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FREE SHIPPING for US orders $55+

Crystal Healing Information

Man Reading at a round table with a Quartz cluster centerpiece - Crystal Healing Information

Chakra Guide

Balancing the chakras are all the rage these days. Learn about the chakras in our in-depth guide, from what they are to how to keep them open. 

Crystal Recommendations

Are you searching for a natural way to boost your energy, relax or focus? All healing crystals carry balancing energies. Depending on what energy you wish to focus on, we have some recommendations based on our own or our customers' experiences. 

Gallery of Inspiration

Check out the world of crystal healing in our down-to-earth fashion and lifestyle photoshoots at Satin Crystals. 

Gift Guides

Stumped on what gift to buy? Overwhelmed by the vast selection we have here at the Satin Crystals boutique? Check out our gift guides to steer you in the right direction. Have the perfect presents ready for the next holiday, birthday and celebration. 

Healing Blog

Keep updated on the latest crystal healing articles, updates and fun facts in the Satin Crystals blog. Once you join the VIP Crystal Club, these will be sent straight to your inbox every month, so you won't miss out! 

Reference Guides

Learn about birthstones, meteorites, crystal meanings, metaphysical properites and more in our reference library. Print the out for easy reference or bookmark the pages so you have them handy when the questions come up! 

Tutorials on Energy Healing

You have free access to tutorials we have assembled for your energy healing practices. Use these how-to tutorials in your next ventures to balance your life, whether it be clearing a new home, using a crystal ball or dowsing with a pendulum. 

Video Tutorials

Are you more of a visual learner than a reader? Check out the Satin Crystals video tutorials. Easily watch our how-to's, new product show-and-tell and behind-the-scenes videos right here on our website or click on over to our Youtube Channel!

All crystal healing information should be used in addition rather than as a substitute to medical treatments. Healing crystals are collectibles and entertainment items. They are not a replacement or supplement to medical care.