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The Energy of Crystal Skulls

Man turned to the side wearing black and white striped shirt cradling Obsidian Sheen Skull in right arm.

Stone sculptors intricately carve these skulls using diamond bits on a single piece of healing crystal. They represent either the human or alien form. Use skulls for channeling, connecting with the spiritual realm, passed loved ones, and communicating with alien races. Skulls can help you overcome the fear of death. 

If you have decided to purchase a crystal skull, you should know that there are some things you have to do in order to make it work for you and unleash the energy within.
Crystal skulls can help you in your psychic development as well as any spiritual work. You can focus on meditation, or you can create a new level of healing all with your crystal skull. It takes work for these skulls to be fully functional for your metaphysical needs.

If you have purchased your first crystal skull, congratulations! You are now ready to begin your journey as a crystal skull guardian. Some believe that the crystal skull selects their guardian, but either way, it's a responsibility that must not be taken lightly.

Types of Skulls

There are three different types of skulls to choose: The human skull, the eye being skull, and the dragon skull. Each one offers something different.

Human Crystal Skull

The human crystal skull is the easiest to find because they are more common than the others. They look like the human skull.. You can use the human crystal skull to discover wisdom and the knowledge that lies in the past from the Druids and Mayans, Lemurians, or the Atlanteans. You can connect to the ancestors, the guides, teachers, and masters as you become comfortable with your crystal skull. The crystal skulls can activate the third eye and crown chakra and can help you develop a heightened sense of healing and consciousness.

Star Being Crystal Skull

The star being crystal skull resembles the look of an alien or star traveler. They are not all
human and most often have different shaped eyes as well as a larger sized head. Sometimes the skulls are elongated. These crystal skulls can connect with the cosmic energy as well as the wisdom from beyond Earth. You can use your star being crystal skull to link in with a variety of star systems and dimensions. These skulls tend to arouse the higher chakras located above the crown.

Dragon Crystal Skull

If you like dragons and everything about them, this crystal skull is for you. These skulls have fins, horns, spines, long noses, and even pointed teeth. These skulls will connect with the natural forces of earth; fire, wind, water, and spirit. A selection of these skulls carry the celestial energy of the stars not found in other skulls, and this can help provide balance of the natural environment around it. The dragon crystal skulls can be placed in sacred areas and connect naturally with the elements. Dragons are great to have in place for protection no matter where you are. These skulls tend to draw the energies from the past Avalon, Far East, or during the Arthurian times.

Satin Crystals Skulls

Understanding the different types of skulls will help you choose the right one for you. No matter which you choose, the skull crystals will surely add a cosmic flair to your life.

For a powerful experience, focus on a single skull surrounded by a circle of smaller skulls in a crystal healing grid.

We have a selection of crystal skulls at the Satin Crystals boutique to access spiritual energies and perform energy healing practices.

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