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Lapis Heart Mystical Blue Crystal

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Size: 2.25-2.5 inch

Are you a lover of the mystical, or a mystical lover? This Lapis heart is meant for mystical lovers, no matter how you interpret it. Believe in magic, romance, and miracles when you work with the blue Lapis Lazuli gem. It is the healing stone that speaks to your heart.

Lapis invokes cutting-edge vision and innovation. Gain a heightened awareness of human nature. With this gem, you maneuver the big blue globe like a leader. Read more about Lapis Lazuli.

Your new heart is polished from natural and untreated Lapis from Pakistan boasting blue tones, brushes of white Calcite, and gold Pyrite inclusions. The heart is smooth but retains organic dips, cracks, and pits. Hearts are measured by width. Each stone is unique.