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Angelite Earrings Cloud of Serenity Stones on Gunmetal Chain

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Life is a breeze when you wear these Angelite Cloud Earrings. Say goodbye to everyday stress and struggle. The heavenly blue gemstones teach you to let go of that weighty baggage and fly free like a bird into the sky. Nestled nicely on a gunmetal chain, your Angelite earrings make a loud fashion statement while bringing your mind quiet serenity.

Match them with your Angelite Cloud Necklace


Your new earrings hang with genuine glacier blue Angelite gemstones which may show veins of iron inclusions and spots of white matrix. The stones are polished into smooth round beads and hang from metallic black gunmetal chains on gunmetal ear wires.

Metal: Gunmetal Brass, Gunmetal Steel

Earring Measurements:  2 x 1 inch


Can you relate to one or more of these qualities? If so, these earrings are for you: 

  • You love pale blue
  • You want to open your throat chakra
  • You seek sophistication
  • You love wearing unique jewelry
  • You believe in angels


  • They balance your yin and yang, your feminine and masculine, your right and left brain energies
  • French ear wires are easy to wear; no earring posts to fumble with
  • The earrings are lightweight and comfortable to wear all day long
  • These earrings were made by our friends in Hungary


Angelite is your connection to the angelic realm. It raises you out of the predictability of everyday routine and into a heavenly world of possibility. This crystal healing is all about elevating your energies, bringing patience and calm, and allowing your mind to reside in a positive place.

  • Positive Affirmation: "Life is a breeze"
  • Primary Chakra: Throat Chakra 
  • Intentions: Calming Crystals


    Gemstones: Angelite

    Colors: Blue

    Size: 5-7 mm

    Shape: Roundish

    Treatment: Natural, Stabilized

    Hardness: 3-3.5

    *Due to the organic nature of the stones, each authentic bead will differ from the other in shape, patterns, colors, and inclusions.


    • All gemstones should be handled with care. They are subject to fractures upon hard impacts.  

    • Plated metals may oxidize and change colors naturally over time. 

    • Hang the earrings up or store them in your Satin Crystals gift box when you are not wearing them to avoid getting tangled with other jewelry. 

    • The repair of this item is complimentary for VIP club members

    • For energy cleaning, charging and programming, visit Crystal Care


    1. You get the best in beauty, quality, and authenticity because Shela, Lisa, and Ann Satin handpick and inspect every stone to meet high standards.

    2. Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed. It is our goal to deliver the perfect pieces you deserve. If something's not right please contact us so we can fix it, replace it, or refund it fuss-free.

    3. We are a boutique, not a big box corporation. That means we are always here to provide you with friendly and personal service.


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    Thank you for your positive energy at Satin Crystals!

    Disclaimer: Crystal healing information is for fun and entertainment only. It is not a replacement for medical treatments.


    Ask a Question
    • Hi I was wondering if you could help me find a crystal that will help me bring good vibes & just help me love myself and grow as a person and let things go!!

      Hi, thanks for writing. There are a lot of crystals that are good for the energies that you seek. Let me lead you to some articles that may help you narrow down on what you want: Healing the Heart Chakra How to Use Love Crystals How to Use Meditation Crystals Personally I like to use Rhodochrosite for self-love, but you may be more attracted to Rhodonite or Rose Quartz. As for letting things go and shedding your baggage, I highly recommend working with Obsidian crystals. (from our Obsidian article: Place Obsidian at your Solar Plexus Chakra to bring imbalances to the surface, releasing the past, letting go of old loves, old baggage, etc.) Let me know if this helps to focus in on the stones you need. If not, we will keep working on it! Sheila 😊

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