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Your Personal New Moon Reading for April 23, 2020

green and white moss agate crescent moon stone on gray backgroundNew Moon Divination 

Tonight's New Moon is a chance to reset your life's cycle and embrace a new beginning. When everything around you feels chaotic and random, take comfort knowing that the New Moon's cycle stays consistent. It is a reminder that you are a being of the world, of the stars, and of divinity- where order exists even if it feels otherwise.

Take part in this month's divination reading by picking a stone that attracts your attention. Follow your intuition to learn what's in store for you this phase, and which crystal can best befriend you for the next 29.5 days.

New Moon Crystals for April 23, 2020

Pick one of these three stones that calls your attention most without overthinking:

lapis lazuli sphere
Lapis Lazuli

rose quartz sphere
Rose Quartz

moss agate sphere
Moss Agate

Got your #1 pick in mind?

Once you've picked your stone, scroll downwards to find your personal New Moon reading for today. 

sheila of satin crystals wearing a lapis bracelet and pointing downwards

New Moon Crystal Reading

Your intuition leads you to the stone that works strongest in your favor this month. Read about your gemstone pick...

lapis lazuli sphere
Lapis Lazuli

This month is about new ideas and approaches. Are you finding yourself doing things differently than before? This might take a little bit of adjustment.

Sometimes new ideas, although they could be for the better, are challenging mentally. Lapis Lazuli helps you transform old habits and ways to a new way of doing things. It gives you a new outlook on old simple procedures. Coming up with new ways to perform old habits is what nurtures your creativity and makes way for progress in the world.

Along with new ideas and habits, it's especially important to keep your mental peace and calm this cycle. It looks as though some hurdles will come up unexpectedly. You can achieve them by staying logical and calm. If that's not your strongest suit, summon the help of Lapis Lazuli and practice Lapis affirmations. You are on the right path.

Check out the Lapis Lazuli collection to remain adaptable, creative, and a leader of innovation.

rose quartz sphere
Rose Quartz

Your New Moon cycle is focused on relationships. As this is the start of new beginnings, it could be that your relationships are altering. Is this because you are spending more time with certain people? Could it be that you are feeling disconnected from others due to limited contact?

Whether you are more engulfed or more distant, it requires your attention to make this transition. Rose Quartz in your home this month can soothe tensions that run high in the household. If you're alone, Rose in the home can befriend you with its loving vibes and remind you to stay connected through other means.

Could it even be possible that you form a new relationship at a time like this? Yes, that's possible too.

Check out the Rose Quartz collection to connect to people in a revolutionary and peaceful way.

moss agate sphere
Moss Agate

Nature is calling. As spring blossoms to life all around you, you are drawn to the life force of Moss Agate. You're ready to mentally awaken and to enjoy the birds and the bees, the flowers and the trees.

If it's possible for you, get out as much as possible for walks and hikes to refill your soul with the energy of Mother Earth that may have been lacking over the past winter.

If quarantine orders are strict in your area, now is the time to be creative. Have you adopted a new plant to revitalize the energy in your home? Be sure to surround your spaces with Moss Agate crystals so you feel the green vibrations energetically hugging you from all angles.

Even holding Moss Agate stones during a simple visualization practice of nature- mountains, beaches, woods- can draw Earth energy to you and give you that much-needed boost.

Check out the Moss Agate collection to revitalize your earth energy.

Reading Onward...

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Sheila Satin - May 11, 2020

Hi Ian, thanks for your email.

It really depends on what energy you are seeking, but here are some recommendations for Aquarius:
Angelite, Emerald, Lapis, Larimar, Sugilite and Unakite.

You can find these on our Birthstone by Zodiac page:

We also have a recommended bracelet by Zodiac:

Let me know if you need something more specific!

Sheila Satin

Ian - May 11, 2020

Thank you. Can you give me any good crystals for aquarius cusp ( 1/21)

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