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Rainbow Moonstone Necklaces (Video)

Hi, my name is Sheila Satin and I'm the jewelry designer at the Satin Crystals Boutique. Today I have Rainbow Moonstone for you. Rainbow Moonstone is one of the most valuable of the Moonstones for its white translucent colors and its blue flashes. The blue flashes are best seen in the sunlight. You may also see rainbow flashes and rainbow sheen in the gemstone. 

These Rainbow Moonstone have been faceted to brilliantly reflect the light. They are strung with gunmetal accent beads and secured with a lobster claw clasp which can easily be clipped and unclipped.

Today I have three sizes for you from 18 inches to 28 inches long. The longest one does not need a clasp as you can slip it over your head very easily. With all the different lengths, you have a Rainbow Moonstone layer. 

Thanks for watching and come visit us at the Satin Crystals Boutique anytime. 

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