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Shop Crystals by Intention

sheila of satin crystals holding an angelite stone egg for shop by intentions pageWhat do you wish to manifet? Is there is something particular that you want to improve in your life? When your goals are clear, shopping crystals by intention is the perfect solution.

Even if you feel unsure on what you want to manifest, your intuition and your Higher Self lead you to the crystals that you need right now. A healing stone knows exactly who it belongs with and will call to you in one way or another.

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What is your crystal intention?

At Satin Crystals, we have created shopping categories to easily find what you seek. Check out the intentions below and click into the categories that interest you.

green aventurine stone tower for abundance crystalsAbundance Crystals: Do you wish to enhance your wealth and attract prosperity? This category is perfect for those who love improving their life situation. Find the best stones for bringing you cash flow, financial prosperity, wealth, and success. Abundance crystals can also be programmed to bring richness in areas such as love and spirituality.


chakra tuning fork set

Chakra Crystals: Take your chakras for a spin! When you shop the main Chakra Crystal category, you are taken to an assortment of healing sets. Alternatively, you can find the stones that match each of your seven major energy vortexes individually. We offer you gemstones for the spiritual Crown chakra, intuitive Third Eye chakra, expressive Throat chakra, loving Heart chakra, emotional Solar Plexus chakra, creative Sacral chakra, and grounding Root chakra. 


blue lace agate and chalcedony stones for calming crystalsCalming Crystals: Feeling overwhelmed by stress, anxiety, or a racing mind? This category will take you to the stones that bring the most serenity, peace, and Zen. It is a good place to shop if you need to soothe your fears, anger, and worries. Calming crystals are perfect for ensuring harmony in your home and office. They perfectly adorn your meditation relaxation areas as well. 

happiness crystals

Confidence Crystals: Roar like a lion under the sun, howl like a wolf under the moon! You have one chance in living this life, so make it successful. This category introduces you to crystals that boost your confidence, strength, and self-esteem. Be the person you were meant to be with the help of uplifting gems and jewelry.


creativity crystals
Creativity Crystals: This category is full of stones that bring you creative inspiration. Bring out your inner artist and manifest beauty. Whether you're looking to create art, music, business, a family, or something else, these creativity gemstones and jewelry will be your muse.


shop by colorCrystals by Color: Wouldn't it be nice to have a color palette of crystals available to you at all times? You can select crystal colors that match your mood, healing needs, and manifestation desires. A rainbow of powers belong to you.

Shop crystals in:
Black I Blue I Brown I Clear I Copper I Gold I Gray I Green I Orange
Peach I Pink I Purple I RainbowRed I Silver I WhiteYellow


quartz star of david

Focus Crystals: Battling with a scattered mind? Focus crystals help quiet the noise of the busy world. With the helpful energy of stones in this category, you can hone in on your goals. These gemstones are perfect for concentrating while test-taking, interviewing, performing, and meditating. Work with these crystals when you want to keep your mind on the prize.


moqui stones

Grounding Crystals: Do you feel a little out of whack? The grounding category is full of stones that anchor you back to reality with earth-energy. For those moments when you feel spacey, loopy, or just plain off-balance, choose grounding crystals. Grounding crystals are a great match for nature lovers, animal lovers, and even your plants and pets. 


Health crystals category Satin Crystals

Health Crystals: When you have health, you have wealth. This category has crystals that keep your mind, body, and spirit in tip-top shape. Surround yourself and your spaces with health crystals for positive energy. They are nature's gift to the budding soul.


mother daughter and crystals hearts

Home and Family Crystals: Home is where the heart is. This category highlights the best crystals to ensure health and harmony in your household. You care about your loved ones and want everyone to be vibrating at their best. Decorate your hearth with these divine domestic stones.


tigers eye cufflinks

Job Crystals: Get a job! The crystals in this category not only help you get a job but guide you towards a career you'll love. Secure a position that pays what you deserve. Start a business that blooms. A bulk of your life is spent at work, so why not make it enjoyable? Put job crystals in your workspace and wear jewelry that rakes in success.


love crystals collection

Love Crystals: When you wish to expand you Heart chakra and benefit from the healing qualities of love, shop love crystals. Whether you are working on finding a soulmate or enhancing an existing relationship, love crystals are here to help. These gemstones are also meant for those developing self-love, family love, and love of humanity.


moon crystals collection

Moon Crystals: The Moon sends healing rays and intuitive magic your way on a nightly base. Use and wear these moon crystals during the Full Moon, New Moon, Supermoons, and Lunar Eclipses to maximize your astrological profits. They are made from Moonstone, Labradorite, and Selenite.


hands in meditation wearing rhodochrosite and malachite stone stretch bracelets

New Starts Crystals: This category is for your transitional times of change. When you are looking for a transformation in your life, whether it is a new job, new love, new adventure, new start crystals see you through in a balanced manner. Don't go at it alone, surround yourself with the support of healing stones and you will have a much easier time reaching your new destination.


protection crystals shop

Protection Crystals: Evil, be gone! This category holds stones that can protect you from negative energy. If you want to reduce negativity, choose protection crystals. This includes cleansing of negativity within yourself, from outside influences (like unhealthy in-laws or coworkers), and dark forces at large. These stones are excellent for guarding your home, office, space, and rooms.


meditators with crystals

Spiritual Crystals: This category is for you if you are looking to enhance your spiritual and meditation practices. Adding natural healing crystals help to vibrate your energies to a higher level. Choose spiritual crystals and hang out with your Guardian Angels, Spirit Guides and your Higher Self in a peaceful state. Increase your divine vibrations with meditation crystals and natural stone jewelry and go into a deeper state of enlightened bliss.  


septarian, ruby spheres and sun
Sun Crystals: No matter what happens, you can count on the sun to rise. The crystals in the sun category inspire you to get up and be your best, day after day. When you need a boost of energy, hold onto a Sun crystal and slip on a jewel that is charged by natural sunlight. Shine your brightest!

Your Crystal Journey

Which crystals do you love? What categories call to you? We'd like to hear from you, whether you have stories to share or questions about healing crystals. You can contact us below. 

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