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Cat Set Crazy Lace & Green Moss Agate Stone Pair Spirit Animal

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  • What kind of trouble will these two mischievious cats find? This adorable pair of feline figurines are carved from wild patterned yellow Crazy Lace Agate and a clear and green Moss Agate. The premium Agate cat set is ready to sit curiously on your desk. 

  • Cats symbolize independence, cleverness and curiosity. Cats are also known as the guardians of the home.

  • Moss Agate healing crystals are a stone of compatibility and friendship. Use Crazy Lace Agate stones to come to terms with the eccentricities of yourself and others. Learn a lot more about Agate Meanings.

  • This is a limited-edition Agate cat set. You will receive 1 Crazy Lace Agate and 1 Moss Agate cat per order.

  • Due to the organic nature of stones, each cat will vary slightly from the pictures.

  • Measures: 1.5 x 1 x 0.5 inches, each.