazonite crystal ball

Oh my, could you use a vacation right about now. Your head is craving a seaside retreat or at least some escape from the humdrum.

Are you lucky enough to be able to venture out this New Moon cycle? Whether you are taking a physical trip or just a mental journey away from the rut, Amazonite can help.

You are drawn to Amazonite because you are in need of self-care and relaxation. A lot has been going on, and not all of it is very good, in your opinion. Amazonite can ease your worries and stress. Even just picking up this cooling gemstone in the middle of a tense time can mean the difference between a mental break down versus a more desirable reaction born from your inner zen. 

If you're traveling in the next 30 days, Amazonite jewelry or pocket stones are the ones that will keep you level headed and relaxed, even with the crazy new travel procedures in place. If not, don't miss out on Amazonite's ability to give you the much needed mental vacation you deserve. 

Check out the Amazonite collection to give you the physical or mental retreat you need and deserve.

pyrite sphere

Pyrite is your pick because this New Moon cycle your subconscious would like to see you benefit from abundance. Use the power of Pyrite to lead you to the shiny pot of gold.

Is there a new online opportunity for you? Maybe an investment? Or simply a potential stimulus coming your way?

Along with being drawn to prosperity and money matters this cycle, you also are attracted to Pyrite for its protective powers. When you're feeling down or doubtful, pick up this golden nugget to remind yourself of your inner strength. Don't succumb to the dark forces of your own mind- there's always two sides to a situation. Pyrite shows you the shiny side.

Check out the Pyrite collection to claim your prosperity and transform dark moods to shiny ones.

Reading Onward...

If you have any comments, stories, or questions about your New Moon crystal reading, feel free to post them below.

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